Friday, 4 April 2008

Canada's immigration lawyers fret over immigration changes and future incomes and so the changes must be a good thing.

It appears Canada's legal body is expressing concern over the Conservative government's recent changes to the Immigration Act which invariably means they are concerned about their incomes (these are lawyers we are talking about). They don't care about human rights or what happens to immigrants when they arrive in Canada or the effects of mass immigration on the economy, Canadians' incomes, or Canadian society. All they care about is a steady and ever expanding stream of clients to keep their practices afloat and the money, the immigrant's money, coming in. It's all about money which is why immigration lawyers have been hard at work making Canadian immigration laws as lax and abusable as possible while lobbying for increasing immigration intake numbers because they directly benefited from it financially. The result has been a cheapening of Canadian citizenship, a perpetual backlog that has ballooned to 900,000 applicants, refugee fraud buoyed by an endless appeal process at tax payer expense, the colonization of Canadian neighbourhoods, and an industry built around the Immigration act that is estimated to cost Canadian tax payers billions of dollars annually.

Read their whines and complaints in this Toronto Star article.

Immigration reform plan worries bar association

Puts too much power in hands of officials, legal group says
Apr 03, 2008 04:30 AM
Bruce campion-smith
Ottawa bureau chief

OTTAWA–Canada's immigration system risks being dictated by "ministerial fiat" rather than transparent regulations under a sweeping new law proposed by the federal government, a legal group warns.

While the Tory goal of reducing the backlog of would-be-immigrants is "laudable," Immigration Minister Diane Finley hasn't made the case why her dramatic reforms of the immigration system are the right solution, said Alex Stojicevic, chair of the immigration section of the Canadian Bar Association.

"We fail to see why these are necessary to achieve the government's aims," he said, calling the existing system relatively transparent and objective.

Under the proposal, Finley would have the power to issue "instructions" to her department to give priority to immigrants whose job skills are in demand in Canada. At the same time, she would have the power to refuse applications in other categories.

But Stojicevic suggested the reforms risk putting too much power in the hands of department officials.

"She wants to bring some sanity to these processing backlogs. She wants to try to address, where she can, economic priorities. We just don't see this change as necessary to accomplish that goal," he said.

Oh cry me a river! If Canada had a sane immigration system in the first place then the Tories wouldn't need to make the changes. Lawyer greed feeding at the trough has created a monster of a mess of an immigration system that was in sore need of a clean up twenty years ago. The Tories are doing the right thing. Besides, if they didn't do then who would. The Liberals?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Canadian taxpayer,

Please find below a letter of my dependants' story. One of many I am sure. If you do not act NOW to put a stop immigration officials destroying your country future using your money, you will certainly end up with ............

God Bless
Dear Honourable Minister

Please find attached a copy served on my dependants to be removed from CANADA on 24 Jul 08. Obviously, we will honour our commitment to bide by your laws and present ourselves to the removal officer on the above date.

However, my dependants have been living in CANADA in my privately owned house for the past five years. They have been financially provided for by me and all-in-all I have brought into Canada approx $300,000 CAN dollars in the past five years for their benefit.

Removing my dependants from Canada is worst than passing the death sentence onto them. The death sentence have a date beyond which one do not have to worry about anything anymore. My dependants are to be up-rooted from a country where they feel they proudly belong, back to their country of birth where they have little in common with.

My question is, What benefit would the Canadian taxpayer reap from deporting a vulnerable mother and her two young children? They have been privately provided for, paid house taxes, and "their way" into the Canadian society without any recourse to public funds.

Please list one benefit only, as I can see none. In-fact, the removal process is going to cost the Canadian taxpayer thousand of hard earned Canadian dollars. WHY?

Whatever has happened to "Logic" and "Common sense" ?

My brother who is a Canadian citizen and a taxpayer and I (a British citizen) who own a property in Canada, (where my dependants have been living) are deeply disturbed by Immigration Canada actions against our vulnerable sister and both her young children.

Perhaps it is worth noting that our nephew, an 11 year old boy have won many medals in swimming at provisional level (ONTARIO)

So, please remind me once again, what benefit would Canadian tax payers reap from deporting a prospective Olympic champion?

Your response will be greatly appreciated

N8S 4L2