Saturday, 12 January 2008

Is greed and petty jealously the driving force behind Indian immigration?

The following if from the Toronto Star and it can be read in its entirety here. It's a damage control piece posing as news content for Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla (Brampton—Springdale) who found herself in a public relations disaster when it was reported that she expressed indifference to the beating of a child by Indian police after the child was caught stealing a purse belonging to an aide of Ms. Dhalla's.

I don't really know what happened and I am going to believe that she didn't act as calloused towards those kids as reported. However if the arrogant indifference she allegedly expressed is true than I wouldn't be surprised. Such smug indifference to India's lower castes is characteristic of upper caste Indians, those who I am certain Ms. Dhalla shares an ancestry and affinity with and the ones who predominately immigrate to Canada and the west in general. Besides, Ms. Dhalla insists on being referred to as a doctor when she is just a chiropractor by profession which is a doctor of sorts I guess. I also suspect she has aspirations to become PM of Canada one day. Not for the benefit of Canadians mind you and not because she loves Canada but for her own vain glory; to be a hero and trail blazer for South Asians and South Asian women everywhere. For the glory of herself, for the glory of India, and if there's time then the glory of Canada. It's just the vibe I get from her when I see her in interviews. That being the case then she will be a terrible PM just like Brian Mulroney was.

Anyways here is what I got from the article:
Underlying the incident is the complex relationship between Indians and Indians who have migrated to the West and made their homes there. They are known here as "non-resident Indians" and this is the time of year that many of them visit their homeland.


While many Indians genuinely admire successful NRIs, there is often an undercurrent of envy, a heightened sensitivity to imagined slights and instant indignation at the slightest whiff of arrogance on the part of the visitor.

This would explain why many South Asian immigrants line up to immigrate to Canada despite warnings that they may be ruining their careers and lives in the process. Greed and social status compels them to throw everything away to live in mediocrity in Canada. Frankly they deserve it. You have to understand that upper Caste Indians live very comfortable lives in India. Just ask one of them here in Canada (the majority of Indian immigrants to Canada are upper Caste Indians). In India, many have lower Caste servants (no Dalits though) to wait on them and their children hand and foot. They have enviable careers and professions. By virtue of being upper Caste they enjoy a type of "white male privilege" in India that allows them to benefit from and participate in an economic and political system that excludes the vast majority of Indian society. That's why I can't help but laugh when I hear upper Caste Indian immigrants in Canada bitch and moan about "systemic discrimination" when "systemic discrimination" is what allowed them their privileged positions back in India. It's hypocritical.

Why do they come to Canada to live in mediocrity when they had "the better life" back in India? The only reason I can think of is greed and greed can make you do stupid things. They chase after western citizenship the way some covet designer labels and if Canadian citizenship is just a fashion label and a shopping mall to them then I don't want them coming here thank you very much. Canada doesn't exist to satisfy upper Caste Indian arrogance and to bring to fruition their materialistic fantasies and social climbing ambitions. Stay in India please if that's all the Canada means to you. You insult me and my country if you do think that.

NRI means Non Resident Indian by the way. This is how the Indian government officially recognizes expatriate Indians and their children. In other words the Indian government doesn't see them as Canadians. They are Indians who happen to live in Canada and frankly that's exactly what they are. Sorry, but that's how it is. The Indian government knows it, the people of India know it, I know it and you do to so stop kidding yourself and everyone else.

Another thing I got from this incident as well. The following can be found in a Toronto Star article that can be read here.
Dhalla was in a delegation that included Ontario Small Business Minister Harinder Takhar, and Liberal MPs Ujjal Dosanjh, Gurbax Malhi and Jim Karygiannis. They were guests of the Punjab government and were attending a conference to promote investment in the state by Indians living abroad.

This got me thinking. Does India intend to use Indian born Canadian MPs, with their cooperation, in Ottawa as a means to influence Canadian politics? How about China? Sri Lankan Tamils? You immigrate to Canada, you run for office in a riding where Indians control the party riding association and can deliver you votes come election time. Then in Ottawa press India's interests. It's not illegal. You don't think Mumbai doesn't think of ways to use NRIs in foreign countries to advance India's interests? You don't think China doesn't? Food for thought.


Ohsan said...

I am planning to immigrate to Canada (if it lets me :P) and I completely agree with you.

Only a hypocrite would leave his/her country and then harp on about how great life was back in India.

If you don't like Canada then just go back. Do not denigrate the country that gave you a better life.

Anonymous said...

Mumbai is not the seat of the Indian government the capital of India is New Delhi. Get some education before you pretend to throw around terms like NRI and pretend to know so much about Indians. India is a very complex country you not only have to look at Indians caste by caste but also religion by religion, the state they are from and their ethnicity. I bet you didn't know that there are many ethnicities in India. India is too complex to judge as one country and indians are too complex to be judged as one nationality.