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Canada's 'slave trade' is nurtured by the temporary worker program.

Here is an interesting albeit lengthy article in the Toronto Star.

Exploited workers Canada's 'slave trade'

Skilled Filipino workers packed into filthy house, denied pay, threatened with deportation
Aug 30, 2008 04:30 AM
Dale Brazao
Staff Reporter

What Canilang experienced last summer is an all too-common situation – foreign workers brought to Canada under false pretences and exploited. Federal officials call it the "modern-day slave trade" and warn of "People for Sale in Canada" in a poster campaign in 17 languages, distributed through Canadian missions around the globe.

At least 800 workers are trafficked into Canada yearly and another 1,000 or more pass through Canada and into the United States, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


At the heart of the case of the Elmvale 11, as the men have been dubbed by Filipino consular staff, are immigration documents called Labour Market Opinions (LMO) issued by Service Canada.

These are Canadian gold cards for foreign workers. With an LMO, a foreign national can get a temporary permit to work in Canada. The company that wants the workers must first show Service Canada it made a reasonable – but unsuccessful – effort to hire or train Canadians for the job. LMOs stipulate the number of workers approved for the job. Copies are then sent to the workers, who apply for work permits upon arrival in Canada.

Since the federal government relaxed LMO rules two years ago, the program has expanded rapidly. In 2007, there were 201,057 temporary foreign workers in Canada, up from 162,046 in 2006 and 142,705 in 2005.

South of the border, the U.S. State Department recently called Canada "a destination for foreign victims trafficked for labour exploitation" and in an annual report recommended Canada "intensify efforts to investigate, prosecute and convict trafficking offenders."

An analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies once remarked that "there is nothing more permanent than a temporary worker" and this explains the mad rush for temporary worker applications: the people have no intention of leaving once the work is finished. Apparently there are over 200,000 temporary workers in Canada and as that number compounds over the years you can expect pressure to be applied by political and immigrant opportunists alike to pressure Ottawa and grant these people citizenship.

But the story shows how exploitable the temporary worker program is. An employer seeking cheap labour can simply fabricate efforts at finding and training domestic workers. And there is no shortage of those overseas willing to abandon everything to chase after fantasies of living and working in a wealthy nation like Canada. The very nature of the temporary worker program permits exploitation.

Amended in November 2005 to reflect the UN's definition of human trafficking, Canada's criminal code says it's a crime for anyone who "recruits, transports, transfers, receives, holds, or harbours a person" for the purpose of exploitation.

"The way exploitation is phrased in the criminal code, they have to fear for their safety or their lives," said RCMP Const. Julie Meeks, who conducted the initial investigation. In her opinion, Meeks said "they just didn't have that fear."

I disagree with the temporary worker program and so do the majority of Canadians. It is an attack on Canadian labour and an abuse of third world workers. Canada and Canadians first.


Rohan Swee said...

An employer seeking cheap labour can simply fabricate efforts at finding and training domestic workers.

Yeah, we've got the same scam going here, and it's spread into just about every white-collar occupation, and a lucrative industry has sprung up dedicated to helping employers meet their goal of never having to hire a citizen again. I wonder if Canadian and American visa-hustling firms get together to exchange tips?

Anonymous said...

@ PaxCanadiana

Sorry this is a little off the main topic, but perhaps you will find the following sites interesting. They are about Tamils and their claims of "discrimination" in Sri Lanka

Also the following three segments go into the history of the conflict.

My apologises that they are a bit of a read, but such details give an insight into the "hidden" aspects of Sri Lanka’s conflict. And they also provide the Sinhala side which never gets airtime as the West loves to romanticise with the "discriminated" (numerical) minority.
The Tamil "discrimination" claim is very flimsy and built on weak foundations and exaggerations.

This article:

Shows the things Sinhalese have done to accommodate and give a sense of home to the minorities, by the same author. (The title is sort of lame)

The following is written by the same author in response to a pro-Tamil propagandist (an American lawyer hired by Tamils using money they have "collected" who sold his services to them after the Sinhalese in the West refused to pay him -he suddenly flip flopped) it highlights Tamil propaganda and the various distortions and manipulations used

The writer is the only one who is willing to stand up and defend the Sinhalese in a climate of "minorities are always right because they are easily bullied by majorities" and sustained Tamil propaganda used against Sinhalese to demonise Sinhalese everywhere every time, pro-long a race war and reap the benefits from it.

