Saturday, 6 September 2008

Corruption at Canada's Hong Kong consulate. Canadian Visas sold to triad members and Chinese spies.

Here is a revealing article care of the Ottawa Citizen. It is about one man's experience at the Canadian consulate in Hong Kong and an exposure of the corruption that plagues Canada's immigration system.

One man's China crusade

Donna Jacobs, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Monday, August 25, 2008

For Canadian diplomat Brian McAdam, it wasn't that he had uncovered the lucrative sale of Canadian visas during his posting at Canada's Hong Kong consulate.

Both Canadian and Chinese consular staff, he says, were selling visas to members of the Chinese mafia and Communist China's intelligence service. The price, he heard, ranged from $10,000 to $100,000 per visa.

It wasn't that reports he sent to his bosses in Canada -- details on murderers, money launderers, smugglers and spies trying to enter Canada -- were met with silence or mostly destroyed.

It wasn't dozens of threatening calls -- "Stop what you're doing or you're going to find yourself dead" -- from Triad members during his 1989-1993 stint in Hong Kong.

What finally broke him down, he says, was "the incredible feeling of betrayal from my colleagues. I'd worked with these people for years."


In his 850-page manuscript --working title The Dragon's Deception -- he writes: "I was mocked, demeaned and threatened in a hostile environment while dealing with some of the world's most ruthless criminals. Staff in both Hong Kong and in Ottawa gave copies of my confidential reports about some of the criminals to the gangsters themselves, and that greatly put my life at risk. I received death threats for a number of years but no one has ever been concerned about my safety. The big question (was): Why did Canadian diplomats in Hong Kong and bureaucrats in Ottawa do whatever they could to destroy my work and myself?"

Concealing his ill health, Mr. McAdam supplied the team with extensive documentation of China's criminals and the Communist government's ambitious program of acquisition, espionage and political influence in Canada and around the world.


A seven-year investigation ensued. Seven RCMP investigators came and went. "As soon as one (Mountie) would investigate, they'd pull him off," Mr. McAdam says. "Another officer would come along, start to make discoveries and would be pulled off."

"I believe both probes (by the Sidewinder team and by the RCMP) had considerable political interference to shut them down," says Mr. McAdam, "and it seemed to be coming from the highest levels."


"At least six investigations by the U.S. Senate and Congress, from 1997 to 2003, corroborated Sidewinder's findings," he says. "Though senior management at CSIS maligned the report as 'rumour-laced conspiracy theory,' others saw it as 'groundbreaking' and 'years ahead of the curve.' "

Ward Elcock, who retired in 2004, was CSIS director at the time.

Since then, the FBI has named China as the biggest intelligence threat to the U.S., says Mr. McAdam.

And Canada, he says, is now known as "one of the world's centres for Chinese organized crime and espionage."

You can read additional information about this in this Ottawa Citizen article found at

I'm dismayed at how little media attention this has received so far. Canada's national security is being undermined at the Hong Kong consulate yet nary a peep out Toronto's "progressive" news media.

Asian gangs pretty much control the drug trade in Canada as well as counterfeiting and people smuggling, undoubtedly due to the lax policing at our China based consulates where Chinese gangsters, and Chinese spies, are purchasing Canadian Visas.

China is an emerging power and has empirical aspirations. It is exporting its people overseas and effectively establishing overseas colonies (what we euphemistically refer to as "communities"). How will China use its expatriate community to influence politics in Canada? Given Canada's multicultural domestic policy, and the new found Chinese pride that was on display during the Beijing Olympics, should we be so shocked that the Chinese living here in Canada are more loyal to Beijing than to Ottawa?

This is one of the problems of bringing in too many people from one source country. Because of the size of China's population a systemic bias is at play in Canada's immigration system which allows so many of them into the country. It's not that Canada needs so much Chinese immigration over, say, South African immigration. It's that there are so many applying. This is why India and China are the top two source countries. It's becuase those applications outnumber everyone else. Beyond that, there is no legitimate reason to be bringing in so many Chinese and Indian immigrants.

