Friday, 25 April 2008

Majority of Canadians oppose foreign worker program.

Why do you think that is? It's probably because we're a nation of xenophobes and racists right? If that's what you think then you probably live in Toronto. You can read the article in full here at the Toronto Star.

Support for foreign worker program waning

More than half of Canadians oppose recruiting temporary workers overseas to boost workforce
Apr 25, 2008 04:30 AM
Nicholas Keung

More than half of Canadians are opposed to recruiting temporary workers overseas to help ease Canada's labour shortage, says a national poll released yesterday.

The Angus Reid poll for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, a Vancouver-based think-tank on Asia, also found the majority of Canadians continue to welcome immigrants from Asia, though the goodwill has been waning, especially in Quebec, where support for Asian immigration has plummeted from 83 per cent a year ago to 44 per cent today.

What a difference a year makes. The vast majority of immigrants to Canada come from the Asian continent, revealing any claims of diversity and multiculturalism to be a farce. Recent census data reveals that half of Canada's visible minorities are either South Asian (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) or Chinese. You can see the reality of this fact just by walking the streets of Toronto or Vancouver. In these cities multiculturalism means South Asian and Chinese with a few countries thrown in for good measure. It's a joke but it came to be this way because of political decisions to give India and China favoured nation status when it comes to immigration. There is no real reason for Canada to be accepting so many immigrants from just two countries if we remove the political motive from the equation. Read here and here for more on this.

Of all the provinces, support for the federal government's temporary foreign worker program was highest in Alberta (58 per cent), Manitoba/Saskatchewan (55 per cent) and British Columbia (49 per cent).

However, in Ontario and Quebec, where people have been affected by a recent economic downturn and job losses, only 39 per cent of people were in favour of the program. Nationally, only 44 per cent supported the temporary worker program.

Ontario also receives the lion's share of immigrants and I can assure you many Ontarians are displeased with the demographic changes occurring in their province. Canadians are not leaving Toronto to escape inflated housing prices alone.

Funny, after all the decades of the propaganda Canadians have been forced fed by their moral and intellectual superiors on the left, extolling the virtues of mass immigration and multiculturalism, here is another poll suggesting Canadians just aren't buying it. It's because the elites in the mass media are out of touch with the average Canadian and they just don't get it. It's also because most Canadians are sensible and patriotic when it comes to jobs. They see no sense in brining in foreign workers that Canadian can be trained for. As I wrote below, Canada is the most educated country in the industrialized world. Canada is home to a greater proportion of college educated and university educated workers than the United States, Germany, and Japan. In other words Canada already has a skilled labour force that is ready to be retrained to fill existing job shortages.

The problem is that the business community is unwilling to train and retain workers, opting instead to offload such an investment onto the individual. Since that is the case the labour force has developed a mercenary character to it where employees feel no attachment or loyalty to their employer and are always on the look out for a better offer and will jump ship when he or she finds it. Thus, not only has the business community helped create the alleged skills shortage they also have a problem of holding onto these employees. The business community only has itself to blame. But what's more accurate it that the business community is in desperate need of cheap labour and Canadians are too expensive. Read here, here, here, and here for more on this.

Read here, here, here and here for more on how mass immigration and the scarcity of good paying jobs is creating poverty in this country.

Read here and here for related polls.


Anonymous said...

The problem is, in fatc, that everything in Canada is a lie. It's in the core of your nature. You want the best of both worlds, but you never want to pay the price.

You want democracy and a (North) America way of life, but you're a monarchy.

You want to still being a WASP nation, but want to be called "multicultural" too. And you just wipped off aboriginal natives in the first place.

You want your economy to prospere, but the quality of "Canada made" products is bad... but guess what, your ads show smiling people and "clearances" all the time, and the sales representatives claims that that piece of crap you're thinking on buy worths to pay a fortune for it, but, again, it's a lie.

You want skilled workers in your companies, but only for sucking their knowledge enough, and again, you don't want to give up a dime: the worker must speak a perfect english, spend all their money here and pay taxes before sending them home leaving the honest life they built up in Canada just behind them.

Canadians care about money; they care about health, and they care about paradise-like life, but they car so much about that that it looks you don't care about anything else except yourselves. It's a lie.

In the better case, you are a BAD copy of the United States

Anonymous said...

I am a canadian white woman and I agree that this foreign worker nanny program should be shutdown or reduced by 80%. I wonder why canada would import foreign women to be nannies and caregivers for a culture that is opposite their own. Also most of them u cannot understand when they talk. Alot of them are sweet people dont get me wrong but there are literally thousands of canadian women who can and would do this job. I am one of them! I have applied to homecare companies for a few years now but they dont want to hire a canaidian woman-there must be a secret deal to hire these foreign nannies to the caregivers taxes or something. I have a friend who is doing homecare here in ottawa as she cant find work in her home province of newfoundland. I am from nb and had to leave there. Why are we treated like second class and alot of these immigrants get free training here too. If you are a white woman out of work in canada now there is little u can do. Tim hortons will no longer hire us either- they are all foreign workers on visas and the employer gets paid 10000 per person they hire. Also there are foreign workers taking jobs from college kids in:canadian tire, Ronas, walmart,and alot of the hotels as well. We have the people who want to work and it is our country why cant we have the jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If the Canadian gov't had ANY concern for real Canadians, we wouldn't be having this debate.

Colonization is the name of the game here, and all aided and abetted by traitorous politicians (under U.N. control and New World Orderlies) who actively promote NON-white immigration into Canada, and every other Euro-White nation in the world.

"they are all foreign workers on visas and the employer gets paid 10000 per person they hire".

That should be your clue to who your politicians really represent, and it's not White Canadian-born workers.

Canadians fall under 3 categories.

Some are totally oblivious to what's happening to their country. Some have awakened but are too afraid of voicing an opinion for fear of appearing "racist", and thirdly, those who have eyes wide open and shout it out loud and clear (for example, this blog).

Multi-racialism is death to any nation, except for Japan, whose homogeneous people are wise enough not to be duped into accepting nonsensical and carefully embedded slogans such as "diversity is strength" or "joys of diversity" and then flood their country with incompatible non-Japanese foreigners entirely unlike themselves.

Employment-equity worker programs are clearly racist in practice when White Canadians are targeted for 2nd tier consideration in jobs and promotions. Why aren't White Canadians (that's 85% of us) loudly protesting in our streets over this disgusting abomination?? Just whose country is this, I might ask?

(...and to all those foreign minorities who take pleasure in our country's modern infrastructure/social welfare benefits, yet toss the tiresome "stolen land from the Indians" red herring into the debate, then I suggest you immediately return to the bosom of your own country's generous offerings and leave us alone on our own "stolen land" to enjoy... without your presence.)