Thursday, 20 March 2008

Czech asylum bids jump as visa requirements are discontinued.

This is from the Toronto Star.

Czech asylum bids watched in Ottawa

Spike in applications, mostly by Roma, since visa requirement ended
Mar 19, 2008 04:30 AM
Nicholas Keung

Canada has seen a rising number of Roma asylum seekers since lifting its visa requirement for Czech Republic visitors five months ago – and more are expected now that four other eastern European countries have been given the same exemption.

This month, Canada extended visa exemptions to Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania. All but the latter are populated by ethnic Roma, known colloquially as gypsies, who continue to face discrimination and social isolation in eastern Europe.

The European Union has been pressuring Canada to open its border to all 27 member states, eliminating barriers that especially involve eastern Europe.

Immigration Minister Diane Finley dropped the visa requirement for the Czech Republic as of Nov. 1.

Since then, claims for asylum by Czech visitors, in most cases Roma, shot up to 83 by the end of December, from zero the previous year. This past January, 45 more claims were entered.

There are concerns this could lead to a repeat of the 1996 influx of an estimated 4,000 Czech Roma into Canada after travel restrictions were eliminated. The majority were granted refugee status, but not before Canada reinstated a visa requirement.

This time, the Canadian government has made it known unofficially that should the number of Czech refugee claimants leap to 580 this year (or 2 per cent of all such claims Canada expects to process), it will restore the visa requirement.

If you want to make a refugee claim everyone in the world knows that Canada is the place to do it.


Anonymous said...

Just what are they smoking in Ottawa?

Of course, Canada will now receive another massive influx of Roma asylum seekers who seek free cash from whoever wants to dole it out....and that's us Canadians, via our foolish politicians.

The previous bunch of gypsies who successfully gained a foothold in Canada a few years ago, are now furiously writing, emailing, phoning all their relatives in Europe with this good news.

So, let the race begin before the government is forced to slam the door shut again.

I'm reminded of the story that the Toronto Sun exposed a few years ago relating to the "Shaky Lady" who conned many Toronto pedestrians into giving her money out of pity for her fake medical problem.

Wearing a peasant shawl in downtown Toronto certainly gave the appearance of poverty, but the reality was very different, as was soon discovered by one diligent reporter. She was found to be living comfortably in a nicely furnished apartment with grown son, if I recall correctly.

No doubt, this eastern European con-artist (possibly gypsy) was simply supplementing her free welfare income with even more free income from Canadians on the street.

Unlike this foreign woman now fully ensconced in Canada, Canadians themselves are proving over and over again, we just don't have the "street smarts".

PaxCanadiana said...

You'd figure Ottawa would have learned the first time but this is Canada after all.

The problem here is persecution versus discrimination and the two are not the same. Many come to Canada claiming refugee status becuase they are discriminated against but they are not in anyway afraid for their lives. This is how most Sri Lankan Tamils entered Canada. I do not doubt that they do suffer from various forms of persecution in Singhalese dominated Sri Lanka but they are not persecuted in the sense that their lives are in danger. To show how out of touch with reality we are Canada's acceptance rate for Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims is 76-80%. This is the highest in the world. The U.K. has the second highest at 4%. Should it be any wonder Canada is the target nation of Sri Lankan refugee fraud to say nothing of our Tamil Tiger and Tamil gang problems.

The problem with our refugee system is we grant refugee status to non conventional refugees and Canada has been broadening the term refugee, becuase we are such a compassionate people, that anybody with a good story can get in.

Compounding this problem is the ignorance of the staff at the IRB who think that having a hard time getting a job in one's homeland becuase he is gay is grounds for a refugee claim when in fact it isn't.

Andrew White said...

Just when the Italians are expelling them, Canada is throwing out the welcome mat.

Italy Angry about Roma/Romanian Crime; Cracks Down

"Ever since, Romanians have been arriving in Italy in droves.Romanians now constitute the largest minority nationality in Italy, with 550,000 to 600,000 residents, or about 1% of the population.

Italy was more welcoming and less restrictive. That appears to have been a mistake. There appears not to have been Criminal background checks on many entrants, besides the usual other Immigrant checks. Between January and September of this year, Romanians were believed to be responsible for 75% of serious crimes, including rapes and killings, in the capital.

1% of the Population, responsible for 75% of the serious crimes, and that excludes all the burglaries, robberies, purse snatchings, pickpockets, muggings, petty thefts, and scams."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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