Sunday, 16 March 2008

From the "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO FILE": Appalling lack of diversity on the Toronto Star's writing staff.

I came across this in the Friday, March 14, 2008 edition of the Toronto Star. Lined across the top of page A3 are nine white faces of which seven are male. Here are the names from left to right: Kevin Donovan, Andrew Bailey, David Bruser, Spencer Wynn, Brian Hughes, Patrick Corrigan, David Cooper, Tara Walton, and Mary Ormsby. Those names say a lot don't they. They have been nominated for some award or whatever as if anyone really cares. What is interesting is how little ethnic diversity exists at the Toronto Star. Here is the newspaper that gave us the White Jays story yet hypocritically is lacking the kind of diversity on it's writing staff that it self-righteously harangued the Toronto Blue Jays for.

Take a look at the Toronto Star's columists. Wow!!! How's that for diversity? I guess for the Toronto Star ethnic minorities are best seen and not heard don't you think?

If your want to find an example of hypocrisy the Toronto Star is the first place you should look. How disgusting of them really, to be concerned about the plight of immigrants yet can't be bothered to hire any immigrant writers aside from maybe one or two. To claim the benefits of diversity, mass immigration, and multiculturalism yet doesn't seem to care for such things when it comes to it's writers. I guess that's for other people.

I think we should demand more immigrant writers at the Toronto Star. They will bring with them the diversity that the Toronto Star sorely lacks. If need be they should "let go" some of the white writers. They'll understand that it's for the better just like all the other Canadians who must suffer lost or diminished wages and a lower standard of living to accommodate the unfettered influx of future Toronto Star readers. After all what's good for the goose is good for the gander.


Anonymous said...

Although, no longer a regular Toronto Star reader, I was always impressed with Royson James' clearly defined analysis of the day's events. He is black but doesn't appear to dwell on racial matters to the extent of those hand-wringing white liberal writers who often find compelling reasons to cry "racism", simply to re-establish their anti-racist credentials amongst their peer group.

But your point is well's just sheer hypocrisy across the board in all areas of so-called racial diversity. Political-correctness has simply transformed us into a nation of hypocritical "emasculated liars".

Anonymous said...

On the flip side of the "diversity" issue, there's also demonstrable evidence pointing to excessive pandering to the point of appearing anti-white in many cases.

This repugnant trait usually emanates from cowardly white Canadians who shamelessly bow deeply before the alter of pc or political communism, better known as political-correctness... lest they appear to be 'racist'.