Saturday, 2 February 2008

Bangladeshi immigrant shows his appreciation for Canada. Says killing Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil "the best way".

This one is from the National Post. The whole article can be read here.

Killing Canadians 'best way': student

Web posts spark RCMP probe, free speech debate

Stewart Bell, National Post
Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TORONTO - A Toronto-area man has been posting messages on the Internet supporting attacks against Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil, drawing the attention of RCMP national security investigators.

Police have advised the Bangladeshi-Canadian that he is under investigation for incitement and facilitating terrorism after he repeatedly called the killing of Canadian troops in Canada "legitimate" and "well deserved."


Alarm bells about the online writings went off last September after German authorities arrested three Islamic militants accused of planning to bomb the Ramstein Air Base and Frankfurt International Airport.

That same day, Salman Hossain posted several messages about the plot on the comment board of a Toronto-based Internet site where he is a frequent contributor.


"I hope the German brothers were gonna blow up US-German bases in their country. We should do that here in Canada as well. Kill as many western soldiers as well so that they think twice before entering foreign countries on behalf of their Jew masters," he wrote.

By virtue of being an immigrant to Canada from Bangladesh isn't he a foreigner entering a foreign country? Oh, that's right Canada isn't a real country. It's just some geopolitical landmass with no history, language, or culture, set aside to be a home and refuge to everyone in the world and thus it belongs to no one in particular but to everyone just the same. Therefore he's not really immigrating to Canada but just claiming what rightfully belongs to every Bangladeshi and everyone else for that matter.
"Any and all Western soldiers getting prepared to enter Muslim nations like Afghanistan or Iraq should be legitimate targets by any and all Islamic militants either in the attacked nations or in the western nations --if there were any planned attacks against Canadian/ American soldiers by 'Muslim militants' in Canadian soil, I'd support it," he added.


The author of the messages is a Mississauga university student in his mid-twenties who claims to know the infamous Khadr family and several of the men arrested in Toronto in June, 2006, on terrorism conspiracy charges. He confirmed to the National Post that he was the author of the postings but later declined to comment further on the advice of his lawyer. While he writes that he approves of attacking Canadian troops, he also says he would not do so himself.

Here is an immigrant to Canada from Bangladesh, a Muslim no doubt, who is currently enjoying a publicly subsidized university education as well as health care benefits when needed, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and other social amenities from living in an industrialized nation like Canada calling for the killing of the people who will defend this country with their lives on the soil of the country they swore to defend. How's that for gratitude?

His words are strong but how many immigrants share his sentiment. That sentiment is this ingratitude towards Canada; that somehow this country owes them something; that they are entitled to all its benefits and denial of these benefits is a violation of their human rights; that it is their human right to immigrate to Canada and that they can do and say whatever they want when in Canada irrespective of the host culture; that being a Canadian is holding a membership card granting them all the rights and privileges that Canada can offer them and their commitment to Canada, their Canadian identity, starts and ends there; that they should endlessly be accommodated and appeased with no reciprocated effort on their part. Introducing immigrants into Canada via a culture of entitlement should we be surprised when they express any form of ingratitude?

Another sentiment we can pick out here concerns Muslim immigration. As I warned before Muslim immigration is also Islamic expansionism. If you allow the introduction of large numbers of Muslims into a country you run the risk of turning your country into an Islamic state. This Bangladeshi Muslim has no problem with being a Muslim in a post-Christian state like Canada but is very unnerved by the presence of westerners in Muslim lands. How many other Muslims feel the same way? Is this being preached by the imams in the country's mosques?

Looks like the citizenship oath is just some perfunctory rite, heavy on sentiment but lacking in sincerity.


Banana said...

Our troops risk and sacrifice so much for all Canadians to live in freedom and peace. Soldiers are not war-mongerers. They just go where they are assigned.

If Hossain has issues with Canadian soldiers being in Afghanistan, he should write to his local MP and advocate withdrawal of our troops. Blaming and threatening our soldiers, who are just doing their jobs, is wrong. Advocating murder, especially the murder of our brave soldiers is sick.

Shame on the traitor Hossain! If he is so unhappy here, then he should go back to Bangladesh. No one is forcing him to be here.

I feel upset enough each time we lose a Canadian soldier in the Afghan war. To see this sick and ungrateful attitude makes me so angry.

PaxCanadiana said...

His words are bordering on treason.

Hossain, by saying what he did and by holding those views all the while enjoying the social benefits of this country just reveals the parasitic relationship he has with Canada. The sad thing is his sentiment may be common among many "new Canadians". I don't mean to say that immigrants think anyone should be killed. What I mean to say is that they think they are entitled to come to Canada and thus they take it for granted. That's why many of them have no qualms insulting us or even threatening us. If these are the "new" Canadians then we don't need them. I'll take the "old" ones over the new ones any day.

blinders-off said...

Canada is much like the rich 'uncle' who worked his 'bare knuckles to the bone' while building up a successful business venture.

In his retiring years, the 'rich uncle' opens his doors to the impoverished masses and welcomes them with open arms. Then he hands them a fat cheque.

Not having earned one penny, nor contributed in any measure to the success of this "business" called Canada, "entitlemania" begins to set in.

Having no awareness, nor any appreciation of the blood, sweat and tears belonging to hardworking generations of Canadians who built our country up from raw land, many ungrateful newcomers arrive... just as the last nail has been driven into a successful infrastructure.

They now feel entitled to squander their inheritance. Embolden with rich arrogance, many new immigrants have no qualms in squeezing further entitlements from such a stupid and gullible 'uncle' with whom they've lost all respect.

In fact, as this Bangladeshi immigrant clearly illustrates, many have no qualms of killing the rich uncle who generously offered them a place to stay!