Sunday, 28 September 2008

Canada granted Canadian citizenship to fugitive from U.S. law.

After reading this from the Toronto Star I wondered to myself as to how a Filipino immigrant who was convicted of assault and attempted rape in 1986 while living in California was able to secure Canadian citizenship in the mid 1990s.

DNA links man to 20-year-old murder

Investigators, in CSI-fashion, build case against man for 1984 slaying
Sep 26, 2008 12:20 PM
Betsy Powell
Courts Bureau

Elizabeth Hoffschneider's nude and battered body was found in the bedroom of her Huntington Beach, Calif., apartment more than two decades ago.

Police collected and preserved hair and fiber evidence and, in CSI-like fashion, forensic scientists last year matched the DNA profile to Gerald Su Go, a Canadian citizen.

Toronto police arrested Su Go last fall and today Ontario Superior Court justice Todd Archibald ruled there is "more than ample evidence" to justify the committal of Su Go, who is also known as Gerald Go, for murder.


Asked if he had any questions for the judge, Su Go's lawyer, Vanessa Arsenault, said no. Under the Extradition Act, he has 30 days to appeal the decision. Su Go is originally from the Phillippines but became a Canadian citizen in the mid-1990s.

The 38-year-old woman, who worked as an office manager at a medical company, was sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled on Nov. 15, 1984. Two co-workers, concerned that she was not at work, went to her apartment and found her body. Her apartment was ransacked and her wallet, identification and diamond pendant were missing.


The DNA profile in the three hairs was matched through the California Dept. of Justice database to Su Go. According to the newspaper, he was in that database after being convicted of a 1986 assault and attempted rape in Costa Mesa.

However, he fled California before he was sentenced and was a fugitive for 17 years until his arrest in New York in 2004.

So to recap this "Canadian" was convicted of assault and attempted rape on 1986 in California and went on the lam for 17 years during which he managed to become a Canadian citizen. And now he is wanted for murder.

How was a convicted criminal able to get himself Canadian citizenship? The most obvious answer is most likely the correct one: he lied. And I wouldn't be surprised if he used the refugee system to do it. To obtain approval to enter Canada as a landed immigrant takes a while, a long while, however all a refugee claimant has to do is set foot on Canadian soil and say "refugee" and you're in the country and the system which could take years to process. He most likely ditched any form of identification that would allow Canadian authorities to perform any background check to see if he is telling the truth about who he is. And for successfully gaming the most easily exploitable refugee system in the world we rewarded him with our much cherished citizenship.

This is all speculative because I don't really know how this convicted criminal evading the U.S. justice system was able to get Canadian citizenship. But it is most likely how it happened because as inept as our immigration system is I don't see how this particular individual would have been able to become a Canadian citizen if the truth were known. This shows how easily one can lie to get Canadian citizenship as a refugee claimant and why it is the choice route for criminals and economic migrants posing as bogus refugees. Unscrupulous immigration consultants even advise their clients to file a refugee claim if all else fails even if it means just a delay in their inevitable deportation.


Anonymous said...

From the Toronto Sun: " A gay Ugandan man -- one of 150 mostly HIV-positive delegates who remained in Toronto after an International Aids Conference -- was declared a refugee by a board yesterday.

Ismail Mulawa, 30, appeared before the Immigration and Refugee Board in downtown Toronto and told member Tom Pinkney it is illegal to be gay in Uganda and he faces life in jail if forced to go home.

Mulawa said he'll be arrested at the airport and taken to jail on arrival in Kampala.

Pinkney found Mulawa to be a credible witness and granted him asylum in Canada. He will be able to apply for permanent residence now and citizenship in two years.

"Canada is a land of freedom for me and so many people," Mulawa said at the hearing yesterday. "I am starting my life all over from new again."

Mulawa was among 150 delegates from more than 50 countries who claimed status after an August 2006 conference attended by 24,000 participants.
" Toronto Sun

I had to wince when reading this story and thought "Oh, great, a large roomful of foreign HIV-positive invaders requiring million$ of health care dollars will now live among us, while thousands of needed European tradesmen must pass stringent medical tests to emigrate to Canada after waiting years to enter."

Canada recently deported a healthy American war dissident while we accept this character who claims to be gay. This is not a justifiable reason for claiming refugee status, but was there any evidence to that claim or does doorkeeper Tom Pinkney simply believe every story told to him? Thanks Tom, you've just enriched our country in more ways that you can imagine. You've just given hope to 1000s of gay pretenders from 3rd world countries to make their way to Canada.

What a joke, we have become!

PaxCanadiana said...

LOL. You beat me to the punch. I was going to blog about that story but I might as well cut and past what you wrote.

You're right. They will most likely be a drain on health care dollars while life long tax paying Canadians have to go to the U.S. for MRI scans and on their dime no less. I guess we can console them by telling them that the taxes they paid into the system are going to help an HIV infected gay African immigrant who has only been in the country a few years.

I am not totally certain on where I stand when granting asylum to someone based on sexual preference. The abuse of the system is apparent because you can just lie about it. But allowing people into the country who are hosting incurable diseases is another story.

And hosting that conference, well, we should have seen those asylum cases coming long before the venue was even booked. It makes me wonder if these conferences are really immigration scams, organized to grant visas to people to enter the country and stay illegally.