Sunday, 6 July 2008

The excesses of feminism and the end of Canada: Outsourcing childbirth to sustain a dying nation.

This two part piece was brought to my attention at five feet of fury. It's a good read and it raises some challenging and necessary questions regarding to what extent feminism has contributed to the death of Canada and the west in general.

I am not a feminist and I believe feminism has gone too far. I support equal rights for women but not everything feminists claim for the female gender is necessarily a right. One example is abortion. Since when do the rights of women trump the rights of the unborn? Both are human beings albeit ones at different stages of development. So why is it a woman's human right to deny life to the most vulnerable of Canadians so that she can go on enjoying hers? It's hypocritical and absurd.

As for nation building feminism has disrupted the sole unit - the family unit - by which a country depends on for population increase. Feminism has introduced confusion into the family unit by confusing gender roles. It compels women to take on the role of the man and forces men to increasingly take on the role of the woman. Because of this women feel that they are less of a woman if they are dispossessed of a career or meaningful work leaving them with less time, and sometimes even less care, for child bearing and rearing. To be blunt, feminism has debased motherhood to notions of slavery and sub human status.

The mad rush of women into the workforce has increased the competition for school placement and for decent work that men traditionally depended on as the sole bread winner to raise their family. This created inflationary effects via increased consumption and deflationary effects on incomes because of the increased labour pool causing many women to take jobs - and taking them away from their families - out of necessity and help their husbands meet the fiscal needs of the family.

The piece touches on these things and more. Here are some pertinent quotes:

In all of this progress, the traditional family was slowly destroyed. What had taken thousands of years to preserve mankind, the family unit involving one man providing the food and shelter, and one woman providing the care and maintenance of home, was erased in a few decades. As shown in the following graph, divorces in Canada have risen from 6.4 per 100,000 people in 1921, to a peak of 362.3 per 100,000 in 1987. It is certainly no coincidence that with increased liberty for women, independence, and the same inclination toward self-serving pursuits of happiness as men, that families would be left shattered as a result.


Exacerbated by the rise of women in western civilization is the inflationary effects in the cost of living. As women remained by the side of their men, the average household income in Canada rose and rose over the years. So it goes, as the status quo increased in size, it also diminished those trying to eke out an existence in the "traditional" family role. In recent years it has almost become impossible for a man to be a sole provider for a family, as he is competing with an economy in which it is expected that a man and a woman will both be working in order to support themselves. It is also no coincidence, therefore, that with both persons working, there would be a dramatic fall in the birth rate of the nation. This decline in birth rate has affected almost all nations in which women have attained near equal rights status with men.

The side effect of this issue is that countries like Canada become dependent on "out-sourcing" their population growth, too busy are they with working [and consuming, as a by-product of our confused notion of what capitalism is] to have children of their own. According to our own government, immigration is a primary strategy for dealing with population deficit...

The result of the rise of feminism in western civilization has been a double-edged sword, affording Canadians the luxuries of an increase in income and wealth, at the expense of outsourcing population growth and rapid demographic shifts from the mainly European settlement population. Added to this is the destruction of the nuclear family, high divorce rates, leading to psychological problems, increased crime, and higher rates of poverty. As the economy evolves to reflect the status quo of one man and one woman working all the time simultaneously, it becomes more and more difficult for Canadians to live in the traditional role where the woman stays at home and has children.


...Filling the void in population are immigrants who have arrived so rapidly that towns which existed in Canada for hundreds of years have changed their demographic majorities almost overnight.

As Mark Steyn has pointed out, the west has turned the third world into a kind of nursery producing the babies necessary for population growth that we in the civilized west can't be bothered to have, being too preoccupied pursuing our fleeting and increasingly selfish and vain childless (or one child) lives. The unfortunate consequence of this is the death of the nation and the inevitable replacement of the population. We Canadians are being replaced and you can see this already on the streets of Toronto where half the city is foreign born, where the city is "visible minority" majority, where ethnic colonies and ghettos occupy sizable, and increasing, portions of the city and any sense of being in Canada is elusive if not absent.

And twits like this one at the Toronto Star doesn't help much either.

The Canadian government should concentrate its efforts on promoting and strengthening the Canadian family and raise the birth rate beyond replacement levels. Relying on immigration is cheap and easy and only satisfies the short term ambitions of ethnic vote buying political parties where the long term consequences of their myopic actions is taking this country away from us.

Canada, my country, the country I love, is rapidly disappearing and is being surrendered wholesale under the guise of immigration masked in the language of nation building. It is colonialism, it is the rapid surrender of land to foreign populations that is more characteristic of an invasion than immigration. And the cult of self, a child of feminism amongst others, makes this possible.

A little bit of sacrifice and love of country will do Canada some good.


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