Friday, 18 July 2008

Putting the health of Canadians at risk: rise in HIV cases in Canada due largely to immigration.

What gets me about the following story is that it doesn't seem to get into the heads of these people to bar anyone with an incurable infectious illness like HIV from entering Canada. They are more concerned with informing HIV positive immigrants about their status and to pursue proper "counselling, prevention and treatment", in other words where to get their "free" health care, than they are with the risk to the general public they posses. What the hell is wrong with these people? You can read it and weep here at the Toronto Star.

HIV-positive immigrants fall through cracks: Study

Calls on Ottawa to make cases of the virus a `reportable' disease
Jul 18, 2008 04:30 AM
Terri Theodore

VANCOUVER–Immigrants with HIV account for a large portion of new infections of the disease in Canada and they're slipping between the health-care cracks, a report warns.

Although Citizenship and Immigration Canada is considering making HIV a reportable disease, currently it is not, meaning it is not considered a public health risk and it is not mandatory to report infections to public health officials.

The recent report by the B.C. Centre for Disease Control found about 16 per cent of all new infections in Canada are linked to people from countries where HIV is prevalent, yet they make up only 1.5 per cent of the Canadian population. The 2005 figure means the infection rate was almost 13 times greater for immigrants, or those connected to them, from HIV-endemic countries than for Canadians.

Tuberculosis and syphilis are considered reportable diseases by the federal immigration department, but HIV has only been designated a "notifiable" disease. There are no mandatory conditions for follow-up for immigrants who test positive for HIV. However, every province and territory lists HIV as a reportable disease.

"Targeted testing of immigrants, therefore, will increase the opportunity to ensure that HIV-positive immigrants are made aware of their status and support expedient counselling, prevention and treatment," said the report.

Notice how no mention of barring them entry due to public health concerns is made. It seems the report is more concerned with the health and welfare of immigrants, who are non-Canadian citizens who haven't paid a dime into the public health care system, than it is of Canadians.

But critics say making HIV a reportable disease is an unnecessary intrusion on privacy.

What!? An unnecessary intrusion? Who are these people? So it's a human right now for an individual to keep secret his or her HIV positive status while infecting other people in society. Is it just me or does Canada seem to be getting more messed up each and every day?

Between 2002 and 2006 there were 2,567 immigration applicants who tested positive for HIV during their medical exams among the 1.2 million immigrants to Canada accepted during the same period.

Of those HIV-positive applicants, 89 per cent were determined to be medically admissible to Canada.

The question is why? What about the long term health risks these people posses? What about the strain these people may place on an already over stressed health care system? Why are we importing these medical problems into this country when there are waiting lists for MRI scans? Is Canada becoming the world's hospital care of the Canadian tax payer? I hope not because we simply cannot afford to take care of the world. But if it is your goal to bust Canada's public health care system then mass immigration will help you get that job done.

In related news Refugee Resettlement Watch brought this to my attention.

Duty to disclose

Man didn't tell partners of HIV

A Winnipeg man who hid the fact he was HIV-positive from his young sex partners has been convicted of six counts of aggravated sexual assault.

Justice Joan McKelvey convicted Clato Mabior, 31, yesterday of two additional counts of sexual touching and sexual interference. McKelvey acquitted Mabior of three additional counts of aggravated sexual assault involving three different victims.

At trial, the victims -- one as young as 12 years of age -- testified Mabior plied them with booze and drugs and engaged in repeated acts of unprotected sex without ever disclosing he was HIV-positive.


No date for sentencing has been set. The Crown is expected to seek a lengthy penitentiary sentence. Mabior, a Sudanese refugee, is likely to face certain deportation upon completing his sentence.

An "unnecessary intrusion of privacy" indeed! Morons.


Anonymous said...

Notice how the Winnipeg Sun soft-pedled the entry into this story with the innocuous headline of "Duty To Disclose"(!?)

If the editor's neice was a naive recipient was just one of this "Winnipeg man's" victims, the headline would read something like "Sudanese Refugee Spreading Imported Deadly HIV Disease".

Then his (tax-appointed) lawyer has the audacity to argue "Mabior's viral load was so low he was incapable of passing on the HIV virus". Is this the best defence this bozo can come up with? Some day he'll be eligible to become a judge, too, just like the one described below.

Justice Joan McKelvey is quoted as saying "Those that are infected with HIV cannot inappropriately and indiscriminately engage in sexual relationships for their own pleasure without regard to the consequences of others."

She admonishes this 31 yr. old African refugee in the tone of talking down to a child who was just caught stealing a candy bar.

Again, if we lived in a sane world and this child rapist stood before me, I would have voiced something along the lines of: "You are a foreign guest invited/uninvited into OUR country where we have generously fed, accommodated, clothed and looked after all your health needs all at no expense to yourself and you reward Canadians by unleashing your predatory sexual mores upon our young naive children who you knowingly and callously infect with your deadly disease. You are a disgrace to humanity and to our country from which you will be deported immediately back to your own country of Sudan upon release from prison after serving no less than 1 year in solitary confinement."

In reality, we know this duly convicted foreign interloper having an IQ hovering around room temperature, will not be deported from Canada after his short incarceration in a medium security prison. Upon release, he will just continue to be financial burden to Canadians.

HERE'sanother recent story of yet another "illustrious" Sudanese REFUGEE we can't seem to get enough of.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one small retraction from the above.

Upon re-reading the article, Justice McKelvey did refer to Mabior as a sexual predator who preyed upon young and vulnerable victims.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why mass immigration from the Third World into Canada and other Western countries is immoral.

Anonymous said...

HERE's yet another story with the same plot, different country that gets played out in all western countries.


"The most dramatic aspect of all of this are stories about Mol forcing women to have unprotected sex with them by arguing that using a condom with a black man is a sign of racism and racist fears; that it is politically incorrect. This is coupled with the fact that for many women, having unprotected sex with a black man fulfilled two politically-correct obligations: it was trendy to have sex with a black man, and it was also a SIGN that one was not prejudiced against blacks."


PaxCanadiana said...

It's ridiculous. Where is the sanity in allowing those with incurable and infectious diseases into the country? Where is the compassion and understanding for Canadians who have to live amongst these people, to have their health put at risk, to have their health care system strained further to care for these individuals?