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Fighting foreign wars on Canadian soil: Tamil Tigers meddle in Canadian politics to curry support.

Aside from shaking down the expatriate Sri Lankan Tamil community in Canada for war funds, a community largely made up of middle class economic migrants exploiting the laxest refugee system in the world, the Tamil Tigers targeted Canadian politicians for support. Read it here in the National Post.

Tamil Tigers trying to influence politicians: CSIS report

Group waging a 'propaganda campaign'

Stewart Bell, National Post
Published: Tuesday, November 06, 2007

TORONTO -- The Tamil Tigers have been waging an intensive "propaganda campaign" in Canada to win the backing of politicians, says a newly declassified intelligence report.


"The main targets of the campaign in Canada have been the expatriate Tamil population, politicians and the general public," says the report by the federal government's threat-assessment centre.

The report was obtained by the National Post yesterday after several Liberal MPs attended a ceremony on Monday honouring a Tamil Tigers guerrilla boss killed in an air strike.

The Liberal party is pathetic like this. For the sake of Tamil bloc votes, votes that can swing an estimated 6 ridings at least, they will attend a funeral for heads of a terrorist organization that uses child soldiers and pioneered suicide bombing that even employed the use of a pregnant woman to achieve its nefarious ends. The funeral concerned can be read here. The Liberal MPs in attendance were John McKay (Scarborough-Guildwood), Jim Karygiannis (Scarborough-Agincourt), Borys Wrzesnewskyj (Etobicoke-Centre)who once suggested Canada should negotiate with Hezbollah, and Maria Minna (Beaches - East York). They say they are there to support "peace" but who are they kidding? Keep in mind the Liberal Party for years refused to list the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization even though most of the civilized world did. They were afraid they might lost Tamil support if they did even though Tamils here seem to display irritation at the Tigers ways raising funds all the while lending the Tigers some support. Strange.

The lobby campaign aims to portray the Tigers' independence struggle as legitimate, the intelligence report says. But it calls violence "central" to the guerrillas' strategy. "As well as conventional guerrilla warfare in Sri Lanka, the LTTE uses terrorist activities to achieve its goals."

The report also says that in addition to political lobbying, behind the scenes the Tigers use more unsavory methods to advance their cause in Canada.

"The LTTE's responses to external criticism and internal dissent have included beatings, death threats and smear campaigns in Canada and elsewhere, and specific and non-specific threats of harm against Canadian citizens and residents, their businesses and possessions, and their relatives in Sri Lanka," the report says.

The real concern here is that immigrant groups bring there wars here and fight them here in some fashion or another be it Barbar Khalsa International, Sein Fein, or the LTTE. It seems they didn't flee the fighting, just expanded the front lines. If the financing of foreign wars is done on Canadian soil then Canada becomes a legitimate target with Canadians caught in the middle.

This is an unwanted but potential consequence of mass immigration that needs to be discussed. One Air India bombing is one too many. Read Cold Terror: How Canada Nurtures and Exports Terrorism to the World by Stewart Bell for a more in depth understanding.


Anonymous said...

Why Tamil Tigers need Canadian Government support(and not persecution)to prevent Rwanda-like genocide of Tamils.This will make sure no refugees come to Canada.
SRI LANKA: Tamil struggle born from oppression

17 November 2007
Chris Slee

Since December 2005 there has been an escalating armed conflict between the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The Sri Lankan armed forces have carried out a series of brutal massacres of Tamils, such as the August 14 bombing of an orphanage by the air force. More than 50 children died. On August 4, 17 aid workers, mainly Tamils, were murdered by the SLA. In June, Sri Lankan Navy troops threw grenades into a church where Tamil refugees were sheltering.

A ceasefire signed in February 2002 had ended nearly 20 years of war, but further negotiations failed to lead to a lasting peace. Violence continued on a smaller scale, mainly due to the SLA’s support for paramilitary groups that murdered LTTE members and supporters. In December 2005, large-scale fighting broke out again.

The roots of the conflict lie in a long history of state oppression of the Tamils, which eventually led some Tamil youth to take up arms against the government.

When Sri Lanka gained its independence from Britain in 1948, one of the new government’s first acts was to remove Tamil plantation workers’ citizenship rights. These workers were descended from people brought to Sri Lanka from India by the British in the 19th century to work on coffee and tea plantations. Despite the fact that their families had lived in Sri Lanka for several generations, a million people were denied Sri Lankan citizenship and defined as “Indians”.

