Wednesday, 27 February 2008

"Ethnic minorities have little motivation to join mainstream Canada..."

This is from the Vancouver Sun.

The mosaic loses to segregation

Ethnic minorities have little motivation to join mainstream Canada, preferring the balkanization they find
Scott Young, Special to the Sun
Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My grandmother speaks atrocious English, eats only Chinese food, has only Chinese friends and has been a Canadian citizen for nearly 50 years.

She's citizen of a country where she can't read the local newspaper, can't order pizza, and has no desire to do so.

Can she truly be considered a Canadian citizen? According to our de facto mosaic, she is as much a citizen as her English-speaking, sushi-swilling Vancouver Canucks-supporting, Toronto-despising grandson. But is the "mosaic" truly the best possible formula for our multicultural society?

The mosaic says that minorities can retain their heritage while immersing themselves in Canadian culture. But notwithstanding ethnic-restaurant tokenism, ethnic minorities have little motivation to challenge the status quo, preferring the balkanization of Canada.

Read the whole article. I happen to agree with it. State sanctioned multiculturalism fueled by mass third world immigration is denying Canadians a country. This is most explicit in the Toronto area.

The political consequences are also apparent to anybody who takes fives minutes out of their day to think about it.

As it stands, ethnic communities wield significant political power. Residents of Fleetwood-Port Kells will remember the 2004 federal election, when busloads of immigrant South Asian Tory members descended on the party nomination to vote for Nina Grewal.

None of the federal political parties requires Canadian citizenship for party membership, letting nominations be easily exploited by non-citizens
. In all fairness, I respect Grewal's desire to serve her community, regardless of the fact that immigrants in that riding made a sham of our electoral system.

This is how Punjabi immigrant Ujjal Dosanjh got elected as the "first" South Asian premier of a Canadian province (British Columbia). There was heavy requiting for new NDP members within the South Asian community in British Columbia by Dosanjh's wife and others when leadership of the provincial NDP party, which was the government at the time, was up for grabs. He won of course but not without a little help from racist South Asian votes, some by new immigrants who couldn't even read or speak English, who voted based on skin colour. Dosanjh lost his seat in the following general election but not without making a sham of Canada's electoral system with the very willing assistance of the South Asian community. This is how most, if not all, South Asian MPs get elected, like Ruby Dhalla Brampton-Springdale) for instance, and this is why non South Asians cannot get elected in ridings dominated by South Asian immigrants. This is how many ethnic MPs get elected and it's racist especially when white Canadians are expected to be colour blind.

The balkanization of Canadian society and politics is what is happening right now. It is not some hypothetical outcome for which a "wait and see" approach is needed. It has to stop and be reversed lest Canadians wish to see their country torn asunder by identity politics and ethnic lobbying groups jockeying for political and economic power. It is bad social policy. The solution to this is to abandon official multiculturalism and reform the immigration system. I expect to be called a racist for saying the things I do but I rather be called a racist then be given to opportunity to say "I told you so!"

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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Creation of the "Canadian experience class" will just be another avenue for immigration fraud and abuse.

It appears the Conservative government is creating another avenue by which immigrants can enter Canada and eventually become citizens. They are calling it the "Canadian experience class." Here is Carol Goar's Toronto Star commentary on it.

Immigration program no quick fix

Feb 04, 2008 04:30 AM
Carol Goar

Federal bureaucrats are putting the finishing touches on a new immigration program that the government hopes to roll out just in time for the next election.

It is called the "Canada Experience Class" and it is designed to alleviate the acute labour shortages in the oil patch.

If it is presented honestly – as a modest initiative to keep temporary foreign workers and Canadian-educated foreign students in the country – it deserves to be welcomed.

If it is marketed as a fix for Canada's clogged and inequitable immigration system – as many groups working in the field fear it will be – it warrants skepticism.

Yeah, Canada's immigration system is inequitable. It discriminates against the poor. Immigrants who come to this country, including refugees, are the middle and upper classes of the third world. They don't need our help but they come to Canada anyways for social mobility reasons. They really don't care about Canada so much as a country but what Canada can do for them.

Canada has thousands of "temporary foreign workers." They were brought here to drive trucks, man oil rigs, take X-rays, build homes, serve coffee at Tim Hortons and program computers. But they can't stay. This frustrates employers, who must constantly devise ways to renew their work permits and it troubles voters who believe that anyone who is good enough to work here is good enough to live here.

The long term solution is for employers to train Canadians for these jobs but the labour market has changed. Employers used to do this but no more. Now training costs have been offloaded onto the individual and now employers are suffering "labour shortages" because they are unwilling to invest the resources to train and retain a skilled work force. This is why the business community supports mass immigration. They rather poach other countries for labour instead of investing in Canadians. It's a disgrace. As for the voters mentioned in the paragraph I wonder which voters she is talking about?

There are roughly 83,000 foreign students at Canadian colleges and universities. Many would like to become permanent residents and many employers would like to hire them. But they have to go home when they graduate.

Under the new program, both temporary workers and foreign students will be able to apply for landed immigrant status without leaving the country.

The potential for abuse is obvious because of the family class stream. All you need is one successful immigration application or one successful refugee claim and you get the whole family. This is a serious problem because family class immigrants do not need any relevant job skills or language skills to get into the country. This is one reason why there is a backlog of 850,000 applications. This is one reason why many immigrants cannot find work or are stuck in low income positions. We are importing immigrants this country does not need. Allowing students and temporary workers they same opportunity and you will compound the problem.

Carol Goar also sees some problems with it of which one of them I want to take an issue with. She writes:

A second concern is that the government is not raising Canada's overall immigration level. The influx triggered by the new program – estimated at 20,000 people a year – will be given priority treatment within the existing quota (265,000 this year). This means the 850,000 people in backlog, many of whom have been in the queue for five or six years, will have to wait even longer.

Her ignorance of the immigration issue should be assumed and I have read other writings by her concerning immigration and to know that she is wrong and she should pick up a book or two about the subject and educate herself. To call for an increase in Canada's immigration intake is rediculous but should be expected from someone who writes for the Toronto Star. As I mentioned before a major problem with Canada's immigration system is the family class. These are immigrants Canada does not need however we throw away resources at this class of immigrants because ethnic voters demand it. It is estimated that around half of all the immigrants Canada accepts each year enter through the family class.