The author resides in Australia and is married to a Jaffna Tamil. He spends his time and money adopting orphaned Tamil children, taking them away from the war zone and sending them to Australia as well.

Anonymous said...

Just to add (in relation to the first link), education and health care is provided for free to all by the "Sinhala dominated" Government and the Sinhala dominating Tax payer – thats going by Tamil logic of course (since we are the majority we naturally "dominate" in everything, but that is carefully manipulated into "discrimination" charges). Many Tamils enter universities; spend 5 years there till they get there degrees, then hang around Western embassies for months crying "discrimination", as is the case all jobs in the West from being beggars to professionals pay 1000x more than they ever would in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect, speaking for myself as a Canadian-born middle-aged male, I have zero interest in your nation's family squabbles. The same sentiment could probably be said for the vast majority of Canadians.

Whatever internal problems Sri Lanka may be experiencing should be solved in-house without having to export them to my country from which ordinary Canadians have no genuine interest in knowing more about them.

Almost four decades ago, Canada was experiencing some serious separatists' issues in Quebec. I strongly suspect the government of Sri Lanka nor its' population could care less whatever happened in Quebec, nor should they care to understand the logistics of our problems at that time.

You can use the same rationale when it applies to Canadians who really have no interest in your Sinhalese/Tamil internal conflicts.

The only point to make here, is don't bring your disputes or politics to our country and don't feed from our welfare trough!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous September 1, 2008 11:36:00 EDT AM
(This is a long post, but I hope you do read it, at least for entertainments sake)

I am not bringing anything to Canada, for I do not live in Canada.

But tell me how many Sinhalese (the 5,000 or so who live in Canada) are politically active? How many go around demanding this or that? How many rallies do they hold, how much money do they siphon off the system in Canada?
How many Sinhala cultural organisations have been banned?
Sinhalese who are fortunate enough to get into Canada mind their own business and just move on with their lives, cutting the umbilical cord with Sri Lanka. (It is only in the last 2 years the Sinhalese in Canada have voiced their displeasure with the manner that Tamils are funding war and death in Sri Lanka from Canadian soil)

I have read this blog and wanted to provide the other Sinhala side to the story in Sri Lanka, with respect to the Tamil claim of "discrimination" used as one of the foundation stones for their case of asylum in Canada, something which Tamils in Canada will obviously never mention.

I think its unfair that Sinhalese are demonised without even having their side of the argument heard, and having Canada continually entertain this demonisation of a people and nation on the other side of the world that has done nothing to Canada.

I have read the Canadian press often and always find the usual, baseless and unjustified attacks on Sinhalese whenever Sri Lanka is mentioned.

The only point to make here, is don't bring your disputes or politics to our country and don't feed from our welfare trough!

Then why is it you allow your Tamil Canadian citizens

A) Who do not live in Sri Lanka

B) Have no intention of ever returning to live in Sri Lanka permanently.

C) From Canada fund the LTTE to carve out a racially pure Tamil only North and East out of MY country. To this day no Sinhalese can go to the North and East without proper protection, getting death threats and having them carried out (On August 21st this year a Sinhalese student, 1 of a handful "allowed" in the Eastern university was murdered by Tamils for "being in a Tamil area" and refusing to leave despite the initial threats of death), while Tamils can go North, East, South, Central and West of the Island with relative ease.

Since Tamils using bombs purchased from Canada and other Western countries are blowing up buses and train loads of Sinhalese, the Government naturally increases security and Tamils are the ones who will be trapped in security nets, which they then yell is discrimination and run off to Western countries (number one destination being Canada).
They are using money collected from Canada to keep the war going on in Sri Lanka thus they can justify there arrival as refugees "fleeing persecution" and stay long enough to be granted citizenship since its "too dangerous to go back" (they create the "danger" by purchasing the bombs using money collected in Canada through legal and illegal means, abuse of welfare systems and criminal activities such as credit card scams, money laundering, drug dealing etc).

