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Jason Kenney regarding rising racism within Canada's immigrant communities and Ezra Levant on the "anti-racism and diversity" industries.

Recent comments made by Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Conservative MP Jason Kenney regarding racism and reverse xenophobia within Canada's immigrant communities are refreshing. For far too long discussions on racism have always been directed towards the white majority host population but anyone living in Toronto can tell you racism, xenophobia, and fear of "the other", are alive and well in Canada's immigrant communities (well, those of us who live in the real world instead of the leftist fantasies inside our heads can). The following quotes are taken from this National Post article.

Minister warns of 'illiberal' attacks on free speech

Kevin Libin, National Post
Published: Friday, May 02, 2008

Addressing the annual gathering of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) in Calgary, Jason Kenney, a Cabinet member and Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity, labelled "dangerous" the "illiberal tactics" employed by some activists in the name of tolerance.

Here he is addressing the Orwellian named Canada's Human Rights Commissions. Visit my links under Protect Free Speech in Canada for more details.

The federally funded CRRF describes its mission as being dedicated to bringing about "a more harmonious Canada that acknowledges its racist past, recognizes the pervasiveness of racism today, and is committed to creating a future in which all Canadians are treated equitably and fairly."

In other words the white majority host population are wholly funding a group dedicating itself to reminding the white majority host population how racist and terrible it really is. The CRRF is an attack group and it's main tactic is to pacify the host population with shame. The irony is that the existence of the CRRF does more to create resentment, promote racism, and heighten hostilities by continuing to highlight perceived wrongs and tell one group how evil they are compared to others. Welcome to Post Trudeau Canada folks.

But here are the quotes that need to be addressed and I doubt the CRRF has even bothered itself to consider the reality found in them:

Mr. Kenney also urged the foundation to devote attention to the "important new challenge" of rising racism within Canada's immigrant communities, where he said some newcomers were bringing with them to Canada their "ancient enmities."

"One challenge that I see emerging, given my frequent daily contact with members of our cultural community and new Canadians, is the challenge of intolerance or sometimes, frankly, hatred, that exists between immigrant communities, often from the same countries of origin,"
he said.

"I am very disturbed when I ... go to a particular community and one of the first issues they raise is, ‘Why are you letting "X" into this country, why are you letting people of that faith into this country, why are you letting people of that region of my country of origin into Canada'.... I could go to a mosque or a temple or a gurdwara or a community centre or a church, and not infrequently I hear those remarks."

Thank you Mr. Kenney and thank you to the good people of Calgary Southeast who elected him. If you are looking for racism, xenophobia, and fear of the "other" Canada's immigrant communities are the best place to start.

Ezra Levant also attended the same conference and his report is a worth while read because it provides valuable insight into Canada's bureaucratic anti-racism and diversity industries, two outgrowths of the mass immigration industry. Read what he has to say here at his blog. Here are some portions to whet your appetite.

I attended the Canadian Race Relations Foundation conference on Friday. Other than Jason Kenney, the National Post's Kevin Libin, and me, there was only one white male in the audience of 100. I don't think I would have noticed such a thing were it not a foundation supposedly dedicated to diversity. I'll get back to that point in a moment.


So far, it is still only talk -- but it shows a growing school of thought within the government: Canada's HRCs are out of control, and are paradoxically becoming a menace to real human rights, like freedom of speech.


As Libin's article mentioned in passing, there was a question and answer session after Kenney's 45-minute speech. Not a single question was regarding his remarks about human rights commissions. Most of questions -- and both Libin and I were stunned by this -- were not really even questions, but hostile comments about the government's decision to boycott "Durban II". That's the upcoming sequel to the 2001 international "anti-racism" convention that descended into an orgy of anti-Jewish hatred that even the U.N.'s Mary Robinson, no friend of Israel or the Jews, called "horrible". I think at least three of the questions on Friday complained about Canada's decision not to attend.

Their questions to Kenney had a mild anti-Israel flavour -- two of the delegates on Friday actually complained about how much they have to hear about the Jewish Holocaust -- but it was nothing more than you'd see at a typical NDP convention these days. But then it hit me: they weren't bitching about Canada's decision not to go to Durban because they were anti-Zionist. They were grousing because the government's decision meant that their exciting, all-expenses-paid junkets to South Africa were cancelled, too.

After reading Ezra Levant's report it became clear to me that anti-racism and diversity are support industries of the immigration industry, all of which are largely funded by the Canadian taxpayer. What I mean by this is that people's livelihoods are dependent on the promotion and sale of diversity and anti-racism. These wouldn't exist were it not for mass immigration and the willful imposition of disparate and diverse people onto the people of a host society.

Since people's livelihoods and careers are dependent on the existence of racism and the promotion of diversity, multiculturalism then, like immigration, is no longer government policy. Having been undemocratically wrestled away by self-interested groups these policies have become businesses unto themselves replete with careers and the promotion and sale of goods and services almost all at taxpayer expense.

The inherent problem here is that these policies now exist to satisfy the needs of the minority irrespective of the needs and wishes of the majority. That's why it is hard to get the government to reduce immigration numbers and to protect Canadian culture from the attacks of multiculturalism because careers and incomes depend on it.

Also, their opinion is unreliable since they are in a conflict of interest much like immigration lawyers are in a conflict of interest when it comes to setting immigration policy. That's why it is a shame when media sources go to these people for a quote or for information as though these are the "experts" on the issues. This leaves dissenting voices marginalized.

Ultimately this is just more taxpayer money diverted to unnecessary and unproductive bureaucratic institutions and organizations that exist for their own sake. The public money these groups draw upon could have been used to benefit the greater good be it job skills programs or health care or education. These organizations are consequences of mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Canada needs to promote an assimilationist nationally unifying cultural vision (which is doesn't) and an immigration system favouring those who would most successfully integrate (accommodation is not integration). Also, Canada needs to promote policies to positively affect the birth rate. The fact that Canada has to rely on immigration is an embarrasment and a shame. Immigration should be complementary, not a crutch.

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