Compounding this are refugees of which many of them are bogus refugees who are middle class third world immigrants abusing this stream as means to lie their way into the country. Like family class immigrants, refugees do not need any relevant job skills or language skills to get into the country.

Another problematic stream is the economic class. Immigrants who enter Canada via this stream promise to invest a specified amount of money in Canada and hire at least one Canadian. Such a commitment can be respected if the immigrant opens a corner store and then hires a relative to work it. No real jobs are created and no real economic activity arises, Canadians have hardly benefited from this, but the immigrant has been able to buy for himself or herself Canadian citizenship.

A more accurate approximation puts skilled immigrants at 20-25% of Canada's yearly intake and if they find themselves driving cabs instead of working in their field it just shows how out of touch Canada's immigration system is with the realities of the labour market.

But what does "Canadian experience" really mean anyway? It's nonsense and I am surprised the business community is getting away with it. If you really think about it "Canadian experience" is just some hollow excuse not to hire someone. In order to appear robust a business may put out calls for employment with no intention of hiring anyone. This is what happened during the tech boom of the 1990s. Many tech companies placed adds for employment opportunities to appear healthy so as to appeal to investors. I think something similar is happening here. There may be negative economic repercussions if the business community admitted that there is no skills shortage.

However, there may be a skills shortage but there is defintely no worker shortage. If businesses really needed workers they could train them but since immigration is a public cost supporting mass immigration is the cheaper alternative. In the end, it is Canadians who foot the bill as usual.

Illegal rooming houses taking root in suburbs.

This is from the Toronto Star and you can read the whole article here.

Suburban house split up into 18 bedrooms

Landlords of illegal rooming homes preying on tenants desperate for affordable housing
Feb 04, 2008 04:30 AM
Donovan Vincent
city hall bureau

Lushan Lu's home renovation project doesn't involve installing new hardwood floors, or fancy new faucets for a bathroom.

A few years ago he subdivided his large Scarborough home into an illegal rooming house, creating 18 bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Now he's returning it to its original form.

That comes after he pleaded guilty in court this summer to city zoning bylaw infractions. He and co-owner Zhuan "May" Wang were each fined $5,000.

Tenants in the home on New Forest Square, in the Kennedy Rd. and Steeles Ave. E. area, were paying$400 a month rent.


The other, Run Ying "Lucy" Wang, was fined $72,000 for zoning violations relating to two homes in her name on nearby Shepton Way.

The cases reveal the suburban spin on what is often seen as a downtown problem.

And city officials say there are hundreds of illegal rooming houses run by landlords exploiting people desperate for affordable housing.

I was thinking of titling this post "Third World slums coming to a Canadian neighbourhood near you" but I think that is a little too soon.

Should I also be surprised that those convicted were Asian?

In any event who do think is most likely to be desperate for affordable housing? I think these illegal rooming houses are here to stay and don't be shocked when you find one in your neighbourhood some time soon. As long as we continue to cram people into Toronto without regard for the consequences then this overpopulation of Toronto will only create greater demand for these operations and I can assure you there are more than enough unscrupulous types ready to exploit the situation.

Immigrants take jobs Canadians won't do AT THAT PAY!

When discussing mass immigration you'll often hear it rationalized that Canada needs immigrants because they are willing to take jobs Canadians won't do as if that is some kind of defense. If you think about it what they are really saying is that Canada needs immigrants because we need people to clean our toilets. So if I may I want to thank you third world immigrants for choosing Canada because our smug white middle class needs you to take care of their kids and clean their rears.

The truth of the matter is that immigrants take jobs that Canadians won't do AT THAT PAY. A good example of this is the hospitality industry. This sector of the economy needs cheap third world labour to stay profitable because Canadians know that they cannot survive on the wages hotels and restaurants pay their employees. In this article we read:

Ahmed, a kitchen worker at the downtown Hilton Hotel, is signed up, and fired up. He has done his time at every low-wage job imaginable in Toronto since fleeing war-ravished Somalia nearly 18 years ago. For as little as $6 an hour, he has changed oil filters on cars, framed pictures, recycled garbage, built speakers in a factory, delivered pizza, cleaned washrooms and rushed around clearing tables at an airport hotel restaurant, all the while raising a family and adjusting to his adopted country.

In this article about a hotel workers wildcat strike:

Employees of the Holiday Inn On King, many new Canadians in low-end jobs, staged a wildcat walkout for about 45 minutes yesterday to protest lagging contract talks.


Workers say they have no choice but to fight to increase wages at the Holiday Inn On King, which they say lag those of other hotels by about $2 an hour.

Many hotel employees collect hourly wages that hover around $10 and $11, without tips, and say they must hold down multiple jobs to support their families.

Hotels and other service industry jobs can pay so little with few or no benefits because there is an army of desperate immigrants willing to take them. And if there isn't then mass immigration will make sure that there is one in a few years time. Denied this surplus labour, wages will have to be raised coupled with other incentives to attract and retain employees. If cleaning staff at hotels made $15 an hour I am certain you could find Canadians willing to take those jobs but as long as mass immigration can be used as a weapon against the working class and suppress the need to raise wages to a livable rate then Canadians won't take those jobs because they know they cannot raise a family on it.

Pressuring the government to raise the minimum wage will only benefit those who are already employed. Forced to pay a higher wage employers will try to maximize profits on their existing staff before seeking new employees. In other words they will not be so quick to hire new staff, making it tougher for succeeding waves of immigrants to find work. If you want to force businesses to raise wages and provide benefits then deny them the surplus labour by cutting immigration levels. Raising the minimum wage will only act as a disincentive to create new jobs. Businesses will only respond to market forces and if the labour market compels them to raise wages to remain competitive then they will do so but as long as they can count on mass immigration to create an over supply of labour then this will never happen.

The added benefit to cutting immigration levels is that it will free up tax dollars that were used to service the higher intake of people. The real problem is mass immigration and a higher minimum wage may make matters worse.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Members of the Immigration and Refugee board make $112,000 a year.

Nice job if you can get it.

Do you think that is too much? I do considering the fact that these are political appointments often serving as rewards for loyal service, lobbying, or just good old fashioned tokenism. Whatever the case may be many of the appointees lack the knowledge or credentials to adequately serve as impartial and objective members of the IRB. As a recent Toronto Sun article pointed out complaints were filed that two new appointees to the IRB are in positions of conflict of interest. You can read the whole article here. In some cases the appointees may be immigrants or former refugees as well. How can these people be impartial when assessing the files of fellow countrymen seeking entry to Canada?