The citizenship law did not directly affect the main group of Tamils, whose ancestors had lived in the north and east of the island of Sri Lanka for thousands of years. But it was soon followed by new laws adversely affecting all Tamils. Sinhalese was declared the country’s sole official language, making speakers of the Tamil language second-class citizens.

Knowledge of Sinhalese was made a prerequisite for employment in the public service, excluding most Tamils from government jobs. Discrimination against Tamils was also applied in education.

Government repression
For many years Tamils opposed this discrimination by peaceful means, including demonstrations, sit-ins and participation in elections. But peaceful protests were met with violent repression, carried out by the police and army, as well as racist Sinhalese mobs incited by politicians and Buddhist monks. There was a series of pogroms against Tamils, culminating in the murder of an estimated 3000 people in July 1983 during government-instigated riots.

The growing repression led to increased Tamil nationalist sentiment. In 1977, the Tamil United Liberation Front won 17 seats in Sri Lanka’s parliament on a platform of Tamil self-determination.

Repression of peaceful protests led many Tamil youth to turn to violent methods. The LTTE was formed in 1972 and carried out its first major armed action in 1978. After the 1983 pogrom, the LTTE gained increased support from the Tamil community and dramatically stepped up its war against the SLA.

Government forces were unable to defeat the LTTE, despite brutal repression, including numerous massacres of Tamil civilians. In 1987, the Indian government sent a “peace-keeping force” to Sri Lanka, ostensibly to protect Tamils from the SLA. However, the Indian government did not want to see the creation of an independent Tamil state, and the Indian army soon began repressing the LTTE.

In 1988, Ranasinghe Premadasa was elected Sri Lanka’s president. He was no friend of Tamils, having been prime minister during the 1983 pogrom. Nevertheless, he opposed the continued presence of Indian troops, and started talks with the LTTE. He even secretly gave the LTTE some arms to fight the Indian troops. But he remained opposed to Tamil self-determination, and once the Indian army withdrew fighting broke out once again between the SLA and the LTTE.

Failed 'peace’ deals
There have been a number of attempts to reach a peaceful settlement to the war. Chandrika Kumaratunga was elected prime minister in 1994 after campaigning on a peace platform. However, she was never serious about peace and merely wanted time to rebuild the SLA for a new war.

The 2002 ceasefire with the United National Party government of Ranil Wickremesinghe was the longest-lasting attempt to bring peace. But once again the government failed to offer the Tamil people a just solution that could guarantee a lasting peace, and even failed to fully implement the ceasefire agreement.

The UNP government, which claimed to want peace but failed to deliver, was replaced in 2004 by a more openly chauvinist government, a coalition of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party with the People’s Liberation Front (JVP).

The United States and other imperialist powers have supported the Sri Lankan state against the Tamil struggle, supplying weapons and military training to the SLA. Israel has supplied Kfir jets to the Sri Lankan air force.

The US has banned the LTTE as a “terrorist organisation”, while ignoring the state terrorism carried out by the Sri Lankan armed forces. The European Union recently followed suit.

The bias of the “international community” also takes more subtle forms. An example is the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission, which was established to supervise the 2002 ceasefire. The SLMM, headed by a Norwegian general, failed to enforce certain key provisions of the ceasefire agreement — for example, those requiring the SLA to vacate public buildings it has occupied in Tamil areas and to disarm paramilitary groups allied to the army.

The Norwegian mediators also did not take seriously the LTTE’s call for refugees to be allowed to return to their homes in the large areas of land occupied by the SLA (so-called “high security zones”). As a result, the LTTE eventually suspended participation in the talks.

But while essentially supporting the Sri Lankan government, the imperialist powers have at times tried to pressure it into granting small concessions to the Tamils. This annoys the most extreme Sinhala chauvinists, who sometimes claim that foreign powers are supporting the LTTE.

The left’s failures
During the 1950s, the Sri Lankan left appeared fairly strong. Both the Communist Party and the Trotskyist Lanka Sama Samaja Party (Ceylon Equal Society Party — LSSP) had a number of members of parliament.

However, these parties proved willing to sell out their principles in order to join coalition governments with the capitalist Sri Lanka Freedom Party. For example, dropping their insistence on equality for the Tamil language. Furthermore, the left parties largely neglected the rural poor.

The left parties’ shortcomings contributed to the rise of the JVP in Sinhala areas and of the LTTE in Tamil areas. The JVP was formed in the 1960s as a radical movement of Sinhalese rural youth. It led revolts against the government in 1971 and 1989 and was repressed by the SLA with extreme brutality on both occasions.

However, the JVP now reassures US officials that it has “renounced armed struggle”. The group still sometimes claims to be Marxist, but Sinhala chauvinism has become the main feature of its ideology in recent years.

