Sunday, 17 February 2008

If Canadian businesses are desperate for skilled workers then why do they need to be enticed with

I don't watch much television but when I do I noticed a few adds sponsored by a web site called This website receives funding from the Ontario government.

Ontario Government Expands Programs for Newcomers in York Region, GTA

MARKHAM, ON, Nov. 21 /CNW/ - The McGuinty government is investing
$1.75 million to expand programming to help employers tap into the wealth of
talent and skills of newcomers, Ontario Minister of Citizenship and
Immigration Mike Colle announced today.


The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) will coordinate
projects, which will help employers connect with skilled newcomers. The
projects will include supporting companies with onsite assistance to make
their recruitment and human resources practices more effective, a database of
job postings, an information campaign, enhancing the web site and using job developers to steer employers to the appropriate resources. Participating employers will also be able to attend free workshops on assessing international credentials and work experience from the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.

I asked myself if the business community is screaming for skilled labour then why do they need to be enticed to hire immigrants? Is the skilled labour shortage really a sham? Is the business community supporting mass immigration to flood the labour market with cheap labour? Are Canadians continuously being told that we need mass immigration to fill a looming labour so that we will support a policy we otherwise oppose? Why does the business community support the mass importation of immigrants only not to hire them? Is systemic racism the real reason why skilled immigrants are having a hard time finding employment in their field or is it because they were not needed in the first place? If the later is the reason then why do we need 250,000 immigrants a year when it is obvious that Canada doesn't need them and it is likely they will not find adequate employment? Why do we keep importing immigrants when they will just meet the same fate as their predecessors? What does Canadian experience really mean anyways? Is this a scam perpetrated by the Canadian business community to get public subsidies and subsidized labour? And why is it assumed that Canadians are not having an equally difficult time finding suitable employment as well?

Something tells me Canadians and immigrants are being had.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a scam. Only when skilled workers are earning $10/hr and hanging outside the local Home Depot for a days work will the plan be complete.

PaxCanadiana said...

Something is up. With all the talk coming out of the chattering classes about the Canadian labour market you'd think that the sky is falling and it is immigrants who will save the day. If competition is what business is about then why are they not scooping up skilled immigrants. The fact that the business community is taking a pass on many of them suggests that hiring them is not urgent and therefore Canada is importing too many people.

Anonymous said...

This is all a lie. Before we had massive immigration we already had the skilled workers we needed- they are called canadians. I happen to be one of these canadians and I am out of work yet again. My friends are also out of work. We reside in the capital of ottawa. The agencies have no work at all. You cant even find a cleaning job at this point. I am suppose to be making 80000 a year in my field of health records management but no one is hiring. All the small towns have no work. The entire east coast is in desperatation. The private sector is not hiring either due to the high gas prices. Finally the government on ontario and quebec just increased taxes yet again to kill the few handful of min wage jobs that are around!!!!College kids cannot find summer jobs so that they can continue to study. The cost of food, gas, housing is sky high- we pay double the price of gas that ameicans do and our food prices are double what they pay too. They pay half our tax so where are all our taxes going????????????????????????????/