Should it be of any wonder then that Canada has the highest refugee acceptance rate in the entire western world and the highest immigration acceptance in the whole world? Can you see why many critics call Canada's immigration system an industry when positions commanding salaries of $112,000 a year are at stake? Can you see why Canada's immigration and refugee policy needs reform?

If we are all Canadians then why do Canada's political parties need to woo the so-called 'ethnic vote'?

The federal Tories are in ethnic vote buying mode. Just more of you tax dollars thrown on the pile of the billions of tax dollars needed to support Canada's immigration industry and to keep the "soft-Canadians" happy with multiculturalism.

This is from the Toronto Star and it can be read in whole here.

Travelling Tory woos ethnic voters

Multiculturalism secretary of state Jason Kenney is meeting community leaders and taking notes
Feb 23, 2008 04:30 AM
tonda maccharles
ottawa bureau

OTTAWA–As Prime Minister Stephen Harper's secretary of state for multiculturalism, Jason Kenney finds himself most weekends not in his Calgary riding but in Vancouver or more often in the Greater Toronto Area.

I didn't even know such an office existed but now that I think about it should I even be surprised?

In back-to-back events, sometimes 15 to 20 from Friday afternoon to Sunday night, Kenney meets with groups of cultural community leaders, talks to ethnic media, shakes hands with new Canadians and takes notes.

Last night, at the Polish National Union of Canada building in Toronto, Kenney listened as a pitch was made for the Conservative government to designate land in Ottawa for a cross-cultural monument to victims of Communism.

This is how the bribery works. In exchange for votes you must do something for us. In this case it is a monument to the victims of communism to be built on land in Canada's capital. After that then what? Another monument to another ethnic group? Another cultural centre? This is part and parcel of how Canadian land is being portioned out along ethnic lines. We build monuments commemorating another people's history and celebrating another people's history all the while Canadian history is to be forgotten and culture to remain unidentified.

This is ethnic outreach with a purpose. Conservative strategists are eyeing 30 ridings across Canada that were lost by 5 per cent of the vote and where ethnic groups make up a large enough percentage of voters to swing the result next time. In the GTA, 16 ridings have been identified.

Recall that the Conservatives were shut out of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver last election. Toronto used to be a conservative city but no more. The political strategy initiated in the 1970s by the Liberal government of Trudeau to flood Toronto with immigrant voters is finally bearing fruit.

Note to the Conservatives. If you want to get elected again you might want to decrease immigration levels. You are just importing more Liberal supporters who are now moving into areas where the Conservatives can get elected.

Nine ethnic groups in particular are coming in for special attention: Koreans, Chinese (more often than not Cantonese-speaking émigrés from Hong Kong), Jews, South Asians, Persians, Poles, Jamaicans, Filipinos, and Vietnamese.


On top of that, the federal Conservatives have 40 candidates among 290 nominated so far for the next election campaign who boast an ethnic background.

Can this be considered preferential hiring based on ethnicity? In some ridings you cannot get elected if you are not of a particular ethnic background. Is that racist?

This should make very clear that Canadian politics is race conscious not just by the political parties by also by the voters. If we are all Canadians then what would someone's ethnic background have to do with anything? Why cannot non-South Asians get elected in areas dominated by South Asians? This is because race matters. If Canada insists on going down this road then we can expect a fracturing of not only Canadian society along ethnic lines but of Canadian politics as well.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Have mass immigration and women caused Canada's health care crisis?

Macleans magazine published an article investigating the roots of Canada's current health care crisis. You can read the article here. A key finding of the article is that the high concentration of females in the health care sector is throwing fire on the existent shortage in the health care professions. It found that women doctors experience burn out sooner and more frequently than men; that they leave the profession at earlier ages than men (due to child rearing responsibilities) ; and that the current crop of doctors - which almost half are women - work less hours than previous cohorts. This seems to be true based on observation alone. If you go to a hospital look around and see how many female doctors are working that are over the age of fifty. I met a female nursing student once who told me that you will hardly see a nurse over the age of fifty.

If this is the case then is it not in the publics best interest to restrict the admission of females to medical schools? If females are going to leave the health care sector at earlier ages than men then why should we invest so much time and resources on one individual when another would be a much sounder long term investment? The Macleans article goes to point out that the health care crisis is going to get worse because females are making up almost half of the student body at some Canadian medical schools and in some cases constitute the majority. Why should we allow this when it is obviously not in societies best interests? Is it not justifiable to discriminate in this case based on gender because the greater good is served at the expense of a few individuals?

I read a later Macleans magazine, in a doctors office no less, where readers responses to the article were published. In very Canadian fashion these readers opted to reply that there is no problem, that everything is fine, as opposed to realizing that there may very well be a problem with an influx of females into the health care professions. To realize that would compel one to address the problem and work out a solution. Canadians, like ostriches, like to hide their heads in the sand and hope the problem solves itself. We also don't want to think that maybe men and women are different after all (no apologies to feminists and other like thinkers).

But more to the purpose of this blog I want to bring attention to the more likely contributor to Canada's doctor shortage: mass immigration. This has never been discussed anywhere to my knowledge even though it has put the health of many Canadians at jeopardy by increasing wait times for medical procedures and by flooding the waiting rooms of doctor's offices and hospital ERs with new patients. The introduction of masses of people into Canadian society without a proportional increase in health care professionals to care for these people is a major factor - if not main factor - contributing to the doctor shortage in this country. Many Canadians cannot find a family doctor because of mass immigration. Many Canadians have to go to the United States for medical treatment because of mass immigration. And immigrants are given full health care coverage on landing. How is mass immigration bankrupting Canada's health care system?

Some argue that mass retirements of baby boomer doctors is the major reason. If it is then why are we making the situation worse by importing masses of people?

Some say that there wouldn't be a problem if Canada recognized the foreign credentials of immigrants. It is not that simple. The main problem with this is that in order for us to satisfy our needs we will have to poach the developing world of its much needed skilled labour. Another problem is that foreign credentials might not be up to par compared to Canadian standards. This could mean life or death for Canadians via a misdiagnoses or malpractice.

