Saturday, 29 March 2008

For those who think Muslim immigration is nothing to be concerned about should watch this.

I do not wish to give the impression that all Muslims are evil and terrorists and wish to turn Canada into a Islamic state of the world Caliphate. But there are many who do within Canada and outside it and I feel that we should place limits on Muslim immigration. To get a better understanding of why I feel this way you should watch the video below. It is around 17mins long, it is sensationalized, it is biased, and it contains disturbing imagery so considered yourself warned.

The first video can be watched here. You better watch is now because it may see the same fate as this one.

Most Muslims are not terrorists but most Muslims do not have to be. Most Muslims may not want to turn Canada into a caliphate but most don't have to. All you need is a few and since the Muslim world community has proven inept at policing itself and containing its more radical elements I feel Canada has little choice but to restrict Muslim immigration for the sake of national security. This is a case were a few rotten apples has spoiled the bunch. I do not support a total ban on Muslim immigration however I feel we should be cherry picking Muslim immigrants instead of mass importing which is what we do now.

The video should not be allowed to give a general picture of Muslims. This is wrong. But the video does turn the spotlight on a segment of the Islamic faith that is real, that is dangerous, and as an immigrant receiving nation we Canadians cannot afford to ignore and pretend it doesn't exist. To say that "not all Muslims are terrorists" is no consolation when a terrorist act is committed on Canadian soil and innocent people are killed. The Canadian government's commitment is to Canadians first, not the concerns of Muslim immigrants and until Islam can get it radical elements under control I feel Canada has no choice.

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