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From the tell it like it is file: mass immigration a key contributor to median wage drop.

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Canada's median wage drop explained

Trevor Lautens, Special To North Shore News
Published: Friday, May 09, 2008

[...]But Top People, and the media who serve them and know how far to go too far, as the Frenchman said, are reluctant to chase them -- because some are decidedly politically incorrect. Let me count the ways.

Immigrants. StatsCanada also reported that since 1980 immigrants have sharply lower incomes than those before 1980. But Proper Canadians (whose field marks include moral superiority to the Americans and faith in collective action and expanding government) shrink from joining the dots.

Let me help by stating the obvious. In recent decades immigration, especially in British Columbia, has massively swung away from Europe to the less-developed (awful phrase) world like China, South Asia, Iran -- people whose language and very alphabets are utterly dissimilar, and whose cultures and religions are not only unlike but in some cases hostile to the values and norms of the West, especially of what brilliant writer Mark Steyn (now there's a man embroiled in the new, Proper Canada's grim Star Chambers and kangaroo courts) calls the Anglosphere, the global community of English-speaking people.

Those earlier, post-Second World War immigrants -- I think fondly of the Dutch especially, but too many more to list -- had no illusions about, and no desire to avoid, "assimilation," a world less likely to appear in correct Canada these days than the four-letter one for fornication.

The plucky (another vanished word) of any nationality can overcome anything, as many praiseworthy immigrants have. But any immigrants to Canada without English, notoriously hard to learn and internationally valued -- see the April 28 New Yorker story on Li Yang, who literally shouts what he calls "Crazy English" to his students in China -- or French, are likely to settle into ethnic ghettos where they are vulnerable to exploitation, including lousy under-the-table wages, especially by their own nationals.

Future Canadians will indict us for our interminable obsession with past injustices to aboriginals while winking at present exploitation of immigrants, notably Filipina nannies and Sikh dump-truck drivers (and their squeezed owners at the bottom of the construction food chain)

And not to pass over "soft discrimination" -- protectionism by any term -- levied by professional associations against immigrants like doctors and veterinarians, forced to take menial jobs belying the promises of this land of opportunity.

So it's not surprising that, as a group, immigrants for decades have dragged down Joe and Jane Median's income.

The fact that Canada accepts too many immigrants and of lesser value than it has in previous decades is a factor as well.

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david hansen said...

to be a truly centrally-optimized manufacturing and service centre we need a base of workers that in combination with eco0sensitive selective logging, resource extraction, and infrastructure corridor creation that would provide very comfortable, secure, and most well-lived populations levels exceeding 240.000.000 immigrants. by individuo-target attraction - simply too wealthy and full - rich life by emigrating ... the racial level of north-western europeans would easily number 120.000.000. medittereanean and slavic caucasians would still be begging entry at our close-off number of 80.000.000. australians, new zealanders, americans and other caucasians easily will add 20.000.000 to the totals. and 20.000.000 french speaking blacks [to maintain franco-populative structure. this approarch seems very racist - all white but for bolsters in french who're black.

this is done far from a raciast agenda [we will correct that imbalance later]. it is done as a soothing for the canadian populace - for eagerly developing the north ... barely noticed - and when did - a culturally, racially, linguistically, socially, politically, theologically ... our inquistive peers north would be looking into mirrors. this immediate harmonization allows for the massive influx of citizens so as to extrapolate upon that - an additional 120.000.000 new canadians - black: 30%, hispanic: 30%, asian: 40%. arab and indo-aryan groups - arabs and pakis - are refused completely. recent history has shown citizenship meaning nothing than convenience, refusal to pledge allegiance to canada - only to holy mohhamed. so, you dont get it.

now, le fait accompli - we use northern development to finally emasculate the great destroyer of canada: regionalism and autonomy. split into numerous new provinces ... no longer does anyone of them have the sustainability to even ever again consider seperatism. as well, with a rich fabric of canadiams - finally we can produce a culture truly embraced by all of us ... not just snippets here and melodies there. i kinda think i had a good idea ... cheers, david