A study of the impact mass immigration has had on Canada's health care system is long over due but I don't think one will ever be done. We need to maintain the myth that mass immigration is beneficial to Canada and Canadians. If it is discovered that mass immigration has jeopardized the health of Canadians and is contributing to its bankruptcy Canadians might demand reform and we couldn't have that. Besides, the Liberal party needs votes and Liberal MPs have the wherewithal to go abroad to get proper medical care if expediency is necessary. The average Canadian on the other hand, well, get in line.

UPDATE: I just read this in the Toronto Star.

Although women have made up nearly 60 per cent of Ontario law school graduates in recent years, a series of law society studies has found they've been twice as likely as men to give up private practice because of difficulties juggling work and child care.

It has nothing to do with immigration but it is related to female professionals. Just food for thought.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

If Canadian businesses are desperate for skilled workers then why do they need to be enticed with

I don't watch much television but when I do I noticed a few adds sponsored by a web site called This website receives funding from the Ontario government.

Ontario Government Expands Programs for Newcomers in York Region, GTA

MARKHAM, ON, Nov. 21 /CNW/ - The McGuinty government is investing
$1.75 million to expand programming to help employers tap into the wealth of
talent and skills of newcomers, Ontario Minister of Citizenship and
Immigration Mike Colle announced today.


The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) will coordinate
projects, which will help employers connect with skilled newcomers. The
projects will include supporting companies with onsite assistance to make
their recruitment and human resources practices more effective, a database of
job postings, an information campaign, enhancing the web site and using job developers to steer employers to the appropriate resources. Participating employers will also be able to attend free workshops on assessing international credentials and work experience from the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.

I asked myself if the business community is screaming for skilled labour then why do they need to be enticed to hire immigrants? Is the skilled labour shortage really a sham? Is the business community supporting mass immigration to flood the labour market with cheap labour? Are Canadians continuously being told that we need mass immigration to fill a looming labour so that we will support a policy we otherwise oppose? Why does the business community support the mass importation of immigrants only not to hire them? Is systemic racism the real reason why skilled immigrants are having a hard time finding employment in their field or is it because they were not needed in the first place? If the later is the reason then why do we need 250,000 immigrants a year when it is obvious that Canada doesn't need them and it is likely they will not find adequate employment? Why do we keep importing immigrants when they will just meet the same fate as their predecessors? What does Canadian experience really mean anyways? Is this a scam perpetrated by the Canadian business community to get public subsidies and subsidized labour? And why is it assumed that Canadians are not having an equally difficult time finding suitable employment as well?

Something tells me Canadians and immigrants are being had.

Air India bombing is a failure of multiculturalism but Canada is to blame for the inter-cultural conflict within the South Asian community.

It appears the Indo-Canadian community blames Canada for the Air India disaster and to insult the memory of those who died in the tragedy the families of the deceased have put a price tag on the lives of their lost loved ones by demanding compensation. I don't know about you but I find this disgusting. How dare they use this tragedy as an opportunity for a hand out!

You can read the following here care of the Toronto Star.

Air India kin demand apology

Lawyers for families urge sweeping reforms for terrorism trials, intelligence gathering
Feb 16, 2008 04:30 AM
Jim Brown

OTTAWA–The families who lost loved ones in the 1985 Air India bombing say they deserve a public apology from the federal government and a second shot at financial compensation for their suffering.

Lawyers for the victims' relatives, in closing arguments at a public inquiry yesterday, also called on Ottawa to fund a new centre for national security studies as a "living memorial" to the 329 people who died when Air India Flight 182 was downed by a terrorist bomb.

The South Asian community has already built enough memorials to this tragedy and now they want Ottawa to fund another one. The arrogance of these people is outrageous but when you understand that most immigration from India, I'd say all immigration from India, is upper Caste immigration then such behaviour isn't surprising. These memorials serve more to bring public attention to the South Asian community, a community that craves attention and recognition like a junky craves junk.

But why a memorial in the first place? Well, they invoke sympathy from the onlooker and garner victim status to the community. Sympathy and victimhood are cards one can play when something is wanted. It is like some Jews and Jewish groups abusing the memories of those who died in the holocaust for political and personal purposes and it seems the South Asian community is going to use the Air India bombing in such a fashion. It's really, really disgusting and shame on them!

"This is an opportunity for Canada to get it right," said lawyer Jacques Shore. "This is an opportunity for Canada to be a beacon to the world."

The inquiry, headed by former Supreme Court judge John Major, has spent 17 months assessing why federal authorities failed to head off the worst mass murder in Canadian history and couldn't obtain criminal convictions against most of the perpetrators.

Given the "institutional failures" that have come to light, the government should issue a formal apology, said Norm Boxall, another member of the families' legal team.

This inquiry, the fault finding, demands for an apology and compensation are distractions from the real fact of history that the South Asian community brought their wars here. Air India was bombed because of events that transpired in India. When the tragedy happened it was seen as for what it really was: a conflict between Sikhs and Hindus who brought their war to Canadian soil. When militant Sikhs planted the bombs their targets were Indians, not Canadians.

But time has past and now the revisions are beginning. In retrospect we now learn that racism, rivalries between government agencies, and Canadian indifference allowed the Air India bombing to happen. In other words it is Canada's fault. We are to accept this as the new revised history because it shifts blame to Canada and Canadians for the largest mass murder in Canadian history and away from the South Asian community where the real blame lies. If any apology should be made it should be the South Asian community to all of Canada but it can't do this because it will be admitting that multiculturalism as a social policy is a failure and it's harmony is illusory and fragile.

The real lesson not learned from all of this is that immigrants bring their wars here. What transpires over seas will make it to Canada in some fashion or another, the worst case being when Canadian lives are lost in the cross fire of an inter-cultural or cross-cultural conflict. This is an unwanted consequence of multiculturalism and mass immigration. It can be avoided but not if Canada continues down the path our social and moral superiors have led this nation down. Multiculturalism as social policy should be abandoned. The mass importation of people from a few countries should be discouraged. We should stop the endless accommodations because accommodation is not integration. Canada should be advancing policies that will raise the birth rate and become less dependent on immigration.

