Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Stephane Dion, Liberals support minority status for whites in Canada via mass immigration.

How's that for leadership? Think Stephane Dion would make a good Prime Minister. I don't. The following is from this Toronto Star article.

Tories accused of returning to Reform policy

Dion says proposed immigration changes are bid to implement 20-year-old promise
Apr 02, 2008 04:30 AM
Bruce Campion-Smith
Ottawa Bureau Chief

Federal opposition parties are stepping up their criticism of a contentious overhaul of Canada's immigration system, accusing the Tories of trying to implement 20-year-old Reform party policies.

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion yesterday cited the 1988 election platform of the Reform party, a precursor of the Conservatives, that said "immigration should be essentially economic in nature."

"Immigrants should possess the human capital necessary to adjust quickly and independently to the needs of Canadian society and the job market
," said the Reform document distributed by the Liberals.

It says that immigration should not be designed to "radically or suddenly alter the ethnic makeup of Canada, as it increasingly seems to be."

Yesterday, Dion said those policies are the motivation behind sweeping proposals to allow the government to give priority to immigrants it deems desirable, such as workers whose skills are in demand, while refusing applications from other categories of immigrants.

Can somebody tell me what is wrong with that 1988 Reform party policy? Seriously! I guarantee if Canadians were polled the majority of respondents would support it. Why? Because it makes sense!

Should Immigrants be selected based on their capacity "to adjust quickly and independently to the needs of Canadian society and the job market"? Heaven forfend! That the ethnic makeup should not be disturbed by immigration? Goodness gracious NO!

The reason why immigration should not disrupt the ethnic or racial make up of a country, as it is doing to Canada, is that nobody wants to be an ethnic or racial minority including minorities in Canada which is why they overwhelmingly support mass immigration of their people into Canada. It's about race so why should Canadians be harangued for desiring to keep Canada majority white? What's wrong with that? I argue that keeping Canada majority white is sound for the sake of curbing racism and discrimination.

As for immigrants possessing pertinent job skills well that's self evident but it seems the Liberals are all for the mass importation of unskilled people which is strange considering all the talk about looming skills shortages. So who does Canada's immigration policy really serve? Canadians? Not likely.

It is in the power of the Liberal party to defeat the government over this and force an election but they won't do it which goes to show how serious they are about the issue. If an election were called it is will most likely end with another Conservative minority and signal the end of Dion's political aspirations. You see politics is more about getting elected and less about governing. For this reason the Liberal party, and the NDP as well, have been supporting and adding to Canada's monster of a mess immigration system. It delivers them votes. As for the problems it creates, let Canadians deal with it and pay for it too.


Anonymous said...

It appears people right across the Anglosphere are becoming increasingly fed up with massive non-Western immigration.

Consider this story from New Zealand:

NZ Party Urges Asian Immigrant Ban

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand should shut its door on Asian immigrants to prevent the country from being inundated with people who will not integrate well into society, a leader of an anti-immigrant party said Wednesday.

The comments by New Zealand First deputy leader Peter Brown followed the release of figures showing that the country's Asian population is likely to grow 3.4 percent a year through 2026 — faster than any other ethnic group.

"The matter is serious," Brown said in a statement. "They will form their own mini-societies to the detriment of integration and that will lead to division, friction and resentment."

New Zealand's overall population is projected to rise to 5.5 million from the current 4.2 million over the next 18 years.

Some 14 percent of the total population is expected to claim Asian ethnicity in 2026, with their numbers nearly doubling from 400,000 in 2006 to 790,000, government statistician Geoff Bascand said.

All the nation's main ethnic groups, including Maori, Pacific Islanders and ethnic Europeans, will grow in the next two decades, Bascand said. But those with Asian links are likely to grow the fastest, he said, surpassing the total number of Maori.

Brown blamed New Zealand's "open door" immigration policies. Many Asians come to the country for work and then never leave.

"No other country follows blind policies of importing people and exporting jobs like New Zealand and it is time this foolishness was ended for the sake of the people who live here now," he said. "There is real danger we will be inundated with people who have no intention of integrating into our society."

Full article

Any bets on which English-speaking Western nation will be the first to turn its founding European population into a minority?

PaxCanadiana said...

What's happening here in Canada is also happening in the other white majority countries of the Anglosphere. For instance whites are expected to become a minority in the U.S. by 2050 due to illegal immigration from South America. It is Asian immigration for the rest. I find this mad rush to render the white majority of these countries to minority status, as if this is correcting some past evil, very confusing.