Saturday, 29 March 2008

Canadian Arab Federation opposes new immigration proposal therefore the proposal must be a good thing.

The Canadian Arab Federation feels the new immigration proposals initiated by the Harper Tories are "dangerous". That being the case I think we can conclude that the Tories are on the right track. You can read about the CAF's concerns here at the Toronto Star.

Immigration proposal 'dangerous': Arab group

Canadian Arab Federation calls on Liberals to oppose new powers for minister
Mar 29, 2008 04:30 AM
Bruce Campion-Smith
Ottawa Bureau Chief

OTTAWA–A proposal to give Canada's immigration minister sweeping new powers to pick and choose new immigrants is "dangerous" and could open the door to racial profiling, the Canadian Arab Federation warns.

The federation is urging the federal Liberals to oppose the proposed changes, even if it means defeating the minority Conservative government and an election Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion doesn't want.

"This is clearly a very, very dangerous piece of legislation," said Mohamed Boudjenane, executive director of the federation, an umbrella group representing 44 groups across the country.

"Tomorrow, the minister might decide: 'We don't like Arabs and Muslims here. We think they are terrorists. We think their culture and religion don't fit with Canada,' " he said in an interview.

The Muslim religion is not compatible with a western society like Canada. But that aside, the gentleman's comments make clear how race conscious racial and ethnic minority groups are in Canada all the while expecting the white majority of Canadians to be colour blind. Why does Arab immigration matter at all? Why should it matter to these people? They are already in Canada and if "a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian" as we are told then it shouldn't matter if Canada decided to close its door to Arabs. The fact is that Arab immigration matters to Arab immigrants because race matters, ethnicity matters, and immigration is the prime conduit for Arab colonization of Canadian lands. And this sentiment is not exclusive to Arabs but is shared by all of Canada's hyphenated immigrant groups (Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc). As racial and ethnic groups actively engage in the colonization of Canadian public spaces immigration matters are most important to them because if Canada were to decrease numbers, restrict particular immigrant groups, etc. it will hamper their colonial efforts.

Dion said this week his party won't topple the Tories over the immigration proposals. Boudjenane said the decision could affect the Liberals' traditional support among newcomers.

"How can this party portray itself as the party of immigration, the Trudeau era of multiculturalism, and here you have this dangerous piece of legislation and you might let it pass because you're not organized enough or your leader isn't charismatic enough to go in an election?" he said. "People would be more supportive of a gutsy party who will go . . . on a principled position than a party that will stay there until they're in better shape."

From the horse's mouth, the Liberal party is the immigrant's party of choice but we already know that.

What's at stake here is the colonization of Canadian lands. Canada's immigration system has been co-opted into a policy of colonialism by foreign peoples. I always wondered why it mattered to immigrants what Canada did with it's immigration policy. Why do they care if they are already in the country? It becomes clear when you realize immigrants want their own people coming into the country. Why? So they can colonize portions of Canada to offset Canadian culture all the while enjoy the benefits of living in Canadian society. They didn't come to Canada to integrate, assimilate and become a Canadian. They came to Canada because to them Canada is just a shopping mall, a lifestyle. Canada isn't a real country at all with a history or culture worth preserving. It's just some land with vast open spaces that everyone in the world is entitled to. Right?


Anonymous said...

Ethnic Colonization by popular demand -- aided and abetted by treasonous politicians who're (pun intended) only looking forward to their next re-election.

The question is.....will the masses of real Canadians wake-up to this glaring truth in time? If only we could drag them away from their opiate television sets, pry their hands from a MSM newspaper, or persuade them from attending mass produced sporting events that are all designed to keep their mind from wandering into forbidden territory.

"I always wondered why it mattered to immigrants what Canada did with it's immigration policy. Why do they care if they are already in the country?"

That statement in itself should be a wakeup call. Identified ethnic groups are only satisfied when seeing their "own kind" being give preference to immigrate to Canada. The more mass importation of their own kind, the better for them. Many care nothing of our own heritage, history or hard-fought battles in developing this
country. Canada is "for the taking" by one and all.

In essence, Canada is being repeatedly gang-raped without even being aware of the injustice of the act.

PaxCanadiana said...

It's just more evidence that immigrants are just as race conscious as anybody else however its white Canadians who are supposed to be colour blind. Canada is a beautiful and rich country and they want a piece of it. The problem is that there are too many white people living here and that has to change for whatever reason. I think it's becuase whites are inherently evil and to make the world a better place they must be subjugated to minority status or something racist like that.

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Anonymous said...

ehh. interesting thoughts :)