D) The Tamils who flee Sri Lanka as "discriminated refugees" and carry out the above return within a year, and interestingly never go to the North and East, but holiday away in the South.

Anonymous said...

Whether you care or not, Canada is destroying my nation which in turn increases the number of so called "refugees" entering your country which only furthers the destruction in Sri Lanka and the number of "refugees" who flee, forming a perpetual cycle of death, "refugees" and abuse.

How would like it if this was being done to you? If Tamils in India or Sri Lanka were trying to carve out a "Tamil only area" out of Toronto, banning non-Tamil Canadians from entering it with the threat of death, killing thousands of non-Tamil Canadians in other parts of the country, assassinating Canadian leaders, bombing Canadian economic centres, bombing the Canadian capital and using these fear tactics to force non Tamil Canadians to give "political solutions" to fulfil their demands, while funding all this from "safe havens" in India and Sri Lanka. How would you like it that while they demand Toronto be made "Tamil only" they still expect freedom of movement in the rest of Canada, still use and abuse your healthcare and education facilities which you provide for free, while launching a world wide propaganda blitz that you are the source of all evil, demanding economic sanctions to be brought onto you for being this "evil" and for not giving "political solutions"?

How would like that?

Anonymous said...

My apologies for sounding so rude in my previous two above comments.

That was not my intention.

I have yearned for years to air the Sinhala side where it matters, i.e. the West. But i find myself being censored, branded a racist and banned.

I don't hate Tamils, if i see one down the street i'm not going to spit on him or something, nor treat him/her differently. I just hate what they do. I just hate the hypocrisy. I hate the attacks done on Sinhalese by Western Governments, Media, NGOs and certain individuals which are unjustified because they are all rooted on a baseless claim of "discrimination". (Well that in itself is probably racist and hypocritical of me but it needs to be said and done).

Canada is a major source of the misery in Sri Lanka. This is the only site i have found in which i believe the views of the Sinhala side can be aired with out being censored or banned and tagged as evil.

While for you Sri Lanka is rightly some insignificant country which means absolutely nothing, the "little things" carried out by Tamils in Canada and Western countries which have very little impact on your lives (at best a mild irritant which flares up every 6 months), has monstrous, life threatening impact on Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese, Moors, Malays and Tamils who live here every waking moment.

Anonymous said...

one of the worst offenders is this guy in vancovuer named Johnny Fong. A dollar store supplier - he exploits chinese workers. make them work like slaves in china and canada. Fong also supports canada political parties - currying favors to politicans with fundraising. Right now, BC premer Gordon Cambell has Johnny Fong as a advisor. So the corruption goes into the goverment too.

Chilled said...

Saudi Arabia has an unemployment rate pushing 40% yet imports most of its workers. This is coming to Canada sooner than later.

PaxCanadiana said...

to Sinhalese anonymous (sorry, I couldn't think of a better way to address you)

Yes, your comments are off topic but meh...

I cannot comment with authority on the causes and of the conflict in Sri Lanka and its continuation. I am certain there are two sides to every story. I will admit though that I do believe the Sinhalese dominated government in Colombo when they do say that they are trying to accommodate the Tamil minority and end the war. Correct me if I am wrong but I do believe there is a Tamil political party that is free to operate in the country and there are Tamil members of the Sri Lankan government. This doesn't sound like a persecuted people to me. I also understand why it is in the Sri Lankan Tamils interests to paint a picture of persecution for the purposes of immigration via a refugee claim. This isn't to say that Tamils do not experience some form of harassement or discrimination in Sri Lanka but not the kind to justify a refugee claim.

What I am bothered by is the abuse of the refugee system for the purposes of immigration and I feel that Sri Lankan Tamils are guilty of this, perhaps the worst abusers of the system since its inception. I have my reasons for believing so. If the Tamil dominated Indian State of Tamil Nadu is so close and culturally similar to Sri Lanka why is Canada home to the largest expat Sri Lankan Tamil community in the world? Also, if Sri Lankan Tamils are so persecuted then why are they just as likely to apply for a return visa to Sri Lanka as they are to apply for refugee status? Around half of all Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims are made at the Canada/U.S. border. If they are refugees then why not make a claim in the first safe country of passage? Why is Sri Lanka high on the list of refugee producing countries to Canada as well as family sponsorship? It is clear to me that Sri Lankan Tamils targeted Canada for refugee fraud and burdened the refugee system with bogus claims and Canada rewarded this deceit by giving them Canadian citizenship. They are economic migrants posing as refugees to gain entry to Canada becuase they would not be able to get into the country were they to apply legitimately as economic immigrants. This explains why the Sri Lankan Tamil community is one of the poorest in Canada.

