Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dr. Ruby Dhalla needs to visit the $25 million Canadian immigration office in Chandigarh, India for evidence of ethnic favourtism.

Opposition parties are raising their voices against the recent immigration changes initiated by the Conservatives and then refuse to defeat it in a hypocritical fashion befitting anyone who calls him or herself a Liberal. One such voice is Liberal MP Dr. Ruby Dhalla (Brampton—Springdale). Here is an article in the Toronto Star that illustrates this.

Opposition raises discrimination fears

But immigration plan clears one challenge
Apr 10, 2008 04:30 AM
Susan Delacourt
Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA–Canada's immigration system is being made vulnerable to potential racism about who gets to stay in the country, opposition critics say.

Despite these warnings, the Conservative government's proposed changes to immigration cleared an NDP challenge in the House of Commons last night, when all Liberals in attendance avoided casting protest votes that could have provoked a snap election.


Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla suggested the Tories would be more friendly to potential immigrants from ethnic communities they are trying to court for political reasons.

"I think they're really picking and choosing for political purposes which communities they want to work with, and that is why there is a fear among these communities that the immigration laws being proposed right now are going to have an impact on them," Dhalla (Brampton-Springdale) told reporters.

Her comments are disingenuous because the Liberal party has been playing this game for decades and I am certain she is well aware of it. Indeed, the South Asian community that she represents, particularly Sikh, have been prime benefactors of Liberal largesse when it comes to immigration. The following are quotes from an article I blogged about in an earlier thread you can read here.

Bogus "nannies" are among many fraudsters seeking entry into Canada through a $25-million immigration office in India that was opened in 2004 for political reasons, according to newly released internal documents.

"Fraud is omnipresent in [the Indian town of ] Chandigarh and is found in every sort of document, Indian and Canadian," according to the Canadian diplomatic mission's 2006-07 annual report obtained by Vancouver lawyer Richard Kurland.


Mr. Kurland said the documents prove bureaucrats were correct and the politicians, anxious to reward Punjabi-Canadian Liberal supporters clamouring for better immigration services, were wrong to open the mission.

"Liberals yearned for Indo-Canadian votes, and even though officials advised politicians that Chandigarh was always a hotbed of false documents, Liberal politics trumped logic," Mr. Kurland told CanWest News Service.


Canada has the only diplomatic mission in the city, so there are no suitable schools for children, and few opportunities to socialize.

The Punjab region of India is home to most of India's Sikhs as is a significant percentage of the South Asian community in Brampton-Springdale and their votes played a significant role in getting Ms. Dhalla elected, herself being of South Asian heritage. Why is she expressing concern now that Canada's immigration system may be subjected to alleged ethnic favourtism when this has been going on for years under Liberal party tutelage and it is becuase of ethnic favourtism, and the Liberal party penchant for "picking and choosing for political purposes which communities they want to work with", that has benefited South Asian, particularly Sikh immigration, in the first place?

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Anonymous said...

Immigration Watch Canada wrote a story last October where Sikh men were "training" and applying for jobs as nannies in Canada. Obviously, this nonsense just serves as another scam to bypass the the already broken "system".

Then the William Osler Health Centre (WOHC) in Brampton, Ontario was reportedly denying jobs to qualified Canadian nurses because they didn't speak Punjabi, the new language in occupied territory.

Yes...double standards and hypocrisy are well entrenched in today's Canada.

PaxCanadiana said...

You might be delighted to learn that there is a group out in B.C. that exists to get Punjabi recognized as an official language. How about that, eh? The group is called PLEA. I haven't blogged on it yet but I intend to.

I suspect there is a veiled anti-white racism behind some of these concerns. Canada's immigration system favours Asian immigration, particularly Indian and Chinese immigration due to political decisions. Now there is a fear that Canada's immigration system might shift back to favour European immigration which I think it should. I think this is the fear behind some of these concerns. They have no problem when Canada's immigration system favours their particular ethnic group, and class I might add, but are critical when it favours someone else. And I am racist because?