Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Are you a Canadian who was recently offended by a member of a minority group? Well, it turns out you deserved it.

So the next time it happens remember Canada is a multicultural country so you better put up with it. If you are a Canadian the onus is up to you to inform yourself on introduced cultures and accommodate them.

Here are your tax dollars at work. Multiculturalism formed this man’s opinions, and they are, in essence:

1. Criticism of any “identity group” behaviour if it relates to that minority's belief system, however arcane and superannuated, is hate speech;

2. All behaviours are relative: The “norms” of Canadian behaviour should have no more validity in the public forum than the “norms” of a minority culture’s, no matter how insulting they seem to 99% of Canadians;

3. Minorities can expect everyone else to understand and accept their behaviours, whether we find them rude or not, and conversely may reject and belittle normative, or if you like national heritage conventions, without explanation or apology because that is the essence of multiculturalism;

4. When the two conventions collide: when a “regular” Canadian is humiliated by a convention that runs counter to western society’s rules of polite behaviour, she must accept her humiliation as a punishment for being “in the wrong”;

5. All members of the identity group who criticize the behaviour of others in their group are also acting hatefully (Jews who wrote supportive letters to the editor for my position are here characterized as eager to “slag” their fellows);

6. Jews should take a lesson from Muslims who do not criticize their “compatriots” (I always thought that word referred to my fellow citizens…).

Read it all here care of the National Post.

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