Saturday, 17 May 2008

The United States is now 5th among refugee source countries.

You can read the whole story here at the Toronto Star.

Claims by U.S. asylum seekers rising fast

America now ranks in 5th place among refugee source countries

May 15, 2008 04:30 AM
Nicholas Keung

As Canada's refugee backlog continues to grow, asylum seekers from the United States are appearing prominently on the radar for the first time, ranking fifth among other top refugee source countries in the world.


Refugee board spokesperson Charles Hawkins said many of the American claimants were born in the United States to illegal migrant parents from other countries, mostly Mexico and Haiti, who are not bound by admission restrictions to the country.


While these U.S. claimants are listed as Americans, their claims are processed with their parents but also weighed against their circumstances south of the border. It's not surprising that the group yielded only a 5 per cent acceptance rate. Rejected claimants are generally returned to their homeland or last country of residency.


Mexican nationals do not need a visa to enter Canada and therefore aren't subject to the provisions of the Safe Third Country Agreement, a bilateral accord that since 2004 has denied refugees who landed first in the U.S. the right to file claims in Canada, and vice versa.

In 2007, Haiti, whose nationals are protected by a moratorium on deportations from Canada – and thus are exempt from the accord – ranked second with a total of 3,713 claimants, followed by those from Colombia (2,636) and China (1,462).

Accompanying this story is a list of the top sources of refugees for Canada.


Countries, number of refugees and acceptance rate in 2007

1. Mexico: 7,047, 10% accepted

2. Haiti: 3,713, 50%

3. Colombia: 2,636, 78%

4. China: 1,462, 65%

5. U.S.: 968, 5%

6. Sri Lanka: 811, 88%

7. Nigeria: 762, 44%

8. India: 557, 12%

9. Israel: 395, 17%

10. Pakistan: 359, 50%

Source: Immigration and Refugee Board

Some things to take note of. Note the acceptance rate, at 88%, for Sri Lankan refugees. That's 88%! Also note Colombia at 78%.

Mexico tops the list and we should ask ourselves why? From what persecution are they fleeing from.

Note how Israel is in the ninth spot. That's an insult to Israel. Jewish groups in Canada have warned the government that they are economic migrants abusing the refugee system.

Also note how India, China, and Pakistan are on the list. These countries are also on the list of top ten sources of immigrants to Canada as well as top ten sources for family reunification.

What I am driving at is that our refugee system is being abused by economic migrants, in some cases they are middle class immigrants dressing up like women to secure a spot on a lifeboat to escape a sinking ship. Fleeing poverty is not a legitimate reason to file a refugee claim so they cook up some story. What infuriates me about this is that this inflicts a terrible disservice to those who are actually fleeing real persecution. It is also incredibly taxing on the public purse.

Canada needs to invoke the notwithstanding clause and repeal the nefarious Singh decision. That's the first step needed to stop the abuse.


Anonymous said...

The whole depressing scenario gives new meaning to the words "out of control".

Migrants or "refugees" are able to slip into Canada through our back door without too much notice and without hardly a whimper of protest from Canadians due to almost total ignorance. Anybody can walk through that unlocked entry point without benefit of a passport, money, character references, medical checks, criminal checks and offer any bogus name that comes to mind. There was a story a few years ago when an African refugee claimant was asked his name and he came up with "Bubblicous" because he was looking at a gum rapper in the office. Not too bright, but neither is the "system" that probably allowed him to stay and further enrich our country.

Our welfare support systems are easily accessed and duly exploited by foreign miscreants from many countries where an established code of ethical behavior is completely absent in their character.

If a potential and qualified immigrant desires entry through our front door....well, that's an entirely different story. But you can get an idea of the amount of paperwork, checks and qualifications and time required, by reading through this British Expatriate forum.

Cut & paste this:

PaxCanadiana said...

There was a story a few years ago when an African refugee claimant was asked his name and he came up with "Bubblicous" because he was looking at a gum rapper in the office.

I know about that. It's from a book by Diane Francis is it not?

The story is illustrative of what is called asylum shopping. Many immigrants posing as refugees are targeting Canada because of its lax and abusable refugee system. This is tantamount to shopping around at various stores for the best deal on similar products. Canada should turn away all refugees who make a claim at the U.S./Canada border as we are supposed to be doing via the Third Safe Country Agreement, an agreement some groups naively want revoked.

The refugee claim is choice because you can circumvent job skills or language skills qualifications to get into the country. All you need is a good cooked up persecution story and a gullible Immigration and Refugee Board staffer. If that fails you have an endless appeal process, at tax payer expense, to prevent your removal. Failing that you can appeal on humanitarian and compassionate grounds but by the time this is resorted to the "refugee" has been in the country long enough to have anchor babies and possibly steady employment to help his case. That is why Canada's immigration consultants tell potential immigrants to make a refugee claim. Because of the bogus refugee claim almost entire communities and villages have moved here. It's shameful abuse of a humanitarian program yet when I point this out I'm called a racist and neo nazi.

The low acceptance rates for some of the countries is reassuring but we still accept too many Sri Lankans as refugees as well as too many Colombians and Chinese.