Monday, 7 July 2008

Biggest Immigration Law firm in the United States under investigation over hiring advice.

Makes you wonder if the same thing is happening here too. This is care of Immigration Watch Canada.

The nation's largest immigration law firm is under federal scrutiny over whether it helped major U.S. corporations disqualify American job applicants and give thousands of high-paying positions to immigrants.

The unprecedented Labor Department inquiry centers on Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy ­ a New York firm at the forefront of a political effort to ease hiring of skilled foreign workers.

The Labor Department is auditing all pending applications for legal immigrant workers the firm has filed on behalf of its corporate clients.

Fragomen's prestigious client roster includes General Electric Co., IBM Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Intel Corp. and Bank of America Corp., according to company publications and trade journals. The firm also represents The Associated Press on immigration issues.

The Associated Press? I'm sure the reports were fair and objective and totally free of bias.

We get the same up here in Canada. When immigration issues come up for public discussion those guiding the discourse are usually immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, and other so-called "stakeholders." Dissenting voices like mine are usually marginalized if not ignored outright. I think it's because I'm a racist or something like that.

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