Then there is the issue of Tamil Street gangs, political meddling by Tamil delegates at the Liberal party convention, funding of an over seas war, bringing Canada into a conflict that does not concern us but is a matter for the U.N. So far Canada has not benefited at all from the large influx of Sri Lankan Tamils and that's because most of them got into the country as bogus refugees and are here for their benefit, not Canada's. If they want to immigrate to Canada then let them apply but to abuse the refugee system is disgraceful. And it angers me that they have manipulated Canadian charity and naiveté so cynically and selfishly with almost no regret. Shame on them!

PaxCanadiana said...

rohan swee:

Did you check out the link for that quote? I would not be surprised if the same thing is happening here. Employers are having a hard time finding CHEAP North American workers.

PaxCanadiana said...


one of the worst offenders is this guy in vancovuer named Johnny Fong.

Interesting but sadly not surprising.

Saudi Arabia has an unemployment rate pushing 40% yet imports most of its workers. This is coming to Canada sooner than later.

I think so. What globalization is doing is globalizing poverty. This is what is meant by "importing the third world model" and immigration is an instrument of it.

Anonymous said...

@Pax Canadiana,

Prior to Independence there were two "indigenous" political entities. One was the Ceylon National Congress and the other the All Tamil Ceylon Congress. Just before Independence in 1948, did the United National Party form out of the Ceylon National Congress in 1944 (there was a split in the CNC, later it fell apart).

In 1949 Tamils formed the ITAK or Tamil Ceylon State Party (direct translation of the Tamil name) which came from the All Tamil Ceylon Congress and which gave birth to the "Tamil only" party phenomenon.

This is one of the key reasons Tamils have had little political power in Sri Lanka. They have continually isolated themselves politically by forming Tamil only parties.

There are dozens of Tamil political parties, which are meant for Tamils only. Tamils formed political entities based on race and communalism such as the: ITAK/TULF/TNA (today its called the TNA), PLOTE, EPDP, EPRLF, TMVP.
There is only one non-communal Tamil party and that is the CWC (Ceylon Workers Council) and is run by Tamils from the Plantations (commonly known as the “Indian Tamils”).

This is compared to the “Sinhala” political parties which are based on ideology and any one is capable of joining them (e.g. the UNP, SLFP, JVP, LSSP, NSSP). There is only one Sinhala “only” political party, the JHU (which formed in 2003).
There is also the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress meant for Muslims only.

From Independence onwards there have been Tamils from the Tamil Only political parties (specifically the then largest Tamil party the ITAK) in every Government commanding high positions in the Cabinet. These Tamil political parties formed parts of the coalition Governments back in the 40,50,60s etc. This has continued to this day, with Tamils in high places of Government from either the Tamil Only parties and with Tamils who are members of the “Sinhala” parties i.e. the UNP, SLFP/UPFA.
What has to be noted is that the Tamil Only parties, do not let non-Tamils in.
Yet the “Sinhala parties” based on ideology not communalism, are meant for everyone and thus have always been mixed.

As famously said once by a Sri Lankan Sinhalese, “The Sri Lanka Government is more diverse than the Sri Lanka cricket team”.

