Sunday, 24 February 2008

Immigrants take jobs Canadians won't do AT THAT PAY!

When discussing mass immigration you'll often hear it rationalized that Canada needs immigrants because they are willing to take jobs Canadians won't do as if that is some kind of defense. If you think about it what they are really saying is that Canada needs immigrants because we need people to clean our toilets. So if I may I want to thank you third world immigrants for choosing Canada because our smug white middle class needs you to take care of their kids and clean their rears.

The truth of the matter is that immigrants take jobs that Canadians won't do AT THAT PAY. A good example of this is the hospitality industry. This sector of the economy needs cheap third world labour to stay profitable because Canadians know that they cannot survive on the wages hotels and restaurants pay their employees. In this article we read:

Ahmed, a kitchen worker at the downtown Hilton Hotel, is signed up, and fired up. He has done his time at every low-wage job imaginable in Toronto since fleeing war-ravished Somalia nearly 18 years ago. For as little as $6 an hour, he has changed oil filters on cars, framed pictures, recycled garbage, built speakers in a factory, delivered pizza, cleaned washrooms and rushed around clearing tables at an airport hotel restaurant, all the while raising a family and adjusting to his adopted country.

In this article about a hotel workers wildcat strike:

Employees of the Holiday Inn On King, many new Canadians in low-end jobs, staged a wildcat walkout for about 45 minutes yesterday to protest lagging contract talks.


Workers say they have no choice but to fight to increase wages at the Holiday Inn On King, which they say lag those of other hotels by about $2 an hour.

Many hotel employees collect hourly wages that hover around $10 and $11, without tips, and say they must hold down multiple jobs to support their families.

Hotels and other service industry jobs can pay so little with few or no benefits because there is an army of desperate immigrants willing to take them. And if there isn't then mass immigration will make sure that there is one in a few years time. Denied this surplus labour, wages will have to be raised coupled with other incentives to attract and retain employees. If cleaning staff at hotels made $15 an hour I am certain you could find Canadians willing to take those jobs but as long as mass immigration can be used as a weapon against the working class and suppress the need to raise wages to a livable rate then Canadians won't take those jobs because they know they cannot raise a family on it.

Pressuring the government to raise the minimum wage will only benefit those who are already employed. Forced to pay a higher wage employers will try to maximize profits on their existing staff before seeking new employees. In other words they will not be so quick to hire new staff, making it tougher for succeeding waves of immigrants to find work. If you want to force businesses to raise wages and provide benefits then deny them the surplus labour by cutting immigration levels. Raising the minimum wage will only act as a disincentive to create new jobs. Businesses will only respond to market forces and if the labour market compels them to raise wages to remain competitive then they will do so but as long as they can count on mass immigration to create an over supply of labour then this will never happen.

The added benefit to cutting immigration levels is that it will free up tax dollars that were used to service the higher intake of people. The real problem is mass immigration and a higher minimum wage may make matters worse.


Mabel Torres said...

Maybe if they are going to increase the minimum wage then there will be lots of Canadians would accept the least accepted jobs and there will be fewer immigrants can work there. Most Canadians would probably have multiple jobs just to support their families because of very small wage.

Anonymous said...

I am white and born here. I have had to live in 3 provinces and move many times by myself. I am like this man too. I have done every job out there but now I cannot find a stitch of work. Im thinking of taking a short course that may give me work. Im not even from this city ottawa but there is very little work here...

Anonymous said...

what about immigrants buying your place of employment and doing away with your job!