Saturday, 12 July 2008

When immigration is colonialism: Arab and Somali immigrants to Denmark displace, persecute Greenlanders (Inuit Danes) in Aarhus.

You almost never read stories like this one in Canadian newspapers or find it in the Canadian mass media in general. That's because if the Canadian left doesn't see it, it therefore doesn't exist (or it's just right wing nut job lies). Driving this willful ignorance is the need to maintain the illusion of multicultural harmony that Canada, for some reason or another, has been able to achieve and everyone else on the planet since recorded time has not.

The following is an English translation from a Danish report care of Gates of Vienna. Equal recognition goes to American Thinker Blog.

Greenlanders driven out of their homes due to racist assaults

Residents’ Board is powerless when it comes to young, violent Arabs assaulting tenants.
by Karsten Bjørno

Many Greenlanders living in Gjellerup Park [a suburban high-rise district of Århus, Denmark — translator] are fed up. After several years of racist persecution and harassment by Arab and Somali tenants, they’ve now chosen to abandon the place.[...]Greenlanders in Gjellerup are assaulted, humiliated, and have stones thrown at them. These citizens from the northernmost part of Denmark mostly stay put in their apartments, afraid to go out in the open. They resemble outlaws and hunting game within the area.

They used to meet outside the library or by the local supermarket on Sigridsvej. And there used to be a tradition of Greenlanders playing soccer on Sundays. But the continuing stone-throwing stopped that.

Furthermore, the celebrations of Greenland Day on June 21st were interrupted by stone-throwing. The event took place at the Gjellerup Swimming Pool recreational area. During recent years professional guards have been required in order to secure the celebrations.

But this year — for the first time ever — the event was cancelled entirely. It had became too risky.

According to Johanne Christiansen most Greenlanders in Gjellerup have experienced harassment. A friend of hers was assaulted and robbed right outside her front door. Another friend suffered serious injuries to her face. A third one was kicked in the back by “youths” on motorbikes. A fourth one did not dare stay home alone, because she was harassed by young Arabs assaulting her and throwing stones at her windows.

Shouted insults like “F**k yourself back to Greenland, this is our Gjellerup” are quite commonplace, as are young Arabs throwing firecrackers at them.

According to the translator's comments:
The term “Greenlander” is widely used in Denmark as a designation for someone of Inuit extraction, not just another Dane living in Greenland. All “Greenlanders” are full Danish citizens and almost all speak Danish fluently. Due to Greenland’s small population, most Inuits (“Eskimos”) wanting higher education must go to the European part of Denmark, some to stay, some only for a few years.

The following comments are from American Thinker who simply takes the words right out of my mouth.

Demands for "tolerance" in the name of multiculturalism apply only to wealthy, predominantly white countries. And within them, only to whites.* A shocking situation in Denmark illustrates the point.

The world yawns as Muslim immigrants in Denmark viciously drive Danish citizens out of a suburb of Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city. The Danes in question are Greenlanders (Greenland is a province of Denmark), mostly native Inuit people who have come to mainland Denmark, and apparently suffer their own share of social problems already.

Mass immigration of the character Canada has forged is colonial in nature because we simply import, en masse, people from a select few countries. India and China have been the top two source countries of immigrants to Canada for the past two decades and already we can see how these two ethnic groups have colonized portions of Canada to resemble their homelands. And that's how the like it! They didn't come to Canada to be Canadian. They came to Canada to be Indian or Chinese, or what have you, while enjoying the benefits of living in Canada.

The Danish example illustrates that colonial mentality taken to an extreme when they have abandoned any resolve and simply feel that Denmark, or portions of it, belongs to them. To put it in their words, "F**k yourself back to Greenland, this is our Gjellerup."


Anonymous said...

This short essay was written over 11 years ago, but is more valid than ever today.

“It is becoming apparent that the galloping colonization of Europe, by people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East is a partially undeclared racial war. It is not only the European nations that are dissolved and demolished from within, but all of the areas of the white race, that are flooded with foreigners. The strongest weapon of the internationalists to further their goal of a standardized world without borders and under merciless surveillance of of an international police-force, is this mass rape of the West.”
>keep reading

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