The Utopian idealism of Canadian style multiculturalism is a carrot leading this country over a cliff. If we don't turn around we will see the continued ghettoizing of our cites, colonizing of our public spaces, and fracturing of our society along ethnic lines where the only unifying feature is a piece of paper guaranteeing our membership to the exclusive club that is Canada. And there is the inevitable ethnic conflict started abroad and carried out on our streets. Canada will get blamed for it of course and justly so. With official multiculturalism and an out of control mass immigration system don't you think we deserve it? When you can act now to reverse a predictable and unwanted future but don't then you deserve all the pain you get.

Apparently riding a motorcycle without a helmet is a human right. Sikh wants exemption from the law.

Canada is doing a very good job at making a mockery of human rights issues thanks to the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. It seems riding a motorcycle without a helmet is a human right now. Of course there is a freedom of religion angle to this but if we make exceptions for the Sikhs (for the third time now?) who else are we to make exceptions for?

The following is from the Toronto Star and it can be read in full here.

Watchdog backs motorcyclist in turban battle

Feb 15, 2008 04:30 AM
Bob Mitchell
Staff Reporter

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has ridden to the defence of a Brampton man who says being forced to wear a motorcycle helmet instead of his turban runs counter to his religious faith.

Baljinder Badesha, above, who was charged by Peel police in September 2005 with failing to wear a helmet, said he understands the inherent dangers of riding a motorcycle without a helmet but is willing to take the risk to follow his Sikh tenets.

"I know it is for safety, but people die in car accidents all the time," the 39-year-old owner of a used car dealership said yesterday outside a Brampton court. He is fighting a $110 ticket he received for wearing his turban instead of a helmet while riding his motorcycle on Queen St. in Brampton near Hwy. 410.

Now the Ontario Human Rights Commission is siding with him, insisting Badesha is being discriminated against.

There is more to this than just "human rights" and religious freedom. This is more cultural crusading from a minority group in Canada who refuse to integrate and accommodate themselves to the culture and laws of the land they choose to immigrate to all the while enjoy the benefits of living in Canadian society. This is a case of wanting their cake and eating it too. Riding a motorcycle is not a fundamental human right. Immigrating to Canada is not a fundamental human right. Why are Canadians continually expected to change their laws and culture to accommodate groups of new arrivals? When are Canadian laws and cultural institutions going to be respected for what they are?

Helmet laws were not written with the intention to discriminate against Sikhs or any other religious minority. Canada has a public health care system. Laws are needed to compel people to take precautions to avoid becoming permanent wards to the state in a critical care unit. If this Sikh gentleman gets in an accident and suffers an injury that would have been preventable if he had worn a helmet should he draw on public health care funds?

The real issue here is the refusal to integrate and accommodate Canada. Human rights and religious freedom is a red herring. Encouraged by a culture of entitlement many immigrant groups to Canada expect their cultural sensitivities to be accommodated while Canadian cultural norms and traditions are to be challenged and redefined. That being the case no wonder Canadians have a hard time trying to define themselves as a people. We are not allowed to have traditions for fear that someone might feel excluded.

These people chose to immigrate to Canada. They should integrate and accommodate us, not the other way around. It's only the respectful thing to do.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Are you a Canadian who was recently offended by a member of a minority group? Well, it turns out you deserved it.

So the next time it happens remember Canada is a multicultural country so you better put up with it. If you are a Canadian the onus is up to you to inform yourself on introduced cultures and accommodate them.

Here are your tax dollars at work. Multiculturalism formed this man’s opinions, and they are, in essence:

1. Criticism of any “identity group” behaviour if it relates to that minority's belief system, however arcane and superannuated, is hate speech;

2. All behaviours are relative: The “norms” of Canadian behaviour should have no more validity in the public forum than the “norms” of a minority culture’s, no matter how insulting they seem to 99% of Canadians;

3. Minorities can expect everyone else to understand and accept their behaviours, whether we find them rude or not, and conversely may reject and belittle normative, or if you like national heritage conventions, without explanation or apology because that is the essence of multiculturalism;

4. When the two conventions collide: when a “regular” Canadian is humiliated by a convention that runs counter to western society’s rules of polite behaviour, she must accept her humiliation as a punishment for being “in the wrong”;

5. All members of the identity group who criticize the behaviour of others in their group are also acting hatefully (Jews who wrote supportive letters to the editor for my position are here characterized as eager to “slag” their fellows);

6. Jews should take a lesson from Muslims who do not criticize their “compatriots” (I always thought that word referred to my fellow citizens…).

Read it all here care of the National Post.

Another act of accomodation bringing the Canadian identity one step closer to oblivion (if it isn't there already).

You can read the whole thing here.

Ont. looks at alternatives to Lord's Prayer to open daily legislative debate
TORONTO - Reciting the Lord's Prayer to begin daily proceedings at the Ontario legislature is a dated practice that doesn't reflect the province's modern-day cultural diversity, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Wednesday as he proposed an all-party committee to look for alternatives.

It is time for a more inclusive approach that reflects 21st-century Ontario, where more than one-third of the population was born outside Canada, McGuinty said before his Liberal government's weekly cabinet meeting.

Note how he is assuming that the one third born outside of Canada are not Christian. This isn't entirely true since many immigrants who come here are Christian. In fact, it is immigration that is keeping the Catholic faith alive in this country while most other Christian sects are having a hard time keeping the pews half full each Sunday. This kind of accommodation is to appease Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims; religions who have no history in this country and played no role in its formation.
"I think it's time for us to ensure that we have a prayer that better reflects our diversity," he said.


Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory agreed it's time to revisit the Lord's Prayer in the legislature, but said that doesn't mean he's ready to abandon the traditions and history of the legislature's proceedings.


NDP house leader Peter Kormos agreed with the idea of an all-party committee reviewing the use of the Lord's Prayer, but warned McGuinty he may face pressure to drop prayers altogether.


New Brunswick still recites the Lord's Prayer, but precedes it with a prayer that blesses the legislature and asks for the strength to allow members to conduct their duties. And they still say the Lord's Prayer before proceedings at the Prince Edward Island legislature, but they do it behind closed doors before the chamber is open to the public.

Newfoundland and Labrador has no prayer in its House of Assembly, while Quebec's National Assembly has only a daily moment of reflection.

Alberta uses a set list of non-denominational prayers that are rotated, while British Columbia also rotates the prayers but allows individual members to select the daily reading.