We had Laxman Kadirgamar as Foreign Minister, Jeyraj Fernadopulle as Chief Whip, both were from the Tamil (numerical) minority in Sri Lanka who form 10% of the population, both were assassinated by the LTTE. Would such or have such high positions been given to members of the minority communities in Western countries? In fact would any such positions, including cabinet posts be given to member of the minority who make up 10% of the population? Sinhalese make up 80% of the population, so naturally we “dominate” in everything.
Would it be fair to say, “the white Christian dominated Government of Canada/Britain/America/France/Germany” etc? Is that not “discrimination” against minorities? In Germany the Chancellor comes from the Christian Democratic Party. No one howls or wails discrimination. The fact we have a Buddhist party in Sri Lanka (the JHU) has caused a big ruckus and added fuel to “discrimination/racist” card production factory. We cannot have a Buddhist party because that is racist? Even though this party has never said anything against Tamils –except in engineered propaganda where there statements such as “war is necessary to rid the nation of terrorism” as been twisted into a statement of “war against Tamils” by Tamils and it is branded as evil. Thus they are denied their freedoms. So much so for democracy. And even still you need to understand the historical role Buddhist monks have had in protecting Sri Lanka and her Buddhists as well as the context in which the party formed (2003 when we had a Prime Minister about to hand over the nation to the LTTE) to understand how this party came about.
Of course living on the other side of the world you would not know nor care, however when this gets reported over the wires or by Tamils in Canada, a distorted evil picture of “racism” is created, which only adds to the already evil image of Sri Lanka.

If you want to know how most of these Tamil political parties behave, you only need to see how the main one the TNA (Tamil National Alliance) does.

The Tamil National Alliance parliamentarians who took oaths to protect Sri Lanka and its constitution (one point in parliament they brought in a copy of the constitution and tore it into pieces), get all the perks and security from Sri Lanka (provided by the Government/Tax payer) yet travel across the world (using tax payers money) promoting the LTTE cause and demanded sanctions be put on Sri Lanka.
They swear their loyalty to India (Tamil Nadu State) and repeatedly run off there to use Tamil Nadu as a pressure tool on the Indian central Government to put pressure on Sri Lanka to stop the Military offensives. They even promise to split Sri Lanka in two and merge the North and East of Sri Lanka with Tamil Nadu.

Some hide LTTE suicide bombers, plus the bombs in their offices in Colombo. One prominent LTTE supporter and MP, who got a medal for "protecting human rights (of suicide bombers)", the one, the only, Mano Ganesh (not a member of TNA though) openly supports the LTTE and their pure Tamil "only" homeland concept but lives in the comforts of Colombo and has all the political perks including passes and access to High Security Zones in the Capital, was caught doing this. His excuse "i didn't know he/she was a bomber".

They are LTTE mouth pieces who are shielded by Sri Lanka's democracy (no matter how weak or pathetic it is) after they have done the aforementioned treachery. Yet the Government has to protect these scum balls even more for them to go around damaging the nation.

If we try prosecuting them for the treason they are committing we'll be branded "human rights violators" the LTTE propaganda machine (including Tamils in the West) gets to work and says Sri Lanka is a "human rights violator for silencing dissenting opinions" etc etc or that Sri Lanka is a "genocidal failed state, not a democracy".

Incidentally the TULF, the precursor to the TNA, created the infamous Vaddukkoddai Resolution in 1976 which was a declaration of war on the Sinhalese. They encouraged Tamil youth to stand up and fight the Sinhalese and our the ones who funded and protected from prosecution (using Tax payers money) various Tamil street gangs to drive out (cleanse) the North and East of Sinhalese as well as disrupt State mechanisms in the two provinces so Colombo would loose control.
Ironically the same Tamil gangs came to kill their masters in Colombo later; nearly 90% of the TULF leadership was decimated.
The TNA was born later made of the lower leadership/members of the TULF.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was longer than i thought it would be.

Sorry about that.

Just to add the TNA was part of the (UNF) Government in 2001-2003, they held cabinet post while also jetting off around the world doing what was mentioned above

About economic refugees, you should read this story by a Tamil living in Australia who did just that and now admits to it:

Anonymous said...

Ok that was one hell of a rant.

Unfortunately i can't delete and re-write my post. Guess work and play doesn't pay. Got some booze in my system so feel calmer lolz

Seriously though i didn;t mean to be rude or appear like that.

Sinhalese make up 80% of the population; naturally we are going to "dominate" everything. Its very annoying when anything and everything in Sri Lanka has a racial twist slapped on it. Our people are not racist, we do not get up everyday thinking how many Tamils we can piss of, discriminate or genocide. The riots which happened in 56,58,77 and 83 were wrong, but they happened due to multiple factors -a sort of build up and one event set it all off, they did not happen because we are evil and just felt like beating up some Tamils randomly to get few kicks out of it (this is the image Tamils, the West and the Western media always create and use for various reasons. Tamils do it to eco-ref their way to first world countries).