A quota system is needed. We should cap the number of applicants that can apply from any country to prevent the kind of immigration flood from so few countries that we are now experiencing. By doing so we can close consulates in corruption prone countries like China and India.

What is disconcerting about this scandal is that it was being hushed up and allowed to go on when Jean Chretien was in the Prime Minister's Office. Incidentally, he recently criticized Stephen Harper for skipping the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. It makes you wonder what was going on during the Chretien years. It also makes you wonder if such behaviour is at work at other Canadian consulates. If it is then who is guarding our country's borders?

I have to say I am not surprised that this is happening in China. The Chinese cannot be fully trusted and we need to approach that country with caution.


Anonymous said...

Canadian visas being sold to Chinese gangsters and government spies should have made headlines for weeks when this story broke. I recall reading about the former diplomat, Brian McAdam, and his quest to bring this scandal to public attention, yet it seemed to go nowhere, so I assumed that perhaps there was more smoke than fire. Today, I'm much wiser.

"What finally broke him down, he says, was 'the incredible feeling of betrayal from my colleagues. I'd worked with these people for years.'"

Today, these damn crooks are still employed by the federal gov't or living off the avails of fat government pension when they should be in jail serving a lengthy sentence.

Meanwhile, ordinary working Canadians are harangued daily over seatbelt use, driving 10 kms. over the speed limit, or any of the other countless infractions designed to feed an insatiable monster and its' minions called bureaucrats.

"It's not that Canada needs so much Chinese immigration over, say, South African immigration."

Not to get too far off topic here, but the plight of white South Africans and white Zimbabweans gets zero press coverage in Canadian newspapers, so if I may introduce this sidebar.

Perhaps Canada should be allowing in streams of white South African refugees, instead of immigrants after viewing these videos HERE and HERE where you'll notice the Communist displays on the ANC's flags.

PaxCanadiana said...

Not to get too far off topic here, but the plight of white South Africans and white Zimbabweans gets zero press coverage in Canadian newspapers, so if I may introduce this sidebar.

I picked South Africa as a comparison because it was the first country that came to my head. I don't know why it did, it just did.

I do understand what you are saying and I cannot agree more. White Africans do suffer persecution and are justified in making a refugee claim in Canada, or elsewhere for that matter. In fact they are refugees more so than the vast majority who file claims in Canada. Hell, if we are granting refugee status to Sri Lankan Tamils for crying out loud I don't know why a white Zimbabwean farmer wouldn't qualify.

Anonymous said...

Not to get too far off topic here, but the plight of white South Africans and white Zimbabweans gets zero press coverage in Canadian newspapers, so if I may introduce this sidebar.

The looming problems facing South Africa's white minority are more dire than most people in the West realise.

As Australian commentator Niels Dempster wrote back in 2000:

The real tragedy in southern Africa has yet to take place. In the years to come the West will no doubt be faced with several million whites pleading to be taken in as refugees. The mass media and Western governments will try their best to cover up and ignore what is going on until the plight of whites becomes so extreme that even the most liberal reporters won’t be able to resist the newsworthiness of filming white women and children begging for their lives.

But even after it becomes impossible to ignore what is happening the liberal media will resort to smearing the whites trying to flee South Africa as racists unworthy of living in a multicultural society. In my mind’s eye I can already see distinguished men of learning and religion reminding the public that we shouldn’t focus on the plight of only one segment of the South African population and that all South Africans of every race deserve our sympathy and support, etc., etc. When that happens it will be useful to point to the likes of Mr. Mugabe as examples of the real reason southern Africa has degenerated into barbarism. Mr. Mugabe has given us a striking example of the incompetence, corruption and hopelessness of African rule and in doing so has generated a groundswell of public support for the millions of white South Africans who, before long, will be knocking at our door.

More on the plight of SA's white minority:

The Genocide In Democratic South Africa

The problem, of course, is that Western governments couldn't care less about their own white constituents, let alone some whites in a far-off country like South Africa!