Manitoba changed the wording of its daily prayer years ago, while the Speaker of the Nova Scotia legislature wrote a prayer in 1972 that is still used today. The Manitoba legislature still uses a prayer drafted by an all-party committee in 1931.

Members of the Nunavut legislature choose their own prayer when it's their turn in a rotation, while in the Northwest Territories they use a non-denominational prayer. Yukon leaves the prayer up to the Speaker, some of whom in the past have asked members to bow their heads in a moment of silence. The current Yukon Speaker rotates three non-denominational prayers.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don't really know and frankly I think they should just abandon opening prayers all together if they are going to pervert Canadian legislative traditions just to appease some Johnny come lately "Canadians". This is another example that makes clear that Canada is expected to pervert or abandon its traditions so that recent arrivals can keep theirs.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Muslim immigration is bringing polygamy to Canada.

Actually polygamy is already here. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (not to be confused with the more mainstream LDS church) has a polygamous community in Bountiful, B.C. Islam sanctions polygamy and Muslim immigration brings that here. Because of this we can expect Canada to legally recognize polygamy in the future.

The following is from the Toronto Sun and it can be read in full here.

Muslims claiming cash for numerous wives

Islamic leaders: Hundreds in GTA get extra welfare for polygamous unions
By TOM GODFREY -- Sun Media
The Toronto Sun

Hundreds of GTA Muslim men in polygamous marriages -- some with a harem of wives -- are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses, thanks to the city and province, Muslim leaders say.

Mumtaz Ali, president of the Canadian Society of Muslims, said wives in polygamous marriages are recognized as spouses under the Ontario Family Law Act, providing they were legally married under Muslim laws abroad.

"Polygamy is a regular part of life for many Muslims," Ali said yesterday. "Ontario recognizes religious marriages for Muslims and others."

He estimates "several hundred" GTA husbands in polygamous marriages are receiving benefits. Under Islamic law, a Muslim man is permitted to have up to four spouses.


"There are many people in the community who are taking advantage of this," Ali said. "This is a law and there's nothing wrong with it."

Immigration officials said yesterday that polygamous marriages aren't allowed in Canada, but that contradicts the provincial law.

"Canada is a very liberal-minded country," Ali said. "Canada is way ahead of Britain in this respect."

Legal recognition of polygamy is coming to Canada whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter what you or the majority of Canadians think. What matters is what the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms (que Hallelujah chorus) allows. The definition of marriage was already redefined once to accommodate one minority group (gays and lesbians) via the Charter. Why not redefine it again to accommodate a religious minority? Is it not their religious right?

Canada's irrational commitment to multiculturalism or diversity for diversity's sake compels us to accept polygamy. Besides, who are we to stop consenting adults from forming polygamous and polyandrous relationships? Is it not their Charter right? That's why Ottawa has not moved on the FLDS polygamous community in Bountiful, B.C. Ottawa will lose a legal challenge.

What we need to understand is that not only have we Canadians lost control of our borders but we have also lost the right to define ourselves as a people. We have lost the right to say what is and is not allowed. Though most Canadians may not want legal recognition of polygamy the "tyranny of the majority" is trumped by the tyranny of the minority. This is the "new" Canada whether you like it or not.

Moroccan Muslim immigrant becomes a national security threat.

Should we be surprised? I am sad to say that news like this is becoming too common place but that is the unfortunate reality of modern day Islam. I know most Muslim immigrants are law abiding but most Muslims immigrants do not have to. All you need is a few to be a real menace to society and to other Muslims. Is allowing Muslim immigration worth the lives of Canadian citizens, even one life, just for the sake of diversity and multiculturalism?

The following can be read in whole here care of the National Post.

One of 'the spokesmen for al-Qaeda': Crown

RCMP seized thousands of videos, photos 'related to terrorist activies'
Graeme Hamilton, National Post Published: Friday, February 01, 2008

MONTREAL -- From a basement apartment in quiet Trois-Rivières, Que., Said Namouh helped produce propaganda for al-Qaeda and prepared to martyr himself in a terrorist attack abroad, a court heard yesterday.

"Terrorism is in our blood, and with our blood we are going to drown the evil ones, God willing," Mr. Namouh, a Moroccan immigrant, is alleged to have written last August in an online chat, using the alias Ashraf.

Transcripts of Internet conversations involving Ashraf were filed as evidence yesterday during Mr. Namouh's bail hearing on a charge of conspiring with a man in Austria to detonate a car bomb at an undetermined location. He was arrested last September after Austrian authorities traced the online activities of Ashraf to Canada and alerted the RCMP.


In a subsequent conversation, as he is contemplating his martyrdom, he asks the unidentified person at the other end to look after his son in Morocco and ensure he becomes a "preacher and a mujahedeen." He later requests a "full car" and mentions Jews as targets.

The court was shown a video that looked like a harmless home movie but that Mr. Hanigan said was more sinister.

A man wearing a parka toque and scarf concealing his face, whom Mr. Hanigan identified as Mr. Namouh, is shown rolling a giant, waist-high snowball and speaking in Arabic. He then carves the initials CVC - the name of a network that broadcasts jihadi videos - on the snowball.

Mr. Hanigan said that while speaking Arabic, Namouh said the snowball would be an excellent place to conceal explosives. It could be left by the road and detonated "when the enemy passes," he said.

Recall an earlier post about a Bangladeshi Muslim who felt that killing Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil was the "best way". Also recall this post about a St. Catherines man of Kuwaiti origin who was convicted of plotting to bomb U.S. embassies which may include U.S. embassies on Canadian soil. And how can we forget the 17 arresested on terrorism charges last year?

You still think mass Muslim immigration is a good thing? I don't. We should discriminate when it comes to Muslim immigration and limit their importation (i.e. quotas), in fact we should do this with all immigrants. What I mean by this is that we should cherry pick Muslim immigrants complemented by a background check before we let them into the country. Right now we don't do that. We just let them in based on a score card or a good story and neither provide adequate security checks. Terrorists can easily sneak into the country hidden within the Muslim influx as they have done in the past and will do in the future, that is if we do nothing about it which is the Canadian way after all.

I know I will be called an Islamophobe or a racist or whatever but to hell with it. It's worth it if it saves the life of one innocent Canadian.

India's "Dr. Horror" bought a home in Brampton,ON and planned to live and work in Canada. Why Canada?