While claiming to support equal rights for all ethnic groups, it denies the Tamil people’s right to self-determination and calls for war against the LTTE — which, in practice, given the racist character of the Sri Lankan army, means war against the Tamil people.

Tamil Tigers
The LTTE has fought courageously and persistently against the Sri Lankan and Indian armies in an effort to win self-determination for Tamils. It has been willing to seek a peaceful solution when it appeared that the Sri Lankan government might be willing to agree.

The LTTE has strong support from the Tamils living in the north and east of the island of Sri Lanka. This is indicated by election results (20 members of the pro-LTTE Tamil National Alliance were elected to Sri Lanka's parliament in 2004) and by the big attendance at LTTE-organised rallies for self-determination held throughout the north and east during 2005.

But self-determination has not yet been attained. This is not solely due to the military power of the Sri Lankan state and the backing it receives from the imperialist powers, important though that is. It is also due to the political limitations of the LTTE itself.

The LTTE has tended to see the struggle as a predominantly military one. This has led to disregarding the need to win support among the Sinhalese workers, peasants and students of southern Sri Lanka for Tamils’ right to self-determination, as well winning the support of the Tamil-speaking Muslims of eastern Sri Lanka.

The anti-war movement played a key role in forcing the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam. The absence of a mass anti-war movement in southern Sri Lanka is a key obstacle to the success of the Tamil struggle.

The LTTE has been willing to negotiate with Sinhalese political leaders whenever the latter showed any signs of wanting to reach a peaceful solution. But the LTTE has not sought to get its message directly to the Sinhalese masses, bypassing the politicians whose promises of peace have been deceptive.

The lack of a strong anti-war movement in southern Sri Lanka reflects the weakness and political limitations of the Sri Lankan left, but some actions by LTTE have also helped to alienate the Sinhalese masses.

The LTTE has sometimes responded to the atrocities of the SLA by carrying out atrocities of its own, including massacres of Sinhalese civilians. At various times it has carried out bombings in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo.

Errors by the LTTE also helped alienate the Tamil-speaking Muslims of northern and eastern Sri Lanka. The government’s discrimination against the Tamil language should have provided a basis for a united struggle by all Tamil-speaking people, including Muslims, against this injustice and for a united homeland for all Tamil people in Sri Lanka’s north and east.

Some Muslim youth joined the LTTE in its early years. But the government, with the aid of some Muslim politicians, was able to instigate clashes between Tamils and Muslims. This led the LTTE to become suspicious of Muslims, to such an extent that it expelled them en masse from the Jaffna region in the north. While the LTTE has since made efforts to rebuild relations with the Muslims, suspicions have not been overcome.

The LTTE's militaristic way of thinking has also led to the repression of dissent among the Tamils themselves.

These faults of the LTTE should not, however, negate progressives’ support for Tamils’ right to self-determination, and, in particular, for the removal of the occupying SLA from Tamil areas. The government’s denial of the right of Tamils to self-determination remains the main obstacle to peace.

This need not lead to total separation of predominantly Tamil areas from the Sri Lankan state. The LTTE has stated its willingness to consider a federal structure. But the crucial point is that the unity of Sri Lanka must be voluntary, not imposed by the SLA through violent repression.


From: International News, Green Left Weekly issue #685 27 September 2007. From: International News
GLW issue #685 - 27 September 2007:

Anonymous said...

Sri Lanka: ‘Disappearances’ by Security Forces a National Crisis
International Human Rights Monitoring Mission Urgently Needed
(New York, March 6, 2008)

[Quote passage]
The VAST MAJORITY of cases documented by Human Rights Watch indicate the involvement of government security forces – army, navy, or police. In some cases, relatives of the “disappeared” identified specific military units that had detained their relatives and army camps where they had been taken. In other cases, they described uniformed policemen, especially members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), taking their relatives into custody before they “disappeared.”

[Read full article]

PaxCanadiana said...

I accept the fact that Tamils did and do suffer persecution at the hands of the Sinhalese majority. I do have concerns with the fact that there are more Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada than any other country outside of Sri Lanka which includes India.

Maybe you can tell me why Sri Lankan Tamils chose Canada to seek refuge over the geographically closer and culturally similar Indian state of Tamil Nadu? How unsafe is Colombo and other areas of southern Sri Lanka where there is a significant Tamil population?

That's the core issue here. My concern is abuse of Canada's refugee system.

justice denied said...


Maybe you should see it from ANOTHER perspective?

