Saturday, 10 May 2008

Canada cannot keep track of illegal immigrants as 41,000 vanish. Why immigration is a sovereignty issue.

This is no surprise to anyone who follows immigration matters. Canada has not been able to keep track of illegal immigrants for years. Read the entire article here at the Toronto Star.

`No sign' Canada is keeping track of illegal migrants

Expert accuses Ottawa of expanding temporary foreign worker program without enough controls
May 08, 2008 04:30 AM
Nicholas Keung

Canada's border agency's failure to track down 41,000 illegal migrants may be only the tip of the iceberg as an unknown number of people simply overstay in the country after their visas expire, a security expert warns.

With the federal government's rapid expansion of the temporary foreign worker program, many of these overseas workers may just want to stay here – legally or not – after their work permits end and simply go underground, said Martin Collacott of the Fraser Institute, a national conservative think tank.


Ottawa issued 106,750 temporary foreign worker permits in 2006, and 103,000 were issued within the first nine months of 2007. The number is expected to grow with various measures introduced by the Harper government to make it easier for Canadian employers to bring in workers from abroad.

A report released by Auditor General Sheila Fraser on Tuesday said there were 41,000 individuals – mostly failed refugee claimants – facing immigration warrants for removal whose whereabouts were unknown to the Canada Border Services Agency, up from 36,000 in a similar audit five years ago.

It can be hard to toss a failed refugee claimant out of the country because of the many legal safeguards in place to ensure a person is not detained or removed without cause or due process.
Safeguards include judicial reviews and stay of removal applications at the federal court or pre-removal risk assessments by border officials themselves.

Officially Canada accepts 250-260,000 landed immigrants a year but unofficially it is much higher than that as implied by this report, somewhere around 300,000+. Canada has the highest immigrant intake in the entire world, a fact stressed further by illegal immigration. By initiating programs that grants temporary entry to foreign individuals without the mechanisms to monitor and remove these individuals is an invitation for abuse just like our refugee system is.

It is becoming ever more clearer that we, as Canadians, have lost control of our borders and by doing so have surrendered our sovereignty. The uncontrolled inflow of people and the inability to remove them is tantamount to an official surrender.


Ted Haggard said...

Hail Pax Canadian!
Hail Hitler!
Hail KKK!

Anonymous said...

Hey ANON or "ted haggard" (a typical Canadian name pulled from your hat)

What's it all about with your hit & run puerile ad hominem attacks on this board??

If you've got a supporting debating point to make, then I suggest you do so without all your intended insults.

Similar to being to be given the opportunity to live in Canada, it should be considered a special privilege to freely post here without your abusive defamations.

Abuse it - you lose it!

PaxCanadiana said...


I suspect he's the same individual who responded to my latest posts on the Tamil Tigers in Canada and why I feel Sri Lankan Tamils abused Canada's refugee system for personal gain and less so for political reasons. He also completely failed to address any key points I made, resorting instead to juvenile attacks like that one.

He's a twit if that's all can do.

Interesting he or she is grouping me with Hitler when it is expected that the Tamil gangsters heading the LTTE will turn a future independent nation of Tamil Elam into a merciless totalitarian state. Makes me think the government of Sri Lanka should give the Tamils what they want. They'll probably end up longing for the good ol' days of Sinhalese oppression. That, or descend the new state of Tamil Elam into another bloody civil war. Whatever happens it seems Canada can look forward to more years of Sri Lankan Tamil "refugee" claims.

uk immigration serf said...

I'm sorry to hear that the Canadian government tends towards ineptitude just like the UK government does.
Are our governments simply inept; they're inept with most of what they're paid to do.
Or are our governments just useless at dealing with immigration?
It's very worrying that societies in both the UK and Canada want to find the best solution to immigration legislation but the governments don't want to/cannot cope with the relatively simple job of monitoring and counting so that we have accurate data on which to build an accurate picture of the situation to enable the best decisions to be taken...

PaxCanadiana said...

uk immigration serf:

I have some posts related to the UK if you haven't found them. There is also migration watch UK but I think it is safe to assume you have that site bookmarked.

What is happening in Canada or the UK is not unique. There is this irrational made rush to replace the host populations of all the countries of the western world with complicit government approval. I haven't fully figured out why that it is but I suspect self-righteous elites harbouring a hatred for traditional representations of their countries are at the root of it.

I also suspect racism as well. Not the kind most think of, that being whites hating non-whites, but whites assuming that non-whites are naturally despondent and in need of our help just because they are non-white. Therefore immigration serves as a kind of foreign aid.

Also, we're better than everyone else and we have to prove it. How do we do that? We show them how tolerant and accepting we are. It's immigration for immigration sake and diversity for diversity sake but the result is the same where ever it is occurring: the replacement of the host population with an introduced one.

Maybe it's also out governments have lost control of our borders and just don't want to admit it.