India's "Dr. Horror" has been making international headlines. In case you haven't been following the news lately this man, "Dr. Horror", extracted healthy organs from unsuspecting patients, mostly India's poor, and sold them to wealthy Indian and non-Indian clients. You can read about him here care of the good people at the nation's favourite gaggle of ostrich journalists, The Toronto Star.

Accused kidney trafficker denies crime

India seeking the extradition of suspect from Nepal
Feb 09, 2008 04:30 AM
Muneeza Naqvi

NEW DELHI–An Indian doctor whose family lives in Ontario insisted yesterday it's "absolutely wrong" for authorities to accuse him of leading an organ-transplant ring that illegally removed hundreds of kidneys, sometimes from unwilling donors.

The Indian government, however, says it is seeking the extradition of Amit Kumar, who was arrested Thursday night in Chitwan, a Nepalese jungle resort about 160 kilometres south of Kathmandu.


The Toronto Star reported this week that Kumar and his wife bought a house in Brampton last April for $610,000 and moved in. Kumar was last seen in Brampton before Christmas.

Authorities allege that up to 500 kidneys were sold to clients who travelled to India from around the world over the last nine years. Some victims were forced onto the operating table at gunpoint, while others were tricked with promises of work, police alleged last month.

But Kumar rejected the allegations.

Here is another article care of The Toronto Star about Kumar's Brampton,ON lifestyle.
Documents obtained by the Star show the couple bought the four-bedroom home on Pali Dr., in the predominantly Indian neighbourhood of Bovaird Dr. and Airport Rd., in April 2007 for $610,000


Kumar, who Indian police say is not a surgeon, was last seen in Brampton before Christmas driving a leased $65,000 Lexus 350 SUV. While some found him "standoffish," others said he seemed to be up front and candid.


Kumar told him he was going back to India to wind down his businesses, which he said included a hotel, a hospital and several clinics.

He planned to open a hotel in Canada upon his return and was going to live and work here permanently.

I am very familiar with the Brampton neighbourhood around Bovaird and Airport Rd. It is Liberal MP Dr. Ruby Dhalla's riding (Brampton-Springdale). It is home to a high concentration of Indian immigrants, so much so in fact that it is better thought of as an Indian colony as opposed to a Canadian neighbourhood. It is so overbearing that it is displacing non-Indian residents from the neighbourhood and discouraging non-Indian settlement. This is why Ruby got elected and it is why no non-Indian could ever get elected in that riding ever again. When Indian immigrants immigrate to Canada they are not really immigrating to Canada, they are immigrating to the Indian colony of Brampton-Springdale.

It is also situated on the periphery of urban sprawl thus mass immigration from India is pushing housing development further into rich southern Ontarian farmlands erasing any agricultural use and natural appreciation of that land forever. Land developers are well aware of this which is why you can see brown faces on display on outdoor advertisements announcing new phases in housing development. In other words mass immigration from India, which should be understood as middle class or upper caste immigration from India, is destroying Canada's rich agricultural and natural landscape.

That aside, what else would compel an Indian man who knew very well what he was doing was illegal to come to Canada? Is it because we have the most relaxed citizenship laws in the western world (we practically give our citizenship away)? Is it because Canada's policy of government sanctioned multiculturalism allows immigrants to call themselves Canadians without actually being Canadian? Or is it because our smug sense of Canadian moral superiority prevents us from deporting terrorists, war criminals, drug traffickers, and other criminals to their countries of origin to face justice if they face a possible death sentence even though they committed those crimes while cognizant of the legal consequences in their home countries? Has Canadian "compassion" and "tolerance" turned this country into a haven for those fleeing justice? Has Canadian immigration and citizenship turned Canada into a magnet for the world's criminals?

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Some refreshing words from an immigrant woman.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Endlessly divisible Canada

Feb 01, 2008 04:30 AM
Raheel Raza

This year marks the 20th anniversary of my arrival in Canada. People who have been here for less time are busy trying to change the face of this wonderful country I call home.

Not to be left behind, I take this opportunity to look ahead another 20 years:

There will be a separate school at every corner. Each religious and ethnic community will have their own school so there will be Sikh, Jewish, Hindu, Christian and its denominations plus Muslims and their 72 sects, to name a few. Since it's unhealthy for boys and girls to study together, there will be separate schools for those who support gender segregation. Schools will further be divided along the lines of race and colour. White, black and brown schools will take the lead, other colours can follow.


Schools and workplaces will be closed on the cultural and religious holidays of each community. This will leave about 100 working days but that's okay with Canada because we're so inclusive.


Ethnic communities will be encouraged to have their own residential enclaves, which could be gated. What a remarkable example Canada will present to the whole world as they show off their little ghettos.

There will be separate laws for all religious groups. The Canadian Bar Association will have to change its name because "bar" is offensive to some.

Christmas will be cancelled since it's the festival of the religious majority but offensive to the ethnic minority. However, every ethnic minority can savour and celebrate their cultural and religious festivals with gusto.


Loyalty to Canada will not be a prerequisite to living here. All one has to do is learn to say "eh." A Canadian passport will be given on a platter to take away and enjoy while raking in petrodollars in oil-rich countries, returning only to use the health-care system, confident in knowing that if an emergency arises, Canada will bring you back at any cost.

Read it all here at The Toronto Star.

Now if all immigrants to Canada were like her...

Bangladeshi immigrant shows his appreciation for Canada. Says killing Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil "the best way".

This one is from the National Post. The whole article can be read here.

Killing Canadians 'best way': student

Web posts spark RCMP probe, free speech debate

Stewart Bell, National Post
Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TORONTO - A Toronto-area man has been posting messages on the Internet supporting attacks against Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil, drawing the attention of RCMP national security investigators.

Police have advised the Bangladeshi-Canadian that he is under investigation for incitement and facilitating terrorism after he repeatedly called the killing of Canadian troops in Canada "legitimate" and "well deserved."


Alarm bells about the online writings went off last September after German authorities arrested three Islamic militants accused of planning to bomb the Ramstein Air Base and Frankfurt International Airport.

That same day, Salman Hossain posted several messages about the plot on the comment board of a Toronto-based Internet site where he is a frequent contributor.


"I hope the German brothers were gonna blow up US-German bases in their country. We should do that here in Canada as well. Kill as many western soldiers as well so that they think twice before entering foreign countries on behalf of their Jew masters," he wrote.

