Saturday, 12 July 2008

Accomodation is not integration.

Here is a piece of multicultural apologetics found, not surprisingly, in the Toronto Star, a newspaper and profit maximizing business, like all media outlets in Canada, who see immigrants as a revenue generator and as a demographic group to sell to advertisers. It is weakly written as the author failed to make the convincing point that the multicultural model is working here in Canada even though it is fairing quite badly elsewhere in the world, Denmark and the U.K. come to mind.

It is a piece of propaganda and the author doesn't have to try very hard to make his point because the piece exists to reassure the readers that the social re-engineering experiment that is multiculturalism is a success and he only needs weak examples to make his case. The lack of effort, or apparent lack of effort, is due to the fact that the benefits and perceived successes of the multicultural social model are based on assumptions that have been driven into the Canadian psyche as self evident truths, ad nauseum since its inception by the social re-engineers of the 1960s even in the presence of contradictory evidence. And so compelling evidence isn't necessary and you don't need to make a real point. Just say Canada is a multicultural country and let the propaganda system do all the thinking for you. And the propaganda system has been an success.

You can read the piece if you want but its full of tripe except this part:

For those who wish to rededicate themselves to a stronger, healthier Canada today, one good move might be to ignore some of the false alarms about minority groups' "culture" and "values" and focus on the issue immigrants say concerns them most: jobs. Statistics Canada data show that employment outcomes and economic circumstances for newcomers, especially non-white newcomers, are getting worse.

The fact that such a statement can be made without suggesting that perhaps the economic prospects of recent immigrants is getting worse may be due in part to the fact that Canada accepts too many immigrants and that lowering immigrant levels is a viable solution to the problem is a testimony to the success of the propaganda system. Even in the presence of a 950,000 application backlog, commentators do not bother themselves to suggest that a moratorium on new applications may be the answer to attack the backlog.

One of the Orwellian double thinks thrown around media and pundit commentary to the greatness of Canada and the multicultural social model is that Canada is successful in integrating newcomers. The reason why this nation is "successful" in integrating newcomers is that we don't integrate them at all: we accommodate them. That's tantamount to surrendering to the enemy on the battlefield and convincing yourself you won the war because the war is over and peace restored, even though you are now subject to foreign rule, the war is over nonetheless and there is peace, of sorts.

Re-enforcing this integration through accommodation double think is the endless commentary telling Canadians how all the eyes of the world are on us, looking to us as leaders in immigration integration and how to replicate this formula back home. The truth is no one is paying attention to us, wondering to themselves why they are failing where the Canadians are succeeding. If you are having a hard time believing this then tell me how often do you think of Denmark as a world leader and model for immigration integration. You don't because Canada is the world leader and we don't need to look elsewhere because we are the gold standard and we know this because that's what we are told, no need to think for ourselves.

Accommodation is not integration. Integration is integration, meaning adapting to the cultural mold of the nation, preserving its identity, languages, history, and culture, where differences are minimized if not erased, to be "more Canadian than Canadians", as it were. In other words, if you want to be Roman then when in Rome do as the Romans do. If that's too much to ask then don't move to Rome.

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Anonymous said...

"The reason why this nation is 'successful' in integrating newcomers is that we don't integrate them at all: we accommodate them."

Yes indeed, to the tune of billions upon billions of our tax dollars that could have served the needs of our own Canadian-born citizens through trade skills development, enhanced educational opportunities through scholarships or just simply massive tax-reductions for our own working poor. Our standard of living for every Canadian worker would be much higher than today.

Instead, we have every foreign special-interest group throwing down their begging bowl at the foot of Canadian politicians and demanding it be filled to the brim with our tax dollars. They are seldom refused.

I'm reminded of that 1970 Canadian movie Goin' Down The Road casting two Canadian blue-collar workers from Nova Scotia who made their way to Toronto in an old car.

Arriving in the big city, they needed money and set out to get jobs at a bottling plant while living in this less-than-luxurious Toronto apartment.

Their plans didn't work out in Toronto, so at the end of the movie they're seen driving eastwards down the Gardiner Expressway towards home.

The moral of this story demonstrated the independent Canadian character that prevailed at the time. Nobody was asking for welfare or handouts, or job descriptions beyond their capabilities. They simple accepted their station in life and started at the bottom without complaint. Just take any job available to support yourself and if things don't work out for you.... just head on back home!

Sound advice that could also be dished out to hundreds of thousands of less deserving immigrants... if we didn't "accommodate" them so well!