Tuesday, 22 April 2008

An inconvenient truth: '40% of skilled and professional male immigrants leave Canada permanently within 10 years.'

This is from the National Post.

Wanted: Hard workers

Our immigration system is broken. Fixing it should be a bipartisan affair
Rudyard Griffiths, National Post Published: Monday, April 21, 2008

As Stephane Dion weighs the pros and cons of triggering a federal election over the Conservatives' proposed changes to the powers of the Immigration Minister, he would do well to reflect on one simple fact: 40% of skilled and professional male immigrants leave Canada permanently within 10 years.

But do their families stay in the land of subsidized health care and higher education as these men live, work, and pay taxes overseas?

This statistic, garnered from an exhaustive government study conducted earlier this decade, represents a searing indictment of our immigration system. It suggests that contrary to being an immigration success story, Canada's selection process and settlement policies for newcomers are failing the country and recent immigrants alike, and imperilling our shared future.

The culprit here is the supposedly impartial point system that Canada uses to select immigrants.
Adopted in 1967, the point system introduced the meritocratic idea that immigration to Canada should be colour-blind when it comes to the region and ethnicity of applicants. However, starting in late 1980s, a new set of biases began to creep into the point system. Whether it was the result of the management-school mania for fostering "knowledge-based" societies, or a class bias on the part of bureaucrats, the point system has been successively tweaked over the last two decades to favour newcomers with advanced degrees and high-level professional credentials.

I go so far as to suggest some countries receive favoured nation status. Read here and here for a further explanation.

The fundamental problem with an immigration system that selects for highly skilled and educated newcomers is that these individuals are chronically underemployed. They find it difficult, if not impossible, to get their foreign degrees or certifications recognized by Canadian institutions and professional groups. They also often have to master a new language and all must compete with Canadian born "white-collar" counterparts who have had the advantages of a lifetime of access to first-world education systems.

Given the economic hurdles that face the ever greater portion of highly skilled and educated newcomers who arrive in Canada each year, it is not surprising that poverty rates among newcomers have shot up over the last two decades.

It's what I have been saying all along.

The points system is not the main culprit. I argue Canada accepts more immigrants than it can handle. If we are to start somewhere to fix the immigration system it should be with the number of immigrants Canada receives each year. Canada should also reform the family class stream. Too many unskilled relatives of working age get into Canada via this stream. Also too many aged relatives, individuals who serve no real benefits to Canadian society but draw on tax payer subsidized services, also get into the country via the family class stream. Here is an eye opening figure from the linked article:

the admittance rate for the parents and grandparents of new arrivals is up some 200% from 2005 to 2006.

We need to fix the system.

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Anonymous said...

Canada is anlagous to the Titanic with its' out-of-control immigration/refugee policies.....full steam ahead in waters laden with icebergs ready to rip the side of the ship wide open.

This "ship's" incompetent captains are willfully oblivious to the dangers lying ahead due to their own self-serving political interests.

Many immigrants. particularly Asians, use Canada like a bus shelter where they park their family here under our generous welfare state while the breadwinner returns to work in his home country paying far less taxes.

Essentially, Canadian taxpayers are simply left holding his baggage while reaping our benefits as was pointed out.

Now moving to the less-skilled side of this story, we had a notorious case of welfare abuse in the early 90s' where Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid parked one of his wives and several children here in Canada while he spent millions of dollars fighting a war in far-away Somalia.

This "refugee" woman who "escaped with her life" from war-torn Somalia, having plenty of non-working time on her hands, was somehow able to save enough money from her Canadian welfare cheques to fly back and forth to Somalia on several occasions.

Many working Canadians have neither the time or money to fly anywhere, but this African woman collecting welfare while living in/near Toronto in a nice apartment had ample time & money to accomplish both these hurdles.

I don't recall where reading this tidbit, but only 20% of newly arriving immigrants/refugees have any intention of actually working in Canada. If we had an intake of 1,000,000 immigrants/refugees since 2004, this must imply we now have an additional 800,000 extra school children, un-employable grand-parents, or sponsored relatives that we didn't need....except to consume our products and fill up landfills. So let's now hear from the political-correct environmental people.

With an impending economic recession this year, it would be the right time to practice by turning off the open spigot.

Anonymous said...

And I will leave, because you did not want me. It was a sham to get me here in the first place. I have not used one cent of your tax dollars. Rather, I have paid and spent my savings just trying to survive and paid my taxes. Your processes are inexhorably slow, antiquated and antideluvian, yet you threaten action if NAFTA is tampered with. You barely keep pace with progress. I am frustrated and totally disillusioned.

Anonymous said...

With advanced degrees from the US, though of South Asian origin, I have skills in English that are far superior to most North Americans. Yet I find myself in a low income bracket. Language is only a tool. You cannot use that as an excuse to entice highly skilled people and have them clean your streets. Where is the dignity. I have not parked any relatives. You are not a welfare state. Your prices and practices do not reflect that. Yes, there is diversity. You sought it in desperation, but welcomed it grudgingly.

PaxCanadiana said...

anon 1:

I remember Mohamed Farrah Aidid wife. I believe she lived in a large house in Windsor collecting welfare and she said she deserved it.

It seems that there are more Somali women in Canada then men. This makes me suspicious. I think the warlords are sending their female relatives and their children here to make refugee claims so that when the going gets tough in Somalia then can come to Canada. I can't prove this of course but we have to keep in mind that it costs money to come to Canada and in a poor country like Somalia the money is concentrated in the hands of the war lords. Canadian compassion means providing sanctuary to African war lords.

Anon 2:

Its not that we don't want you it's that Canada doesn't need you. I know this is harsh to say but for the sake of your career you better leave and spread the word: Don't come to Canada.

You are right. You were conned but direct your anger at those who deserve it like immigration consultants and immigration lawyers who only care about extracting money from you and other immigrants. They don't care what happens to you when in Canada.

Anon 3:

With advanced degrees from the US, though of South Asian origin, I have skills in English that are far superior to most North Americans.

Ah, that south Asian arrogance I have come to find so enduring. For someone who is highly educated how can you claim ignorance about work conditions in Canada? You should have done your research. It seems to me that many immigrants ignore the warnings and let greed cloud their better judgment.

Yes, there is diversity. You sought it in desperation, but welcomed it grudgingly.

No, we didn't seek it in desperation. It was imposed upon us by our moral and intellectual superiors who know what's good for us and who happen to think that Canada is too white which is the same as saying that Africa is too black. To say that we welcomed is grudgingly is true. How else would you receive something that was forced onto you whether you wanted it or not?