Thursday, 20 March 2008

Tories acclaim South Asian beauty Queen as Mississauga East-Cooksville candidate in a display of ethnic vote pandering.

You can read the whole article here care of the Toronto Star.

Candidate furor splits Tory factions

String of charges in Mississauga East-Cooksville as several board members quit over acclamation
Mar 19, 2008 04:30 AM
Joanna Smith
Staff Reporter

A group of Tories in Mississauga fear the federal party is abandoning its populist roots after officials sped up the process to choose who will run for a seat in the next election.

"I won't be a party to that kind of corruption," said Charles Conn, one of 10 people who recently resigned in protest from the electoral district association board of directors for Mississauga East-Cooksville.

The string of resignations came as the riding association moved quickly toward acclaiming former beauty queen and former Liberal Melissa Bhagat as its candidate.

I think we can easily assume Ms. Bhagat is in this for personal gain but then again who isn't? When someone can easily abandon one political party for another because a candidacy became available speaks volumes about the person's political commitments.

According to her official website, Bhagat is a fluently bilingual Glendon College graduate, the South Asian spokesperson for World Vision Canada and former host of Omni-TV's Bollywood Boulevard.

Bollywood is what the Indian film industry.

She is also a former beauty queen – one website detailing her preparations for a 2000 pageant includes provocative photos.

She ran in 2004 for the federal Liberal party nomination in Brampton-Springdale, but was shut out when then prime minister Paul Martin parachuted Ruby Dhalla into the riding.

Brampton-Springdale has a heavy South Asian population, most notably Sikh, and this is why Paul Martin placed Ruby Dhalla, a South Asian woman, as the Liberal candidate becuase he knows like we all do that people vote for their own and racial and ethnic minorities are no exception. That's why Ms. Dhalla got elected and that's why no non-South Asian will ever get elected to represent Brampton-Springdale ever again.

As for Ms. Bhagat she won't win. Even though she was undemocratically acclaimed as Conservative candidate to cater to the considerable South Asian population in that part of Mississauga I do not think South Asian block votes are big enough to deliver the seat to her like they are in Brampton-Springdale. Mississauga East-Cooksville has a significant immigrant population, not all South Asian. Besides, the Conservative party hasn't learned yet that immigrants and ethnic minority groups always vote Liberal. That's why they're here. Canada's modern immigration policy was forged by the Liberal party in the 1970s with political consequences in mind and it worked. Voter rich Toronto used to be traditionally Conservative but becuase of mass immigration the Tories cannot get elected in that town.

The greater concern is how race and ethnicity are playing a big part in Canadian politics. I'm sure Ms. Bhagat knows more about Bollywood love triangles than she does about Canadian history or politics but that doesn't matter. What does matter is her ethnicity and nowadays and in some ridings the colour of your skin is more important than your policy issues.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Mesdames,

I have had an opportunity to read your blog and am wondering why you bother with the thin veil. It is clear that you harbour racist views and would like to see Canada remain "white." While I disagree, I suppose in a strange way I would respect your stance if you were to simply come right out and say it. Do you not see any redeeming qualities to immigration- or is it simply that you have a problem with colour of people entering the country?

I notice that you tend to emphasize certain issues when they present themselves within or invovle inmmigrant communities (ie. censorship, crime, political pandering etc..)- do these issues not exist in the "white community"?

I guess to be specific: What precisely are you criticisms of Canadian immigration and multiculturalism?

Thank you.

-curious reader

Anonymous said...

In due time, I have no doubt that PaxCanadiana will answer your questions; however allow me to intercede in the interim with this quote:

"By keeping the majority (white) population on the defensive with one blatant accusation of guilt after another, and keeping us all immersed in a broth of yet many more implied guilt-trips, we have all been hoodwinked.

We have all been lied to and mis-informed to the point that we are arranging our own extinction, and are too "guilt-ridden" to object, in case we get called Racist....whatever that is.

Western / White society has been made to feel ashamed of it's own accomplishments and achievements. The Marxist PC Fascists take joy in decrying the west, yet despite it's faults it is western societies or societies that are modeled on them that are the most successful, humane, and just."

