Saturday, 24 May 2008

New book advises Canada to limit Muslim immigration.

See? I'm not the only one who thinks so. Read it here at the Ottawa Sun.

Limit Muslims' access to Canada, book says


Large influxes of Muslims, the failure to integrate foreigners and an overrun immigration system make Canada a "threat to North American security."

These are some of the findings published in a new book by the right-wing Fraser Institute called Immigration Policy and the Terrorist Threat in Canada and the United States.

The book says Muslims, as a group of potential immigrants, should be given limited access to Canada.


Co-author James Bissett, a former head of the Canadian Immigration Service, says Canada needs to better screen potential immigrants from Islamic countries to ensure they are non-violent and respect "Western values".


The book also argues that by allowing in large numbers of Muslims -- the authors estimate Canada's Muslim population was 700,000 in 2006, up from just over 250,000 in 1991 -- Canada has created sub-societies that do not integrate and shelter extremists.


The Fraser Institute calls for a review of immigration policy, especially the refugee and asylum system. The book says Canada's immigration backlog is so badly managed that it encourages foreigners to claim asylum and then overstay their entry visas.

It was Sikhs who successfully executed a terrorist act on Canadian soil, a group with a penchant for challenging and obstructing Canadian laws as well as extremism and it is Tamils who are continuously monitored for raising funds for a terrorist organization yet there are no calls the restrict either Sikh or Tamil immigration when they are pretty much guilty of the same crimes as the Muslims are being accused of. Those crimes being the creation of insular communities where terrorists can hide out, operate, and be sheltered in.

I don't see why Muslim should be continuously centered out. The concerns are real and warranted but they can also be applied to other immigrant groups as well. Canada shouldn't allow the large influx of any one group regardless of where they come from. When it comes to immigrants a cherry picking approach is preferable.


Reemas said...

So far, no direct comments or actions have been noted by govt authorites, but its good that you are bringing this to the notice of all - good work.


Anonymous said...

It does whet the appetite in wanting to pursue this train of thought just a little further by digging deeper into this puzzlement. Muslims are some of the bad boys on the block but they don't monopolize the entire street.

So your point is valid as to why Muslims are being set up for target practice when we have so many other groups to choose from...thanks to our open borders.

Perhaps another political rival-tribal group bent on drawing attention away from their own nefarious mis-deeds is responsible for stirring up the melting pot.

Anonymous said...

"Muslims" such a broad group and does not give the author of the book any credibility. There are blond and blue eyed Muslims from Bosnia as their are turban wearing Muslims of Afghanistan. Stupid to single out a religion if you ask me.