Say, Canada is a more equitable and honest democracy (relatively)who practices what they preach, than other democracies who preach but not practice?You are free to argue that there is a limit to Canadas ' hospitality' but it is not correct to use the word ABUSE to describe the plight of these hapless people.Your Immigration Department evaluated them and decided they deserve asylum, so it is unfair to blame them for this right?Meanwhile Canada must stop hounding them and instead press Sri Lanka for a just solution.This would ensure no refugees come to Canada or elsewhere.
*FYI India hosts more than 100,000 legal Sri Lankan refugees @any time and countless more illegal ones.Thousands have drowned in the sea trying to cross in flimsy boats,or shot up by Sri Lankan navy.

PaxCanadiana said...

Say, Canada is a more equitable and honest democracy (relatively)who practices what they preach, than other democracies who preach but not practice?

Is that the real reason or is it because of our lax refugees laws due mostly to the Sigh decision? Should I also consider subsidized health care on landing amongst other "pull factors"? The fact that Canada is a first world nation? What you cited are also reasons to immigrate to Canada and many do so under the guise as refugees when in fact they are economic migrants who wouldn't be able to get into Canada via the points system.

You are free to argue that there is a limit to Canadas ' hospitality' but it is not correct to use the word ABUSE to describe the plight of these hapless people.

It is abuse when they are not real refugees. I have given my reasons as to why I don't consider them refugees on my blog so I won't reiterate them here. One point I have failed to mention is that almost half of Sri Lankan refugee claims are made at the U.S./Canada border meaning these people landed in the U.S. first. That being the case then they should have made their claim there as directed by the UN declaration yet they headed for the Canadian border to make a claim. Why is that? In fact, concerns were raised about Sri Lankan "refugees" would be disadvantaged by the safe country agreement between Canada and the U.S. since so many Sri Lankan refugee claims are made there.

Your Immigration Department evaluated them and decided they deserve asylum, so it is unfair to blame them for this right?

For starters immigrating to Canada is not a right. Secondly immigration departments in Britain only have a 4% acceptance rate for Sri Lankan refugees yet Canada's hovers around the 76-80% mark so who is right? I have this blog because Canada's immigration system is dysfunctional often staffed by political appointees. Just because they deemed someone a refugee doesn't mean it was the right decision and in fact it is the wrong decision. Immigration consultants know how abusable the refugee system is and often advise their clients to make one if all else fails.

Meanwhile Canada must stop hounding them and instead press Sri Lanka for a just solution.

Canada must stop accepting them as refugees and instead press Sri Lanka for a just solution is a more apt statement.

FYI India hosts more than 100,000 legal Sri Lankan refugees @any time and countless more illegal ones.

FYI Canada hosts around 300,000 legal Sri Lankan refugees @any time and countless more illegal ones. Looks like India has some catching up to do or maybe they know something we smug Canadians don't.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry I wasted by breath arguing with this White Supremacist psycho.
I scrolled down some of the older posts and this blogger has problems with every ethnic or racial group other than whites being in Canada.Incudes Chinese, Muslims, Turks,South Asians(ie Indians,Pakistanis,Sri Lankans,Bangla,Nepal,Bhutan etc ),Africans,and even calls non-white Canadians as ' not real' Canadians LOL!

May I suggest you go back to land of your ancestors Europe if you are so bothered everyone should stay in their land.Give it back to the native Indians why dont you?

PaxCanadiana said...

Give it back to the native Indians why dont you?

I will if you will, that is assuming you are a Canadian citizen. That being the case renounce your citizenship, buy a plane ticket, and leave this country forever and return to the land of your ancestry. Lead by example.

Oh sorry I wasted by breath arguing with this White Supremacist psycho.

You may have read my blog entries but you obviously have a comprehension problem. For starters I have never said anything, anywhere, at anytime, that explicitly suggests that whites are the superior race. If you think I have then you're an absolute moron. I challenge you to provide for me an example of where I said that whites are the superior race on this blog.

What I am not afraid to address is the question of race and its implications for nation building. My position is that a multi racial state like Canada only works because there is a single dominant race that effectively works as the glue that holds the nation together and I argue this for any country. Racist incidents arise and a society becomes more socially unstable the more racially diverse a country gets. It is incredibly naive to assume that all races can get along harmoniously in a single state because humans are race conscious. If they weren't then there wouldn't be a civil in Sri Lanka now would there?

The double standard that I see is that many racial and ethnic minorities in this country champion for Canada what they will not for their ancestral countries. Take Tibet for example, or Israel and Palestine, or the former Yugoslavia, or the Tamil independence movement, or Japan, or almost any other country outside the western world. How many Chinese in Canada think that there are not enough Africans in China so China should import some? And of these imported Africans how many would be considered Chinese? How many Sri Lankans think there are not enough Mexicans in Sri Lanka so Sri Lanka should import some?

