Sunday, 17 February 2008

Air India bombing is a failure of multiculturalism but Canada is to blame for the inter-cultural conflict within the South Asian community.

It appears the Indo-Canadian community blames Canada for the Air India disaster and to insult the memory of those who died in the tragedy the families of the deceased have put a price tag on the lives of their lost loved ones by demanding compensation. I don't know about you but I find this disgusting. How dare they use this tragedy as an opportunity for a hand out!

You can read the following here care of the Toronto Star.

Air India kin demand apology

Lawyers for families urge sweeping reforms for terrorism trials, intelligence gathering
Feb 16, 2008 04:30 AM
Jim Brown

OTTAWA–The families who lost loved ones in the 1985 Air India bombing say they deserve a public apology from the federal government and a second shot at financial compensation for their suffering.

Lawyers for the victims' relatives, in closing arguments at a public inquiry yesterday, also called on Ottawa to fund a new centre for national security studies as a "living memorial" to the 329 people who died when Air India Flight 182 was downed by a terrorist bomb.

The South Asian community has already built enough memorials to this tragedy and now they want Ottawa to fund another one. The arrogance of these people is outrageous but when you understand that most immigration from India, I'd say all immigration from India, is upper Caste immigration then such behaviour isn't surprising. These memorials serve more to bring public attention to the South Asian community, a community that craves attention and recognition like a junky craves junk.

But why a memorial in the first place? Well, they invoke sympathy from the onlooker and garner victim status to the community. Sympathy and victimhood are cards one can play when something is wanted. It is like some Jews and Jewish groups abusing the memories of those who died in the holocaust for political and personal purposes and it seems the South Asian community is going to use the Air India bombing in such a fashion. It's really, really disgusting and shame on them!

"This is an opportunity for Canada to get it right," said lawyer Jacques Shore. "This is an opportunity for Canada to be a beacon to the world."

The inquiry, headed by former Supreme Court judge John Major, has spent 17 months assessing why federal authorities failed to head off the worst mass murder in Canadian history and couldn't obtain criminal convictions against most of the perpetrators.

Given the "institutional failures" that have come to light, the government should issue a formal apology, said Norm Boxall, another member of the families' legal team.

This inquiry, the fault finding, demands for an apology and compensation are distractions from the real fact of history that the South Asian community brought their wars here. Air India was bombed because of events that transpired in India. When the tragedy happened it was seen as for what it really was: a conflict between Sikhs and Hindus who brought their war to Canadian soil. When militant Sikhs planted the bombs their targets were Indians, not Canadians.

But time has past and now the revisions are beginning. In retrospect we now learn that racism, rivalries between government agencies, and Canadian indifference allowed the Air India bombing to happen. In other words it is Canada's fault. We are to accept this as the new revised history because it shifts blame to Canada and Canadians for the largest mass murder in Canadian history and away from the South Asian community where the real blame lies. If any apology should be made it should be the South Asian community to all of Canada but it can't do this because it will be admitting that multiculturalism as a social policy is a failure and it's harmony is illusory and fragile.

The real lesson not learned from all of this is that immigrants bring their wars here. What transpires over seas will make it to Canada in some fashion or another, the worst case being when Canadian lives are lost in the cross fire of an inter-cultural or cross-cultural conflict. This is an unwanted consequence of multiculturalism and mass immigration. It can be avoided but not if Canada continues down the path our social and moral superiors have led this nation down. Multiculturalism as social policy should be abandoned. The mass importation of people from a few countries should be discouraged. We should stop the endless accommodations because accommodation is not integration. Canada should be advancing policies that will raise the birth rate and become less dependent on immigration.

The Utopian idealism of Canadian style multiculturalism is a carrot leading this country over a cliff. If we don't turn around we will see the continued ghettoizing of our cites, colonizing of our public spaces, and fracturing of our society along ethnic lines where the only unifying feature is a piece of paper guaranteeing our membership to the exclusive club that is Canada. And there is the inevitable ethnic conflict started abroad and carried out on our streets. Canada will get blamed for it of course and justly so. With official multiculturalism and an out of control mass immigration system don't you think we deserve it? When you can act now to reverse a predictable and unwanted future but don't then you deserve all the pain you get.


Anonymous said...

I'll say this "Don't these people have any shame?"

Of course not!

This shameless display of entitlement reminds me of the origin of the word "mark".

I believe that word came into being during the depression years of the 1930s when some hobos would knock on doors looking for a handout.

If a kindly and generous resident sent them on their way with a few coins or some food, a visible "mark" was left on the front curb or elsewhere to be noticed by others following in their footsteps.

Contemporary Canada is now known throughout the world as a sucker nation because we give and give and give some more. There's no limitation on greed.

Anyhow....good post -- you've covered all the points.

PaxCanadiana said...

What bothers me the most is how Canadians are continuously blamed for the problems immigrants brought upon themselves. Hindus and Sikhs brought their conflict here yet it is somehow our fault. Immigrants come to Canada and live a worse life than they did back home. We didn't force them to come here. This nonsense has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of imbeciles spoutin' shit.

The Indians did not 'bring' their war to Canada.
Canadian immigration let these anti-social hordes in and then the government did little to curb the activities of these immigrants.

If you let in scum into your country, you are responsible for the acts of the scum!

PaxCanadiana said...

The Indians did not 'bring' their war to Canada.
Canadian immigration let these anti-social hordes in and then the government did little to curb the activities of these immigrants.

If you let in scum into your country, you are responsible for the acts of the scum!

See what I mean? It's Canada's fault for letting them into the country in the first place as if Canada can ever exercise the foresight to know who will and will not commit a crime here. It's not Canada's Indian population's fault for their inability to get along with each other.

A curtailing of Indian immigration is long overdue. There's no real reason for allowing so many to immigrate here at the expense of other nations. If Canada didn't have suicidally high immigration intake targets and an inexplicable penchant for Indian immigration then perhaps the Air India disaster would never have happened at least not here in Canada.