Saturday, 19 January 2008

You still think Muslim immigration is nothing to worry about?

This is from The Toronto Star which can be read in whole here.

Canadian gets life in terror plot

St. Catharines man met with top Al Qaeda officials in devising plan to bomb U.S. embassies

Jan 19, 2008 04:30 AM
michelle shephard
national security reporter

He was the perfect Al Qaeda recruit.

The young Kuwaiti-born Canadian spoke English, was impressionable, and unsure of what to do with his life after leaving his St. Catharines home in the summer of 2000.

Even though Canada recognizes dual citizenship, a fact not lost on many immigrants who see Canada as nothing more than a hotel and shopping mall, I just love it how immigrants are recognized as Canadians by default even though they were not born here. When and when are they not Canadian?
Mohammed Mansour Jabarah's journey in the seven years since landed him in Al Qaeda's camps, introduced him to Osama bin Laden and sent him a mission he said was organized by the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

It brought him to Singapore where he went by the code name of "Sammy" and took surveillance video of the U.S. and Israeli embassies he planned to bomb.

In early 2002, he was arrested in Oman and brought to Canada before finally ending up in a U.S. jail.


He had already secretly pleaded guilty to four charges of conspiring to kill Americans and destroy U.S. property and one charge of giving the FBI a false statement.

At the time, he was promised a reduced sentence in return for his co-operation, but documents unsealed this week state that the deal was abandoned when authorities discovered he was plotting to kill his FBI handlers.

Authorities uncovered "a secret plan to murder FBI agents and prosecutors with whom he feigned co-operation," a sentencing report stated. They said Jabarah wrote a letter that claimed if he were released he would kill "until I am killed."

Jabarah told the court yesterday he had been "brainwashed" by terrorists and now wanted to see his family and go to school. "I've already applied to several Canadian universities," he said during a 25-minute speech.

Jabarah has not seen his parents, who alternate their time between Canada and Kuwait, since he was captured.

Alternate their time between Canada and Kuwait? Are they Canadians or are they just Kuwaitis with Canadian citizenship? I don't need an answer to that one. Actions speak louder than words.

These stories should not be used to generalize all Muslims. Most Muslims are law abiding citizens as the obligatory statement that accompanies such stories tell us. However, there is nothing against the law regarding the constant influx of Muslims into Canada and increasing the Muslim population in Canadian society who can dominate electoral ridings and constantly send Muslim MPs to Ottawa. There is nothing against the law regarding the formation of an Islamic political party in Canada and there is nothing against the law regarding the transformation of Canada into an Islamic state one mosque at a time. You don't think Muslims in Canada have these kinds of aspirations? Still think Muslim immigration is a good thing?

As I said before most Muslims in Canada are law abiding citizens to which I say so what? Even though the vast majority obey the law you only need a handful to be a real problem. What's stopping Muslim fanatics from bombing U.S. and Israeli embassies on Canadian soil and killing Canadians in the process? Are we so naive and full of ourselves to believe that the Madrid, London, and Bali bombings will not happen here just because we are Canadians and everyone loves us (at least that's what we tell ourselves)? These kinds of questions should be raised when considering Muslim immigration to Canada. It's unfortunate that many good Muslims, most Muslims in fact, have to live with the stigma of terrorism brought upon it by the actions of a few fellow Muslims. But that few have done a lot of damage and killed a lot of people and it just happens to be the reality of the world that Canada does not need to invite into its house. I'm sorry but its a problem Muslims have brought upon themselves and seem to be unable to solve let alone police.

It is wrong to brush aside the security concerns of Canada just to satisfy the materialist fantasies of some Muslim immigrants and the short term political aspirations of ethnic pandering urban politicians. Hand picking Muslim immigrants in their countries of origin coupled with a stringent security check should be satisfactory. I know there will be cries of discrimination but that's the whole point. Canada's current mass immigration policy is inadequate in sifting the wheat from the tares. The lives of Canadians may be the price we pay if we do not and the avoidable death of one Canadian is a price too high.


blinders-off said...

I seldom watch television, but last night (Saturday) I did see "Confessions of an Innocent Man" on CTV's W5.

This documentary was about Canadian/British citizen William Sampson's arrest, imprisonment and subsequent torture, plus rape at the hands of Saudi Arabia prison officials in the year 2000.

For over two years, he was incarcerated in solitary confinement after being forced to sign false confessions on trumped up charges.

Unlike the Arar case who eventually received some $10 million compensation for sending him back to his Syrian birthplace, Sampson got no help from the Canadian gov't and currently lives in Britain on welfare.

Yes, there's much to worry about with Muslim immigration and also much to worry about Canadian gov't officials who pander to totalitarian foreign governments while ignoring the plight of men like William Sampson.

PaxCanadiana said...

Interesting thing about Mahar Arar. Most Canadians didn't think Arar should have got a dime and I do too.

No evidence was provided by Mahar or anyone else proving that Arar was tortured even though the alleged abuse he received by Syrian police should have left scarring. The only "evidence" that was provided was Arar's own account. A Canadian official in Syria was allowed to see Arar when he was imprisoned and the official didn't feel pressed to do anything immediately drastic because Arar appeared to be fine. It seems there may have been more to this story than we Canadians were led to believe.

Arar may have been abused but then again he might not have but he got $10 million out it regardless proving once again that Canada is "the land of trusting fools." No wonder Canada is the refugee scam target of the world.

SS said...

Interesting comments - at the end of the day whether it is terror attacks or simply using democracy to capture Canada - this is the goal of Islam. Not just in Canada, but every western democracy on the planet is at serious risk. Our governments and people are asleep to this and must wake up soon. Europe is far worse than Canada is - but we are getting there.

Go and take a look at these video's, they were created by a credible news agency - undercover - in the UK. This is for real, Watch all 6 videos starting from the 4th one down. It will open your eyes. Makes you wonder if this is not happening in the GTA right now. Here is the link