Why is it wrong for Canadians to have the same expectations for their country?

Also you, like justice, never bothered yourself with addressing my key questions which only leads me to think that I may be correct I will admit that I was wrong given a credible argument, an argument that hasn't been provided.

I also find it bizarre how an expatriate community fighting for an independent homeland sees no relation to their mass settlement in another people's country. It's like what the Europeans did to the indigenous populations of the America don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Brother Mister Moron,

Your Govment no moron. But many idiot whites like you moron moron.Also your Govment don like lazy.And many whites like you idiot lazy.So your Govment allow good hardworking non-white in.Non-white work hard.Non-white take jobs.Mister Moron now living on Social Support handouts.Mister Moron now working under Yellow man.How dare they yellow ,black and brown man?
Now Mister Moron and lazy idiots jumping up and down.Mister Moron start a blog.Mister Moron want no non-whites.Mister Moron say only whitey whitey skin is certificate of Canada.Mister Moron say even whitey whitey leting in non-whites are bad.
Now Mister Moron goes off to polish his Swastika.
Hail Hitler Mister Moron!

(I hope I have appropiately engaged you @ your own level)

Anonymous said...

"I scrolled down some of the older posts and this blogger has problems with every ethnic or racial group other than whites being in Canada.Incudes Chinese, Muslims, Turks,South Asians(ie Indians,Pakistanis,Sri Lankans,Bangla,Nepal,Bhutan etc ),Africans,and even calls non-white Canadians as ' not real' Canadians LOL!"

You were probably referring to me when I wrote the term "real Canadians" meaning any person born in Canada or an immigrant of long-standing loyalty to our country who has rightfully EARNED his way.

As a white Canadian-born man, I don't embrace "multi-culturalism", a term coined to camouflage the real meaning of the word - multi-racialism. Nor do I accept the propaganda shoved down our throats that "diversity is strength".

It is clearly not strength but a weakness -- if anybody hasn't got that one figured out yet?!

You cannot deny the fact that "birds of a feather, fly together" and human racial groupings are no different despite the constant repetitive drone of social engineers to the contrary.

May I suggest you go back to land of your ancestors Europe if you are so bothered everyone should stay in their land.Give it back to the native Indians why dont you?"

This old, tired and certainly un-original canard only reveals your immaturity and inexperience in debating points. Have you ever heard about the Kennewick man? But I digress about 9,000 years ago and your statement is really a moot point.

PaxCanadiana said...

Anonymous said...

Brother Mister Moron,

You obviously have nothing to counter my points which only cements my belief that the abuse of Canada's refugee system by Sri Lankan Tamils is a case of mass fraud illustrating what is wrong with our refugee system.

If you have nothing relevant to say aside from juvenile rants than I am going to ask you politely not to post.

Marcus said...

I'm a sri lankan and I agree with you about the Canadian migration system is polluted by SL Tamils!

One particular reason I can think of why Sri Lnkan Tamils choose Canada could be because all the officials in Canadian embassy in Sri Lanka are Tamils. May be it was easy to get the visa from them if you are Tamil. It is not just an assumption but more like a known fact here.. :)
The war in Sri Lanka is coming to an end. The suffering Tamil people of war affected arias, (all the Sinhalese and Muslims etc.. who lived in those arias are either killed by LTTE or evacuated) are now coming to government controlled areas. But the sad thing is that LTTE use these people as a human shield and kill them if they try to escape! Today I recieved a chain of images that shows how LTTE has burned people who try to escape alive!!!

Most of the Tamils who went abroad are actually went because they were forced either to join LTTE or pay huge ransoms if stayed in Sri Lanka! They are too afraid to tell that truth because they will be killed by LTTE if they did. It happened to lot of Tamils who raise against the brutal LTTE. LTTE is a terrorist organization and it doesn't have any religion or a race. All I want is this war to be over!

Marcus said...

Oh! and I forgot to mention, in the posting of Chris Slee, The so called children orphanage was an LTTE suicide bombers training school. If there were children that's because LTTE have child soldiers. That is just one and rest is same.
Since 1987 there were about 100 s of bombings and suicide attacks done by LTTE targeting civilians of Sri Lanka in colombo and other areas in Busses and trains and shopping malls. There were a time that I was terrified to travel by bus! there was a bomb a day for a week in Colombo by LTTE!

25 years of this terrorism is coming to an end and I hope even that end will come sooner!