Saturday, 9 February 2008

Moroccan Muslim immigrant becomes a national security threat.

Should we be surprised? I am sad to say that news like this is becoming too common place but that is the unfortunate reality of modern day Islam. I know most Muslim immigrants are law abiding but most Muslims immigrants do not have to. All you need is a few to be a real menace to society and to other Muslims. Is allowing Muslim immigration worth the lives of Canadian citizens, even one life, just for the sake of diversity and multiculturalism?

The following can be read in whole here care of the National Post.

One of 'the spokesmen for al-Qaeda': Crown

RCMP seized thousands of videos, photos 'related to terrorist activies'
Graeme Hamilton, National Post Published: Friday, February 01, 2008

MONTREAL -- From a basement apartment in quiet Trois-Rivières, Que., Said Namouh helped produce propaganda for al-Qaeda and prepared to martyr himself in a terrorist attack abroad, a court heard yesterday.

"Terrorism is in our blood, and with our blood we are going to drown the evil ones, God willing," Mr. Namouh, a Moroccan immigrant, is alleged to have written last August in an online chat, using the alias Ashraf.

Transcripts of Internet conversations involving Ashraf were filed as evidence yesterday during Mr. Namouh's bail hearing on a charge of conspiring with a man in Austria to detonate a car bomb at an undetermined location. He was arrested last September after Austrian authorities traced the online activities of Ashraf to Canada and alerted the RCMP.


In a subsequent conversation, as he is contemplating his martyrdom, he asks the unidentified person at the other end to look after his son in Morocco and ensure he becomes a "preacher and a mujahedeen." He later requests a "full car" and mentions Jews as targets.

The court was shown a video that looked like a harmless home movie but that Mr. Hanigan said was more sinister.

A man wearing a parka toque and scarf concealing his face, whom Mr. Hanigan identified as Mr. Namouh, is shown rolling a giant, waist-high snowball and speaking in Arabic. He then carves the initials CVC - the name of a network that broadcasts jihadi videos - on the snowball.

Mr. Hanigan said that while speaking Arabic, Namouh said the snowball would be an excellent place to conceal explosives. It could be left by the road and detonated "when the enemy passes," he said.

Recall an earlier post about a Bangladeshi Muslim who felt that killing Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil was the "best way". Also recall this post about a St. Catherines man of Kuwaiti origin who was convicted of plotting to bomb U.S. embassies which may include U.S. embassies on Canadian soil. And how can we forget the 17 arresested on terrorism charges last year?

You still think mass Muslim immigration is a good thing? I don't. We should discriminate when it comes to Muslim immigration and limit their importation (i.e. quotas), in fact we should do this with all immigrants. What I mean by this is that we should cherry pick Muslim immigrants complemented by a background check before we let them into the country. Right now we don't do that. We just let them in based on a score card or a good story and neither provide adequate security checks. Terrorists can easily sneak into the country hidden within the Muslim influx as they have done in the past and will do in the future, that is if we do nothing about it which is the Canadian way after all.

I know I will be called an Islamophobe or a racist or whatever but to hell with it. It's worth it if it saves the life of one innocent Canadian.

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