Saturday, 2 February 2008

Some immigrants think $1,050 is too high a price to pay to immigrate to Canada.

Any bets that a lawyer is at the root of this?

As if the culture of entitlement is not present enough in the current wave of immigrants now it seems some think they paid too much to get into Canada.

This is from the Toronto Star which can be read here.

Lawsuit filed over high fees to immigrate

Jan 31, 2008 04:30 AM

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has been served a $702 million class-action lawsuit for overcharging on immigration application fees.


Court documents said 2 million to 3 million people paid application fees for some 9 million to 10 million visas, authorizations or permits in the period to Canada. The fees range from $75 for a temporary resident visa to $1,050 for a permanent resident visa.

The claim was brought forward by representative plaintiffs Alan Hinton and Irene Popapova of Coquitlam, B.C., under the federal Financial Administration Act, which stipulates that user fees may not exceed the cost of providing the public service or the use of the facility.

So these immigrants think that Canada is not worth the $1,050 permanent resident fee, that they were over charged. So what is Canada worth to them? Some immigrants just pay the $75 dollar temporary resident visa and then never leave but produce anchor babies as a means to stay.

Considering the benefits they reap as soon as they set foot on Canadian soil - Charter protection, full health benefits, social assistance, work permits, etc. - it seems to me the $1,050 permanent resident fee is a bargain. I actually think it is too little.


blinders-off said...

Let's place this story in the context of reversing roles for a moment... using myself as an example.

I'm a white Canadian-born male wanting to emigrate to India, Pakistan, China, Indonesian or any other 3rd world country teeming with masses of people who look entirely different from myself. Theoretically, I'm bound and determined to become a "new" Chinese person for example.

First, there would be an immediate racial barrier firmly in place to dissuade me from undertaking any attempt to emigrate to their country based entirely on my skin colour! If I persisted in my quest in becoming a "new" Chinese, my application would be tossed into the nearest waste-paper container soon after my departure from their high commission office with a good laugh amongst the staff.

Having failed to legally emigrate to their over-populated developing nation, I attempt another route in a different country.

I apply for refugee status in the Punjab claiming any fashionable excuse at the moment where I expect to be freely housed, fed, clothed and medically treated.

We all know that's not going to happen, so let's end it there. As ridiculous as the above scenarios are, the converse is happening daily in Canada.

We've opened our doors to millions of non-white immigrants from 3rd world countries without nary a protest.

We offer them free welfare payments, free hospitalization, free job-training sessions, free ESL classes. We foolishly established official multiculturalism, employment-equity programs, etc to help these non-traditional immigrants a helping hand to replace us in our own country.

No doubt there are traitorous or 5th column immigration lawyers working behind this class-action lawsuit, but for individual immigrants to quibble over this small overhead in light of all the freebies they receive, is ridiculous!

Perhaps the Canadian government on behalf of Canadian taxpayers, could launch their own lawsuit to reclaim some of the tens of billions of dollars spent in resettling new immigrants from 3rd world countries.

Anonymous said...

As a non-white British person who has just obtained a PR visa for Canada, I have to say that I was surprised at how small the actual fee is.

The one minor complaint I have is that even though I have years of professional work experience and 2 degrees behind me, it still took 3 years for me to get the visa whereas some people I know have organised 'marriages' etc and gone in a fraction of the time.

I'm not alone of course, I speak to many people on the forums that I've joined - all highly educated and experienced people who would be an asset to the country, but they're made to wait for years and years.

The freebies from the Government need to stop - otherwise you'll have the same situation as in England.

PaxCanadiana said...


India seems to have a "brown only" policy. India, Pakistan, and China believe that there is a racial component to their identity. If Europeans were the founding peoples of this country is it right to see European ancestry as an ethnically defining component of being Canadian? Just a question.


Why are you immigrating to Canada if you live in the U.K.? Take my advice and do not immigrate to Canada. Your career may depend on it.

And yes, marriages of convenience are a common Canadian immigration scam particularly among South Asians. It is abuse plain and simple and it introduces a superfluous people and their extended families into Canadian society and the job market. To the point, it has been a disaster and it is of little benefit to the average Canadian.

Devil's Advocate said...

"If Europeans were the founding peoples of this country is it right to see European ancestry as an ethnically defining component of being Canadian?"

The First Nations people were here before anyone else, including the Europeans. So if immigrants should be ethnically similar to the founding population then that would mean Mongolians, and by extension, Asians.

You speak of Europeans being displaced, but Europeans have already displaced the First Nations people. So whose country is it really?

PaxCanadiana said...

Ohhh I love it when people play the native card.

For starters the first nations people where never united and were often at war with each other sometimes to the point of genocide. Also, they only occupied certain portions of land and not Canada as a whole. In other words all of Canada does not belong to native Canadians. To say that the natives were here first and that Canada belongs to them is an overextension of the truth.

You are also ignorant of the debate concerning the origins of the first settlers of the Americas. Asian and Mongolian DNA is linked to current Native North American populations but not to Kennewick man which science has concluded after extensive examination to be Caucasoid and not Mongoloid. Kennewick man has added controversy to the belief that early Native North American migration originated in Asia and crossed the Bering Strait. Carbon dating places Kennewick man at 9,300 years. In fact, skeletal remains reveal a great diversity of people in pre-Columbian North America causing some to speculate that the Americas witnessed many waves of migration from diverse sources. The Native North Americans of Asian descent were just the latest before the Europeans arrived.

I am talking about Canada as it exists as a sovereign modern political entity. Who made this possible? I think you know the answer to that and that is the foundation of my argument.

But that aside just look at what you are saying. What you are essentially saying is that since the Europeans came here and colonized and displaced Native populations then waves of third world immigrants should be allowed to come here and colonized and displace the country founded by Europeans. Your argument is an argument for colonialism which is ironic since colonized peoples - like Africans, South Asians, Chinese - are the ones colonizing Canada. It seems colonialism is bad for India but good for Canada.

Canada was founded by European Christians and that is a fact of history which needs to be forgotten for the sake of multiculturalism. But why is it good to makes whites a minority in Canada and everywhere for that matter. Globally whites are a minority but form majorities in a few countries. There is nothing wrong with this however there is something wrong with making whites minorities everywhere and in every country even in the ones they have ancestral claims to. How is this a good thing?

blinders-off said...

To anonymous "non-white British person", I might direct you to check the website at for further evaluation.


To answer your question...absolutely YES!

However, this is not going to occur in the immediate future. There are powerful man-made forces, even beyond the scope of elected governments whose concerted efforts are to break down predominately white racial countries by flooding them with non-whites who comprise of 90% of the world's inhabitants.

"Divide & conquer" is the age-old method of achieving victory in their one-world government agenda.

Prior to any invasion, however, the gullible masses have to be softened up with the introduction of "political-correctness" and hate crime laws before the 'enemy' lands on the beaches. Before too long, we'll being fighting amongst ourselves over a racial/ethnic spoils system.

O.K....we already do that now, but you get the picture.

Problem-Reaction-Solution. Thanks 'big brother' for coming up with a 'solution', even though you're responsible for the 'problem' to begin with.

To "devil's advocate":

I think you've been snookered with your given answer.