Thursday, 15 May 2008

Mark Steyn on The Hour, The Agenda, The Michael Coren Show, and on multiculturalism.

Mark Steyn was in Toronto recently and made appearances on various shows. Thanks goes to SDAMatt, who I believe is affiliated with small dead animals, for his efforts.

Here is Mark Steyn on The Hour with George Strombopolous. He makes an interesting observation in this interview regarding Canada's Orwellian named Human Rights Commissions. In essence he said these kangaroo courts evolved to provide more work for the people who's livelihoods depend on them effectively turning human rights issues into an industry where free speech has become collateral damage. He also makes the very true observation that Canada has effectively turned the third world into a nursery to produce the children Canadians can't be bothered to have (mommy needs a career, an SUV, and yearly vactions before baby gets a new pair of shoes I guess). This is a demographic reality the government should be addressing before taking the cheap and easy route and import more people.

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Here is Mark Steyn on The Agenda with Steve Paikin. As you watch this you better take the names of the lawyers who are perusing their human rights complaint against Mark Steyn because if this confrontation is any indication of their legal skills then I can assure you they are lawyers you will never want to hire. As one youtube commenter said "I thought law school was supposed to teach you how to argue", well so did I and I guess we are wrong. It seems good law schools do not always produce good lawyers and here's the proof. It makes me wonder how some even get into law school in the first place.

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Mark Steyn on The Michael Coren Show, a show I highly recommend, with Tim Denis as guest host.

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Though Mark Steyn concentrates his critiques on the rise of Islam in the west much of what he says can be applied to mass immigration as a whole. What is happening in Europe, as Mark Steyn observes, is population replacement; the replacement of the host populations with an introduced one. The same thing is happening here but Islam is only part and parcel of a greater phenomenon where the taming of the host population is mutually beneficial. Canadians are being replaced, our country surrendered, our cultural identity erased, our collective histories forgotten. These are inevitable consequences of mass immigration and multiculturalism.

In one of the interviews above Mark Steyn mentions a fellow journalist at the National Post named George Jonas. He describes how this man fled communist Hungary and came to Canada not because he felt that Canada needed to be more like Hungary but because he wanted to come to Canada for the democratic country that it is and become a Canadian, not just Canadian in passport only. A similar sentiment is expressed by Neil Bissoondath in his book Selling Illusions: The Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada, a book I highly recommend.

In the interviews Mark Steyn champions multiculturalism on the grounds that it brings choice to a people. The example he uses are Thai immigrants bringing choice to a boring small town where only rye bread sandwiches can be bought for lunch. I counter that out of that boredom comes innovation and out of that comes a local culture. The introduction of Thai cuisine into their diets only makes the culture more Thai and less local. This is the problem of multiculturalism and why it is a hindrance to the growth of a unique Canadian identity.

However, though Mark Steyn seems to favour multiculturalism on one level he does have some strong words against it as can be seen in this video.

Mark Steyn on Multiculturalism

He accurately states that multiculturalism is a belief in nothing because a belief in everything is a belief in nothing. Applying that to Canada, if every culture is equal and is just as Canadian as hockey, butter tarts, and maple syrup then there is really nothing that is Canadian and there is no such thing as a Canadian for to accept that the Canadian exits then you admit that they have a culture, a history, a language, a country, something that can be experienced and you cannot have that if multiculturalism is to survive. For the sake of multiculturalism the Canadian must be sacrificed.

There is more to the videos then what I have chosen to comment on. They are worth the time to watch especially for those concerned with the attack on free speech in this country under the guise of human rights. This is something we should all be concerned about, Canadian or immigrant because it won't be long before immigrant communities start to use these commissions against each other. To critique and voice an opinion is necessary for a democracy to work. What kind of country will Canada become when Sinhalese Canadians start to charge Tamil Canadians for human rights offenses when Tamil Canadians publish the alleged abuses by the Sinhalese Sri Lankans in order to raise public awareness and bring about change? How will exiled Tibetans get their voices heard when pro-Beijing Chinese Canadians charge them with hate speech under Canada's dubious hate crime laws? What these Orwellian named Human Rights Commissions are being used for is to squash criticism, strike fear in dissenting voices, and stifle debate so that only one side is heard and that is not democratic.


Anonymous said...


You might find this article noteworthy:

PaxCanadiana said...

I read it at Immigration Watch Canada.

The author echoes my sentiments, so much so in fact that I was wondering if I had written it myself. Maybe he read my blog and drew some of his ideas from here. But if those are his own feelings then that is just as well.

I'm glad to see that an adolescent wrote it. I didn't wake up to those realities 'til I was much older. I am fearful that the younger generation has been so indoctrinated or made afraid to produce any effective criticism of Canada's mass immigration system and of multiculturalism. That letter was refreshing and hopeful.

Maybe Canada isn't lost.