Wednesday, 27 February 2008

"Ethnic minorities have little motivation to join mainstream Canada..."

This is from the Vancouver Sun.

The mosaic loses to segregation

Ethnic minorities have little motivation to join mainstream Canada, preferring the balkanization they find
Scott Young, Special to the Sun
Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My grandmother speaks atrocious English, eats only Chinese food, has only Chinese friends and has been a Canadian citizen for nearly 50 years.

She's citizen of a country where she can't read the local newspaper, can't order pizza, and has no desire to do so.

Can she truly be considered a Canadian citizen? According to our de facto mosaic, she is as much a citizen as her English-speaking, sushi-swilling Vancouver Canucks-supporting, Toronto-despising grandson. But is the "mosaic" truly the best possible formula for our multicultural society?

The mosaic says that minorities can retain their heritage while immersing themselves in Canadian culture. But notwithstanding ethnic-restaurant tokenism, ethnic minorities have little motivation to challenge the status quo, preferring the balkanization of Canada.

Read the whole article. I happen to agree with it. State sanctioned multiculturalism fueled by mass third world immigration is denying Canadians a country. This is most explicit in the Toronto area.

The political consequences are also apparent to anybody who takes fives minutes out of their day to think about it.

As it stands, ethnic communities wield significant political power. Residents of Fleetwood-Port Kells will remember the 2004 federal election, when busloads of immigrant South Asian Tory members descended on the party nomination to vote for Nina Grewal.

None of the federal political parties requires Canadian citizenship for party membership, letting nominations be easily exploited by non-citizens
. In all fairness, I respect Grewal's desire to serve her community, regardless of the fact that immigrants in that riding made a sham of our electoral system.

This is how Punjabi immigrant Ujjal Dosanjh got elected as the "first" South Asian premier of a Canadian province (British Columbia). There was heavy requiting for new NDP members within the South Asian community in British Columbia by Dosanjh's wife and others when leadership of the provincial NDP party, which was the government at the time, was up for grabs. He won of course but not without a little help from racist South Asian votes, some by new immigrants who couldn't even read or speak English, who voted based on skin colour. Dosanjh lost his seat in the following general election but not without making a sham of Canada's electoral system with the very willing assistance of the South Asian community. This is how most, if not all, South Asian MPs get elected, like Ruby Dhalla Brampton-Springdale) for instance, and this is why non South Asians cannot get elected in ridings dominated by South Asian immigrants. This is how many ethnic MPs get elected and it's racist especially when white Canadians are expected to be colour blind.

The balkanization of Canadian society and politics is what is happening right now. It is not some hypothetical outcome for which a "wait and see" approach is needed. It has to stop and be reversed lest Canadians wish to see their country torn asunder by identity politics and ethnic lobbying groups jockeying for political and economic power. It is bad social policy. The solution to this is to abandon official multiculturalism and reform the immigration system. I expect to be called a racist for saying the things I do but I rather be called a racist then be given to opportunity to say "I told you so!"

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Andrew White said...

"In 1981, there were only six [ethnic enclaves] in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. By 2001, there were 254, according to a study by Statistics Canada, which defines ethnic enclaves as communities with 30 per cent of the population from one visible minority group."

The issue is not multiculturalism but mass immigration of non-European origin.

"The concentration of ethnic enclaves in part reflects the dramatic increase in the number of immigrants—from a low of 83,000 in 1984 to 200,000-230,000 a year in the 1990s—and the change in source countries."

Young is disingenuous. He writes,

"Statistics Canada recently reported that small-city immigrants are more likely to learn one of the official languages than large-city immigrants. The report also linked official language proficiency to economic integration and eventual income parity."

The report also said,

"Demographics explain some of the disparity, said Margaret Walton-Roberts, geography professor at Wilfrid Laurier University. Three-quarters of immigrants in smaller cities were fluent in an official language, compared with 61.5 per cent of those in large cities.

While 61 per cent of the small-town immigrants were from Europe and the United States, those groups represented only 24 per cent of the big-city newcomers."

Of course Young will never say that because continued non-European immigration, Chinese in his case, furthers his ethnic genetic interest. Even though it is apparent that European/American immigrants are a much better match for Canada, ethnics like Young will never admit it.

PaxCanadiana said...

I couldn't agree more. I also know that article you quoted.