Saturday, 8 March 2008

From the "Tell it like it is" file: Missaussauga mayor Hazel McCallion says "Multicultural cash divides us."

Hazel McCallion is a rare breed in Canadian politics. She is not afraid to openly criticize multiculturalism while retaining her office as mayor of an immigrant heavy, ethnically diverse city like Mississauga. Mississauga, for those who don't know, is the adjoining city east of Toronto past Etobicoke and, like Toronto, is on the fast track of becoming a city of a million plus residents where the majority are immigrants and whites are a minority. Sadly, it takes guts to say what she says and you don't see her much appreciated candor anywhere in Canadian politics. That's because for many, politics is just a career move and they will say anything to get elected and this includes extolling the virtues of mass immigration and multiculturalism whether they agree with it or not or have no real opinion on it one way or the other. Getting elected is a short term goal but unfortunately the decisions people make in office have long term consequences. Are you a political party having trouble getting elected in once conservative Toronto? Then flood it with immigrants and problem solved. Are you a candidate in an immigrant heavy riding? Then promoting mass immigration and the displacing effects it has on the existing residents is your ticket to Ottawa, prestige, and a handsome pension. Who cares about the wake you leave while in office? Getting elected isn't about serving the people. It's all about you.

Here is the article care of the National Post.

Multicultural cash divides us: Mayor McCallion says grants used to set immigrants apart

Natalie Alcoba, National Post Published: Friday, March 07, 2008

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion criticized federal multicultural funding as dividing immigrants instead of uniting them, and called for better integration of newcomers.

"An awful lot of money is spent on multiculturalism and on keeping our immigrants separated rather than integrated," Ms. McCallion said in an interview.

"They've been given all kinds of money over the years to have their own organization, their own programs, and I think there should be more money spent on integration, in other words, encouraging them to get involved in all the organizations within a community like the service clubs and the sports groups."

Immigrants prefer it this way. They have no real intention of integrating. If they did then they had the opportunity to show it a long time ago but the existence, persistence, and growth of ethnic enclaves reveals their true intent. The only integration they want is economic integration. Culturally they prefer segregation or balkanization and try to convince everyone that Turbans, saris, dread locks, and dragon boat races are a Canadian as hockey, maple syrup, and butter tarts.

As for the money McCallion is talking about that is pubic money doled out to curry favour from ethnic voting blocks. In other words politicians use tax dollars to bribe ethnic voters so that they can stay in office, the kind of thing that disgraced Liberal MPP Mike Colle (who is an immigrant from Italy by the way) was doing when he gave $1 million dollars to a cricket club and $15 million to the United Jewish Appeal Federation. In any case, its just more money to throw on the mountain of cash needed to sustain the immigration industry all the while Canadians need to fly to the United States for an MRI. It's a disgrace!

Ms. McCallion said she knows the value of cultural groups and does not want to "cut off" their funding.

However, she argues in favour of stepping up outreach efforts that help integrate the growing number of new residents who are choosing to live in the cities outside of Toronto.

According to 2006 Census data, Peel and York regions had the highest immigrant population growth in the Greater Toronto Area, with a 32% and 34% increase, respectively, from 2001 to 2006. Toronto, by comparison, had the lowest in the region, with a 2% increase.

Immigrants now make up about half of Toronto's population, 49% of Peel region's and 43% of people living in York.

Funding programs to integrate immigrants is just more wasted money because immigrants have shown they posses no desire to fully integrate into Canadian society. If they really wanted to then they will but the fact is they don't. The problem is official multiculturalism. Get rid of it. The other problem is the mass importation of culturally dissimilar people from so few countries (like India, China, and the Philippines for instance). This practice needs to stop.


Anonymous said...

"We know that by 2017 visible minorities will actually become a majority here in Canada and that speaks volumes," said Sandeep Agrawal, an expert on multiculturalism and ethnic enclaves from Ryerson University.

Such unadulterated NONSENSE!

I can easily sense Agrawal's contemptible speech tone denoting a celebratory victory of sorts after making that foolish statement. Furthermore, what does he mean when he says "that speaks volumes"?

This self-proclaimed "expert on multiculturalism and ethnic enclaves" who speaks more like a smirking invader, is much too quick in claiming victory over the same Canadian people who generously allowed him into our country.

These are exactly the types of immigrants that Hazel McCallion is describing when she says "multicultural cash divides us".

I might remind the immigrant Agrawal, our nation is still comprised of a majority White population representing 86% of Canadians (according to StatsCanada) and will remain the majority for quite some time yet....well beyond the year 2017.

Our forefathers were early settlers whose blood, sweat and tears helped carve this progressive nation out of raw wilderness without benefit of any welfare handouts or mollycoddling; nor were they given preferential treatment due to the colour of their skin. Then much later, came a time when their sons and grandsons sacrificed their lives in war battles by the tens of thousands. Then, let's not forget the Canadian generations born after WWII, including subsequent European arrivals who built a modern welfare state that now benefits many, many recent arrivals who previously lived in much poorer countries.

So, Mr. Sandeep Agrawal, wipe that smirk off your face.

In closing, I might direct your attention to a school trustee's letter addressed to the Peterborough Examiner that has created quite a stir.

He broached the topic of immigration and multiculturalism and bravely put himself on the hot seat.

"Trustee Censured" March 7, 2007 can be found at the American Renaissance website: WWW.AMREN.COM

PaxCanadiana said...

As an "expert" on multiculturalism and ethnic enclaves Sandeep Agrawal should know better. He is either mistaken or misquoted because that 2017 projection refers to Toronto and not all of Canada. By 2017 it is expected that whites will become a minority in Toronto and possibly be the year Canadians realize they are losing their country to colonialism in the guise of immigration.

I too find it disconcerting that many immigrants and minority groups talk of the future minority status of Canadians with triumphant glee. It makes you think what kind of designs they have for Canada. Is Canada just a colony of other countries? We are already economically colonized by the U.S. and that is bad enough. Do we need to be colonized by India and China as well? Are Canadians comfortable with this? I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also suspected immigrant Agrawal may have originally meant "Toronto" and not all of Canada. However, when placed on a "war-footing" with the "enemy" by allowing massive numbers of "others" to occupy our cities, jobs (through employment-equity) and countless other hand-overs, there's no time being cozy with them.

Here's the defeating breakdown of the numbers:

Henry Makow writes a brief essay on why Canada and other western white nations are undergoing this massive racial transformation.

This whole scenario is not happening by accident, but is a carefully laid out plan to destabilize homogeneous white countries by opening the floodgates to massive loads of NON-whites. I believe his thesis has merit and encourage every Canadian to read Makow's article at:

Anonymous said...

Why do you have anything against Filipinos?

Emilia Liz (