Friday, 11 January 2008

Sikhs obstruct the enforcement of Canadian laws, yet again!

If the obstruction of justice is an arrestable offense then the Sikhs who are actively obstructing the enforcement of Canadian immigration laws should be arrested as well and put on a plane back to India with Laibar Singh. If not that then they should be fined.

This is from The Toronto Star.

Protesters prevent move to deport man

250 join pre-dawn rally at Sikh temple in B.C. to back failed refugee claimant disabled by stroke

Jan 10, 2008 04:30 AM
Petti Fong
Western Canada Bureau Chief

Vancouver–Hundreds of supporters of a paralyzed man, ordered deported to India, blocked Canadian Border Services Agency officers yesterday from entering a Sikh temple where the man is holed up.

Laibar Singh, 48, who became a quadriplegic after suffering a stroke and an aneurysm while in Canada illegally, sought sanctuary in Surrey's Guru Nanak Temple last month.

He was ordered removed last June after his refugee claim failed.

"It was their (border agency officers') intention to collect him at 4:30 this morning," said Zool Suleman, Singh's lawyer. "They understand now there is a strong community will for him not to be removed."

The Canadian government must deport Laibar Sihgh because of the illegal actions of these Sikh "protesters". If it backs down it will send a clear message to every ethnic community in Canada who wishes to harbour illegal immigrants that these illegal actions work. It will leave Canada even more vulnerable to immigration abuse schemes that Laibar Singh tried to do. It also effectively cripples the enforcement of our immigration laws causing Canada to lose even more control of its borders.

Last month, about 2,000 supporters stopped a taxi carrying Singh and forced the rerouting of traffic at the Vancouver International Airport when officials tried to place him on a flight to India.


Singh, a widower who has four children in India, arrived in Canada in 2003 using forged documents. He then sought refugee status.

Immigration adjudicators ruled that Singh, who found work as a labourer in Canada, did not face danger of physical harm, as he claimed he would, if forced to return to India. He has been in the Surrey temple since Dec. 15.

What disappoints me the most about this is that the Sikhs in B.C. - these alleged "Canadians" - are willing supporters of Laibar Singh's illegal behaviour. If they were true law abiding Canadians then why are they acting this way? If they were loyal to Canada then they would not support someone like Laibar Singh who made it quite clear by his actions that he intended to defraud Canada. They shouldn't tolerate people like this whether he is Sikh or not and neither should any Canada

This was a great opportunity for Canadians Sikhs to show their respect and loyalty to Canada but they threw it away because what is really at the root of all of this is race. You do not see Sikhs coming to the defense of deported Colombians or Tamils. Racial minorities in Canada are just as race conscious as anyone else and perhaps even more so than the white majority. Every Sikh in this country - be it legal or illegal - is one more to tip the ethnic balance in their favour, to swell the numbers so that they can wrestle away political and economic power from the host population. That's why minority groups in Canada support mass immigration. It is a mechanism for the continued influx of their people. That's why it is tantamount to colonization.

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Anonymous said...

You need to face the fact that you need immigrants to come to canada and pay taxes, ei, and cpp. canada needs immigrants. think about how much money the economic system makes with immigration, and needs it. your future depends on it. but i do agree that sikh's do a bit too much.

PaxCanadiana said...

Thanks for the comment.

Sure immigrants pay taxes, EI, and CPP. But they also remove money from the Canadian economy by sending money "home", they use social services like language training, they demand tax payer subsidized cultural support, and the amount of money Canada spends just to service its immigration policy is through the roof. No official figures exist illustrating a cost break down of funding immigration but if Britain - a country that does release a cost break down - is any indication Canada may be spending $10 billion a year. This literally eats up any economic benefit that Canada is supposed to derive from immigration. To the point, Canada immigration system is running at a loss when all other figures - including taxes paid by immigrants and immigration costs - are factored in.

My future does not depend on it. That's typical alarmist rhetoric to compel Canadians to look at immigrants as saviors when they are mostly colonizers. What Canada should be doing is concentrating on raising the birth rate of which immigration has failed to do by StatsCan figures.

You need to face the fact that immigration has nothing to do with the economy. It is about delivering votes to the Liberal party. This may appear laughably cynical but truth be told that is really the case.

Blinders-Off said...

I often think of my own country (Canada) as a hard-working, naive country bumpkin devoid of street smarts who has just landed in a city full of sly and shrewdly adroit hypocrites ready to relieve him of his innocence and his hard-earned cash.

However, this scenario is happening in reverse when we allow these foreign 'city slickers' onto our home turf, in the first place, allowing them to take full advantage of our generous hospitality.

Brainwashed Euro-White Canadians are hampered by 'political-correctness' to even defend their home (ONLY home) turf for fear of being thought of as 'racist'. Speaking out and defying those Marxist-led politicos is the only way to defeat them, otherwise, you easily become their ordinary slave because you stupidly relinquished your power of free speech.

Anyhow, I can't imagine myself, for example, being a White immigrant to Pakistan/India where their government was trying to eject a fellow Canadian for clearly valid reasons, and I, making a fuss to prevent this from happening. It's their country, so who am I to object?

Until, we as a race begin to speak up for ourselves within our OWN country, just like other ethnic groups recently introduced here, we'll just wither away and become the 'lower caste' Canadian.

That may not appear possible now, but look at those horrendous immigration numbers year after year when Canadian Whites are becoming less in numbers. Don't forget to factor in job opportunities and promotions lost due to the sinister 'employment-equity' programs. But let's call it was it really is....anti-white, race based quota systems.

A mere 25 years ago, Canada's vis-min population amounted to just over one million people. Today, those minority numbers have quadrupled to well over 4,000,000 and rising, out of a total of 33,000,000 people. Wake-up Canada!

Ohsan said...

I am a Sikh. I think Canada should never have given that religion or that community the power they enjoy.

They are all immigrants and they should live by the rules in Canada as it benefits Canada.

Giving them special privileges was and is a mistake. It is always a mistake to give special privileges to migrants.

The entire reasoning is so simple it is amazing no one sees it. They enjoyed all those privileges in India. Why give them up to go to Canada? And if you are in Canada then why demand them?

While I will not get into the numbers argument (hey, I wish to immigrate too :D) I will say that the the behavior of Sikhs in Canada is slightly less shocking than the fact that Canada continues to allow them to behave the way they do.

Over here these religious rallies of Sikhs disturb the neighborhood peace at any and all hours. I guess they are no better over there.

Ohsan said...

Oh, and that illegal Sikh.

Ship his paralyzed ass back to India.

Illegal Indians will never admit that one thing making life difficult in India is a flood of illegal immigrants from neighboring countries.

They will gladly commit the same crime and pollute a different country and then hide in gurudwaras.

Bloody ticks.