By virtue of being an immigrant to Canada from Bangladesh isn't he a foreigner entering a foreign country? Oh, that's right Canada isn't a real country. It's just some geopolitical landmass with no history, language, or culture, set aside to be a home and refuge to everyone in the world and thus it belongs to no one in particular but to everyone just the same. Therefore he's not really immigrating to Canada but just claiming what rightfully belongs to every Bangladeshi and everyone else for that matter.
"Any and all Western soldiers getting prepared to enter Muslim nations like Afghanistan or Iraq should be legitimate targets by any and all Islamic militants either in the attacked nations or in the western nations --if there were any planned attacks against Canadian/ American soldiers by 'Muslim militants' in Canadian soil, I'd support it," he added.


The author of the messages is a Mississauga university student in his mid-twenties who claims to know the infamous Khadr family and several of the men arrested in Toronto in June, 2006, on terrorism conspiracy charges. He confirmed to the National Post that he was the author of the postings but later declined to comment further on the advice of his lawyer. While he writes that he approves of attacking Canadian troops, he also says he would not do so himself.

Here is an immigrant to Canada from Bangladesh, a Muslim no doubt, who is currently enjoying a publicly subsidized university education as well as health care benefits when needed, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and other social amenities from living in an industrialized nation like Canada calling for the killing of the people who will defend this country with their lives on the soil of the country they swore to defend. How's that for gratitude?

His words are strong but how many immigrants share his sentiment. That sentiment is this ingratitude towards Canada; that somehow this country owes them something; that they are entitled to all its benefits and denial of these benefits is a violation of their human rights; that it is their human right to immigrate to Canada and that they can do and say whatever they want when in Canada irrespective of the host culture; that being a Canadian is holding a membership card granting them all the rights and privileges that Canada can offer them and their commitment to Canada, their Canadian identity, starts and ends there; that they should endlessly be accommodated and appeased with no reciprocated effort on their part. Introducing immigrants into Canada via a culture of entitlement should we be surprised when they express any form of ingratitude?

Another sentiment we can pick out here concerns Muslim immigration. As I warned before Muslim immigration is also Islamic expansionism. If you allow the introduction of large numbers of Muslims into a country you run the risk of turning your country into an Islamic state. This Bangladeshi Muslim has no problem with being a Muslim in a post-Christian state like Canada but is very unnerved by the presence of westerners in Muslim lands. How many other Muslims feel the same way? Is this being preached by the imams in the country's mosques?

Looks like the citizenship oath is just some perfunctory rite, heavy on sentiment but lacking in sincerity.

Temporary sanity restored to Canada's immigration policy. Safe Third Country pact with the U.S. remains in force.

The whole article can be read here care of The Toronto Star.

Refugee deal with U.S. back in force

Asylum-seekers at border will continue to be rejected until `Safe Third Country' pact reviewed

Feb 01, 2008 04:30 AM
Nicholas Keung

Refugees hoping to seek protection in Canada from the U.S. will continue to be turned back at land borders until the Federal Court of Appeal decides if the United States can be deemed a safe place for asylum-seekers.

A court of appeal decision yesterday came a day before a controversial refugee pact between Canada and the U.S. was to be overturned in accordance with a previous order by Canadian federal Justice Michael Phelan.

The 2004 Safe Third Country Agreement denies refugees who landed first in the U.S. the right to file claims in Canada and vice versa and that Canada and the U.S. recognize each other as safe places to seek protection.


In a November court decision, Justice Phelan ruled the U.S. did not comply with the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees or the Convention Against Torture, and its treatment of asylum-seekers raised concerns of its designation as "safe" for refugees.

In its stay application this week, Ottawa argued that ending the agreement suddenly would lead to a flood of people claiming asylum at land borders from the U.S., placing undue pressure on Canada's social and refugee systems.

Dench said the parties will consider asking the Supreme Court of Canada to quash yesterday's decision and immediately reinstate the suspension of the agreement.

I do understand the intentions of these refugee advocates but like the rest of Canada they are being played as a bunch of suckers. Most refugees who make it to Canada are not legitimate refugees but economic migrants using the refugee stream as another avenue to enter Canada. They are mostly the middle/upper class of the third world seeking an even better life from the good life they live at home. I say this because it costs money to migrate to Canada and the middles classes, the bourgeoisie, of the third world are the most mobile. They are the ones who can afford the plane tickets and related expenses to fly to Pearson International Airport in Toronto - while disposing of any identifying documents along the way which are needed to board a plane in the first place - to make a bogus refugee claim.

Ottawa also knows full well that removal of the Safe Third Country pact will result in a flooding of asylum claims much of them bogus. This is what happened right after the nefarious Singh decision of 1985 literally opened Canada's borders to anyone with a good story.

The fact that Canada signed the Third Safe Country pact with the United States shows that Ottawa knows that there really is a problem with this nation's immigration and refugee system. Canada is a choice destination for asylum shoppers and that needs to stop.

Some immigrants think $1,050 is too high a price to pay to immigrate to Canada.

Any bets that a lawyer is at the root of this?

As if the culture of entitlement is not present enough in the current wave of immigrants now it seems some think they paid too much to get into Canada.

This is from the Toronto Star which can be read here.

Lawsuit filed over high fees to immigrate

Jan 31, 2008 04:30 AM

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has been served a $702 million class-action lawsuit for overcharging on immigration application fees.


Court documents said 2 million to 3 million people paid application fees for some 9 million to 10 million visas, authorizations or permits in the period to Canada. The fees range from $75 for a temporary resident visa to $1,050 for a permanent resident visa.

The claim was brought forward by representative plaintiffs Alan Hinton and Irene Popapova of Coquitlam, B.C., under the federal Financial Administration Act, which stipulates that user fees may not exceed the cost of providing the public service or the use of the facility.

So these immigrants think that Canada is not worth the $1,050 permanent resident fee, that they were over charged. So what is Canada worth to them? Some immigrants just pay the $75 dollar temporary resident visa and then never leave but produce anchor babies as a means to stay.

Considering the benefits they reap as soon as they set foot on Canadian soil - Charter protection, full health benefits, social assistance, work permits, etc. - it seems to me the $1,050 permanent resident fee is a bargain. I actually think it is too little.