Monday, 19 May 2008

More laughable 'diversity' from our moral and intellectual superiors at the Toronto Star: 'the voice of hypocrisy'.

When I came across this piece of inconsequential news I had to laugh. Yet again, another example of the hypocrisy and double standards practiced by the "progressives" at the left leaning Toronto Star.

Six senior editors to take on new Star portfolios

Management changes affect local news, entertainment, website and weekend editions

May 12, 2008 04:30 AM
Nicolaas van Rijn
Staff Reporter

Six senior editors will bring their talents to new assignments in the Star's newsroom starting today.

And who might these six senior be?

Janet Hurley moves from entertainment editor to deputy city editor, reporting to city editor Lynn McAuley and working alongside deputy city editor Mo Gannon.

Alison Uncles becomes associate editor, Living and Entertainment, where she will be directly in charge of six sections a week and oversee Desi Life magazine.

Desi Life magazine is a quarterly journal published by the Toronto Star and is dedicated to South Asian culture in the GTA. In other words the magazine reports on the imported Indian pop culture from which most Canadian South Asians, even first and second generation ones, draw their collective identity from because they have no real domestic culture of their own. That being the case I agree with the Indian government in considering these people Non Resident Indians (NRIs) as opposed to being Canadian, or British or American or what have you, even though some of them were born here. But now that I think about it I guess they are Canadian in the sense that lacking any real domestic culture of their own, South Asian Canadians find themselves looking to their ancestral lands for a semblance of some kind of collective identity. The truth is that Canada has developed aspects of a domestic Canadian culture whereas there is no such thing as South Asian Canadian culture.

In any event, I find it funny how those good folks at the Toronto Star thought that someone with a WASPish name should oversee the magazine's publication. But the joke doesn't stop there.

Doug Cudmore returns to the newspaper as Entertainment editor, reporting to Uncles.[...]John Ferri becomes assistant managing editor, Weekends, responsible for the Saturday and Sunday editions, while Graham Parley takes on the job of Weekend editor[...]David Darnell joins the editorial department as senior editor, digital production, and will "bring his considerable skills and knowledge to website production and leadership," Kuntz said.

The Toronto Star published the pictures of these senior editors and I can assure you they are all white. That's right. The "voice of the GTA", the GTA being, arguably, the most racially, linguistically, religiously, and culturally diverse piece of real estate on the planet, a fact the Star likes to champion, choses to staff its most senior levels, writers, and columnists, with a predominately white staff. If the Toronto Star is the "voice of the GTA" then that voice is white, privileged, and middle class, a slap in the face to the reality of the city.

So if the editors at the Toronto Star continue to extol the necessity of an out of control mass immigration system (while estranging themselves of the predictable negative consequences), the benefits of multiculturalism at the expense of Canadian culture, and the social justice found in a diverse work force, then perhaps the paper should practice what it preaches. Failing that the paper is just the "voice of hypocrisy" and the editors should Just Shut Up!

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Anonymous said...

Flipping through pages of that "hypocrite" rag at the library last week, I saw that same photo of smiling 100% "white" faces staring back at the camera. I wonder if the irony dawned on the photo editor's mind before publishing that revealing photo? I suppose self-congratulatory vanity over-rode all else.

In fact, that's the first Toronto Star GROUP photo I've seen in such a long time, where a gathering of homogeneous White folks were positioned in one photo...without the obligatory minority face being included to demonstrate "our" diversity.

These are the same liberal lackeys who carefully over-exaggerate the importance of visible-minorities, especially Blacks, in their feel-good puff-stories or victimology articles.....and, in reverse course, are always downplayed in stories of Toronto's out-of-proportion Black crime problem.

"Do as I say, not as I do" -- So right!

Toronto real estate agent said...

You are right. Good story.and the photo !!! I have never noticed this on Toronto star but you’ve opened my eyes. I am working as a Toronto real estate agent, many of my customers are immigrants and as I am thinking now I am sure that few of them mentioned that. But I have to admit that people I am dealing with are usually skilled serious and high educated. And

Anonymous said...

Here's one paragraph of an American's view that may be of interest.

My parenthesis [Canadians].

""We hardly import any would-be Americans [Canadians] any more. We import people who want to take advantage of the real Americans [Canadians], and remain whatever they are. They EXPECT AND DEMAND that we support them because they are different. They are special and can't be expected to have gainful employment. They expect to have their health care needs provided for, their housing paid for, their children to take up space in our schools and be well fed. They expect for Americans [Canadians] to bow down and worship whatever God they decide is best for us. How can we have a cohesive country when "diversity" is more important than character?"

Read this excellent article here:

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