Thursday, 5 June 2008

'Ruthless' Central American gang, MS-13, wants a home in Toronto.

Read it here in the Toronto Star.

Ruthless Central American gang seeks Toronto toehold, police say

Jun 05, 2008 04:30 AM
Michele Henry
Crime Reporter

A Central American street gang is the target of a massive GTA-wide police operation aimed at liquidating the notoriously violent group from this city's streets, a police source said yesterday.

In a series of pre-dawn raids, officers busted into 22 homes, mainly in the city's west end, and arrested 21 suspected members of Mara Salvatrucha-13 and others with ties to the organization.

Described as one of the most savage gangs in the world, MS-13 is considered to be in the embryonic stage of developing in Canada, the source said, and the ongoing sweeps are an attempt to prevent the gang from securing a local foothold and growing dangerous roots.


Police said yesterday members are implicated in the distribution of illicit drugs and firearms and a police source said they have also been linked to several violent robberies and break and enters.


Officers would not give any indication of the local MS-13 chapter's size or strength, but gang expert Michael Chettleburgh estimated membership at roughly 25 people. He said he doesn't believe local gang members have set their sights on growing in Toronto, but have come to live here because of family, or because they're escaping charges in another country.

"Canada is perceived as a safe destination for them," said Chettleburgh, a crime prevention consultant and author. "But it's not like they are a Tim Hortons, trying to start a new Toronto franchise."

If this gang ever gets established in Toronto it's because we let it by mass immigration. We now have Asian gangs, Tamil street gangs, Indo-Canadian gangs, as if domestic Biker gangs were not enough. The streets of Canadian cities are becoming less safe because of this country's inept immigration and refugee system. If you don't believe me then just read the newspapers on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

They'll probably just move to Vancouver where the authorities will do absolutely nothing here. Be at least glad you are in Toronto where the police still act like men.

Anonymous said...

The province of British Columbia (through the Immigration Review Board) wrapped their warm loving arms around a MS-13 gang member by the name of Mendoza who has been seeking permanent entry since 2005.

Of course, this is Canada, so I'm not surprised at all this ridiculous generosity and attention directed towards a murderous thug who rightfully belongs in his own country's prison system. One can only imagine the violent crimes this foreign gangster has committed, yet we allow this guy to play us like a fiddle on our own turf.

...and while he's jerking our leash, Canadian taxpayers must pay for his lawyers, legal bills, food, accommodation, clothing etc. etc.

What a joke we've become!

Anonymous said...

Are you are bigot or something? Gosh, don't you know that immigration is 'enriching' us? It makes our cities more 'vibrant' and exciting. Who needs to visit the Third World to experience crime-ridden ghettos when you can import the Third World right into your own cities?

PaxCanadiana said...

Who needs to visit the Third World to experience crime-ridden ghettos when you can import the Third World right into your own cities?

I know you're being sarcastic but you're not too far off the mark. The revered pope and prophet of the left, Noam Chomsky, discusses something that he describes as importing the "third world model". This model is where vast amounts of national wealth is concentrated in the hands in of a tiny segment of the population and the rest of the population must fight for what crumbs fall to the floor. The west has up to this point avoided this by creating societies where wealth is relatively distributed amongst the population but there are signs that this is no longer sought after. If you want to bring the third world model to Canada then no better way to do this than with third world immigrants.

The main characteristics of this kind of society is large segments of poverty and rampant crime. Looks like MS-13 has a future in Canada after all.

Anonymous said...

If MS-13 gets too big for their britches the Hells Angels will liquidate the gang in a fashion the GTA police could only dream of. Up to this point the only other organized crime group that has survived their expansion into Canada is the Mafia in Montreal and parts of Ontario, and the various Triads and Vietnamese gangs out west (most likely because their rackets don't always overlap and they sell to different markets). The Russians in B.C. were totally murdered by the Hells in a series of daylight assassinations and car bombings.

Gangs like MS-13 and Indo-Canadian gangs are scary to your average citizen because they are most likely to run into one and they're unpredictably violent at times, but the Mafia and HA have the financial backing and organizational skill to corrupt public officials, something two bit hoods like MS-13 can only dream of. Either MS-13 will buy from the HA or Asians and become part of their distribution networks or they will get ruthlessly crushed. Biker gangs are a far worse problem in Canada than these tatted up gangbangers ever will be.

D.M. Malcolm said...

I think MS-13 should be put out before they grow, the Hells Angels only have about another 5 years before retirement. The correct response isn't to say "this gang will deal with them", it is to say "the police will deal with them". I've seen 2 gunmen walk after being arrested or not pursued as police showed up, because police let them go for the the HA, one NPF, one Blood, the HA give murderers diplomatic immunity. So, the police need to step up their enforcement and get their act together and deal with the gangs including HA, or they'll end up on trial too, by people who can't be stopped and use the law. A murder, rapist, torturer should not be able to walk around free, let alone thousands of them, just because you like money.

Anonymous said...

Gtfo, ms 13 will destroy hells angels in time. The ones captured are the high profiled ones. Give it time, ms 13 are working really low profile right now. Hells angels is a joke with the amount of supply and demand they have counting for a population of what not even 50 mill. Haha stfu you white boy southern Americans supply the whole 350 mill of us and the world, which covers who knows.