The links i provided gives some history and the Sinhala side of events, explaining the build up to the riots.

Tamils being a numerical minority in Sri Lanka forming 10% of the population held 30% of the Government jobs, 30% of professional jobs 30% of top University placements from Independence right up to the outbreak of full scale war in 83, (as can be seen in the 1981 and 1982 statistics) so exactly how does that translate into "discrimination"?? Not to mention the top positions they held and still do hold in the Cabinet.
Its whats so annoying and at times frustrating/"angering" when this baseless claim coupled with the race card and "minority" card is always slapped in our faces and worst of all used as justification for war, murder, ethnic cleansings, unreasonable demands and more murder.

Both Sinhala and Tamil sides of events are intertwined with each other. I do hope you read/skim those links, least for some amusement. At least that way my blabbering here will look a little saner i hope.

Anonymous said...
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PaxCanadiana said...

Sinhalese Anon:

You made a double post so I deleted the duplicate.

I found your posts very informative and I do plan to visit the links. I found the last link you provided very interesting becuase it confirmed my suspicions that Sri Lankan Tamils are not real refugees but economic migrants lying to get into Canada and anywhere else. Unfortunately Canada still has an unacceptable high acceptance rate for Sri Lankan refugee claims (it's around 76-80%, the highest in the world in fact). That's why there are so many Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada and why Canada is a choice destination. You take the path of least resistance.

You have to understand that most who sit on refugee boards in Canada are ignorant of what is happening in the world and this is favourable to the refugee conman. And the more obscure your country is the better. Canadians are more ignorant of Sri Lanka than Americans are of Canada (and pretty much everywhere else). I can assure you that 9 out of 10 Canadians couldn't locate Sri Lanka on a map. It's because of this ignorance, and Canada being "the land of trusting fools", that Sri Lankan Tamil refugee claims have been so successful despite the bogus nature of each claim.

Also, since so many Sri Lankan Tamils flooded into the city of Toronto and clustered in certain areas they can effect the electoral outcome of somewhere between 6-10 federal ridings. Because of this the Liberal party of Canada, dependent on the immigrant and minority votes, for years refused to list the LTTE as a terrorist organization even though everyone else in the civilized world did. And charitable front groups like the World Tamil Movement were able to channel funds to the Tigers with no harassment. It took a Conservative government to change things but the Tamil community in Toronto still have the ear of the Liberal and NDP parties whose only interest in the Tamil community is their votes. It's embarrassing.

The reporting of the Sri Lankan civil war in Canada hasn't been too biased either way. This is because we in Canada are indifferent. I have been following the reports and more often than not I have noticed that the Tigers invariably break the cease fires. From what I have read the Tigers, if successful in their fight, will turn an independent Tamil state into a tyranny replete with a suspension of freedoms further continuing the flood of Tamil refugee claims into Canada. It seems like it will never end.

But thanks for the info. The Sri Lankan Tamils I have been exposed to in Toronto do not seem like a war scarred people fleeing for their lives. They seem to be more like tourists on a permanent vacation in Canada than refugees. This is what started my suspicions and further investigation only confirmed them. They are not real refugees. Internal flight within Sri Lanka is an option as is flight to Tamil Nadu. There is no reason why Canada should be home to the largest expat Sri Lankan Tamil community in the world. If Colombo was safe for Arthur C. Clarke then Tamils can find sanctuary in that city where they are 30% of the population.

Rohan Swee said...

Did you check out the link for that quote?

Ah. If I had, I would not have been telling you things you already know! (At the rate things are going, immigration lawyer and "outsourcing facilitator" will be the only reasonably remunerative careers open to the natives...)

Anonymous said...

Connection screwed and i posted twice.

As for Ceasefires the Government has always been genuine and interested in negotiation etc since Thimpu in 1985 till Geneva in 2006.
I could go into more detail and all but I think you've heard enough from me.
'Twas nice talking to you.

[P.S. "Sinhalese anonymous" has a good ring to it, has a good ring to it, when I register with blogger one of these days that would make a good handle]