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Mass immigration and multiculturalism spells the end of Canada as you know it but do you still feel fine?

Here is a worthwhile read from the Vancouver Courier. My take on the article is par for what I have been stressing on this blog, that mass immigration has more to do with population replacement and neo-colonialism then it does with nation building.

Canadian Euro-centric culture on the skids
Maclean's trial taps taboo subject of growing immigrant influence
Mark Hasiuk, Vancouver Courier
Published: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A decision in the Maclean's case is pending. Despite the tribunal nonsense, Steyn's article tapped a taboo subject that, while garnering little attention in Canada, weighs heavy on the minds of millions of Europeans.

Mass immigration, mainly from the Third World, threatens to irrevocably alter the culture of western nations. In his article, Steyn compares shrinking western populations with exploding birthrates in Muslim countries. "Islam has youth and will," he writes, "Europe has age and welfare."

Former Nixon advisor and three-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan blames western countries for their own inevitable demise. In his politically incorrect book The Death of the West, Buchanan points to a decline in marriage, advances in birth control and rampant abortion as major contributing factors in declining white populations worldwide. "First World nations are dying," writes Buchanan. "They face a mortal crisis. Not because of something happening in the Third World, but because of what is not happening at home and in the homes of the First World."

The death of the family unit, warns Buchanan, is a prelude to the death of nations--from ancient Rome to modern-day Europe and America.

But what about Canada?

According to a 2006 Statistics Canada report, immigrants fuel two-thirds of our population growth. Between 2001 and 2006, Canada's native-born population increased by a mere 400,000. However, during that same five-year period, 1.2 million immigrants--mainly from Asia, Africa, Central and South America and the Middle East--arrived on Canadian soil.

Laurent Martel, a Statistics Canada analyst, said by 2030 our refusal to reproduce will seal our nation's fate. "You're going to see an increase in the number of deaths [of baby-boomers] in Canada and the number of deaths will exceed the number of births--so natural increase will become negative," she said. "The only factor of growth will then be immigration."

So, if changing demographics sweep Canada's dominant Euro-centric culture into history's dustpan, why should we care?

Here's why. European culture spawned the now-universal tenets of democratic rule, personal freedom and Christian-based virtue--not to mention many of civilization's greatest scientific and technological achievements. Immigrants flock to Canada not because it resembles the land from which they flee, but because of our liberating Euro-centric society.

Support for mass immigration and multiculturalism is another way of saying that historic traditional Canada is not worth preserving. That there's something wrong with it. Nonsense!

What is happening in Canada right now is the erasure of anything uniquely Canadian and the prevention of developing anything uniquely Canadian. The world is multicultural and Canada adds to it but making Canada multicultural ironically makes the world a less multicultural place.

A realistic solution to Canada's woes is to limit Canada's immigration intake while initiating policies that encourages the growth of the nation's birth rate. The natural birth rate is the most effective means of population growth, not mass immigration. To have to solely rely on immigration is an embarrassment and a symptom of a dying society that sees no worth in it's self preservation. This is cultural suicide. Do we Canadians and our government see no worth in ourselves that population replacement via mass immigration is more preferable to self preservation? If so then maybe Canada is not worth saving after all.

It is not too late. Canada's population will still grow until the year 2020 even without mass immigration. But if the time comes that mass immigration is the only means by which population growth can be realized then it is the end of Canada as we know it. I can already think of two countries, India and China, whose people are quite eager to replace Canada's host population and co-opt their achievements. This is colonialism masked in the language of immigration and nation building. Some neo-colonialists, like the Star's Haroon Siddiqui, have no problem with this but I do. Canada is the only country I have. It is not some land ripe for Islamic, Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Mexican, Philippine, etc. national and cultural expansionism.

To say that Canada is multicultural is to deny that the Canadian exists. And to deny the existence of the Canadian is to deny that they have a history, a language, a culture. And to deny this is to deny the Canadian the right to a land to preserve the self. And the denial of the right to self preservation is inevitable extinction. This is where mass immigration and multiculturalism is leading the Canadian people. If this mindset, which is only a recent introduction into the Canadian psyche, is nurtured and allowed to grow then Canada is doomed, our culture is lost, and our history forgotten. No one, not even immigrant communities, would permit or even suggest such a course of action for their people. So why should Canadians?

Also, Immigration Watch Canada released this weekly bulletin. It is an excellent read and related to the content of this post.


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Great comments. There is a theorem in population genetics, the Wright Island Model, that one way migration causes genetic replacement.

Immigration is colonialism.

Anonymous said...

"It is not some land ripe for Islamic, Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Mexican, Philippine, etc. national and cultural expansionism."

"Mexico is the top country for refugee claims with 7,000 last year, followed by Haiti with 3,750, Colombia with 2,630, China with 1,450 and the U.S. with 950."

I believe a "refugee claim" includes a single or an entire family unit, so those above numbers could be doubled or tripled.

Mexico has a population of about 105,000,000 people which is just another country that could easily overwhelm us with their vast numbers much like China or India/Pakistan.

The Toronto Sun's Tom Godfrey wrote (June 26/08) of "consultants" recruiting Mexicans to work illegally in Canada's booming construction trade.

Apparently, these illegal Mexican interlopers are coached by these "consultants" to claim refugee status if arrested on the job site.

Then I read this line. "These consultants are giving Canada a bad name abroad, said Tony Letra, of the Undocumented Workers Committee".

A more apt description would be "illegal, not allowed to be here, foreign workers committee".

Then the irony of his words - "Letra wants Immigration Minister Diane Finley crack down on the consultants, who are not licensed or registered".

But Canadian border personnel are caught between a 'rock and a hard place' when it was reported that "border agents are hesitant to raid some job sites because of the large number of workers who will claim refugee status ...and the huge cost to taxpayers".

As Canadians, I don't think we appreciate how difficult it is for LEGAL immigrants who were put through several hurdles over a period of up to 5 years BEFORE arriving in Canada to work.

To give your readers some perspective, check out
There are several sub-categories relating to specific job interests, trucking, nursing, accountants, police etc.

PaxCanadiana said...

I believe a "refugee claim" includes a single or an entire family unit, so those above numbers could be doubled or tripled.

You're right about that. One successful refugee claim and you get the whole family. Just compare refugee producing countries with family reunification. The over lap is not surprising.

But thanks for the comments and info. I'll check out those links.

Cibo said...

I'd like to mention that perhaps you need to define what "Canadian" culture is before you can start defending it. As a Canadian myself I'm all for the preservation of our nation's history, but the Canadian identity needs to be identified first before we start pointing fingers at everyone else for trying to encroach on our physical and cultural space.