You, whoever you are, have thrown down your gauntlet and challenged this blogger to defend himself against your accusations of "harbour[ing] racist views". Frankly speaking, you've already established your stance from a hostile viewpoint, so why should he/she answer to you?

Your last question demonstrates to me, you have not thoroughly read much of the previous material available on this blog. I also doubt you're here looking for answers, but perhaps you could explain your views on diversified multiculturalism, and mass 3rd world immigration.....and how exactly are these elements, in anyway, beneficial to Canada.

.....and if you're of the opinion of this blogger "harbour[ing] racist views", I might suggest you check out the American website WWW.AMREN.COM and cast your opinions in that ring, which includes many Canadian news items.

- A Proud White Canadian-born male

Andrew White said...

Great post Proud.

A simple knowledge of evolutionary theory explains the virtue of racism or race realism. It enhances survival. It recognizes that it is normal for an ethnic group or race to want to survive and to avoid displacement by others. It recognizes that mass immigration is ethnic competition over territory and that it negatively impacts reproductive fitness. It realizes that territory ensures survival, and human history is largely a record of groups expanding and contracting, conquering or being conquered, migrating or being displaced by migrants. The loss of territory, whether by military defeat or displacement by aliens, brings ethnic diminishment or destruction - precisely what is happening in the “multicultural” West today.

It is clear anon harbours racist views. S/he sees no redeeming qualities in the founding peoples except as an expedient to further the ethnic interest of his/her own ethnic group. S/he shows no gratitude for those founding people who have spilled blood to make a great nation. There is no mass immigration to his/her country, threatening to displace his/her people. Israel, Africa, China, India, Japan and Korea all are exclusionist nations. All motivated by ethnic/racial preservation.

Who's the real racist here?

It is YOU, who must realize that WE are merely trying to survive, that we want to live in peace with our families in OUR homelands without the threat of diminishment or destruction.

PaxCanadiana said...

curious reader:

Before we can begin I have to know what does racism mean to you? Racism and accusations of it have been thrown around so liberally in this country it is hard to know what it means anymore.

It is clear that you harbour racist views and would like to see Canada remain "white." While I disagree,

Why do you disagree? Why do you think that Canada should not remain majority white? To put it another way, why do you support the imposition of minority status on the white population of Canada? I argue that keeping Canada white majority (85% at least) is the best policy for creating tolerance and eliminating racism. It is the best thing for racial minorities.

On a global scale whites are a racial minority who happen to form the majority populations in a few nations. What is accomplished by making whites a minority everywhere and in every nation? It is predicted that whites will be reduced to 50% of the population of the United States by 2050. How is this a good thing?

If you think I harbour "racist views" then I encourage you to spend some time in any of Toronto's ethnic ghettos. Seriously! If you want to look for racism and xenophobia then you should start there.

I notice that you tend to emphasize certain issues when they present themselves within or invovle inmmigrant communities (ie. censorship, crime, political pandering etc..)- do these issues not exist in the "white community"?

Of course they do but I post them to show that our immigration system has allowed criminal elements to come here and thrive. Also to bust the myth that immigrant communities are less prone to criminal acts than Canadians. I do not want to vilify immigrants but to bring to attention the ineptness of Canada's immigration system at screening out undesirables and how mass immigration allows criminals to easily slip in.

And ethnic pandering transcends race but what ethnic pandering does illustrate is how race conscious minority groups are, more so than whites even but then again I am the one who harbours "racist views" so what do I know?

I guess to be specific: What precisely are you criticisms of Canadian immigration and multiculturalism?

My main criticisms of Canadian immigration is that it no longer serves to fulfill the real needs of Canada and Canadians but only serves the few. It has become an industry where money is made by trafficking people and selling Canadian citizenship. It is used by Canada's political parities for short term political gain. But most importantly my main criticism of mass immigration is how it is being used for neo-colonial aspirations. It is not about immigration it is about colonizing Canada. Well call these colonies "communities", "ghettos", or "ethnic enclaves" but they are all euphemisms.

So to be most specific I want to say Canadians are losing their country.

Anonymous said...

I think that most whites are "scared" of voicing their true opininons due to the fear of having "racist views". White people have made great unprecidented contributions to civilizations and should be very proud of their heritage.