Monday, 8 September 2008

Fighting foreign wars on Canadian soil: Hezbollah allegedly targeted Israelis in Toronto.

I don't know how true this story is but an Israeli newspapers claims that Hezbollah targeted El Al crew members in Toronto. Read it in the Toronto Star.

Israelis targeted in Toronto

Newspaper claims Hezbollah monitored El Al crews on layover at Sheraton Centre
Sep 05, 2008 04:30 AM
Oakland Ross
Middle East Bureau

JERUSALEM–Crew members for Israel's main air carrier are now on high alert while overnighting in Toronto after "terror cells" began monitoring their activities there, according to a front-page report in yesterday's edition of Haaretz, a leading Israeli newspaper.

The unattributed account could not be independently confirmed, but it appeared to emanate from Shin Beit, Israel's domestic intelligence agency.

"Suspected terrorists" were recently detected observing El Al crew members staying at the Sheraton Centre Toronto, according to the newspaper.

That's this gist of it but what follows is what we Canadians should be concerned about:

Inbar said Hezbollah might choose Canada as a site for launching a reprisal attack against Israelis.

"Canada is an easy country to get into,"
he said. "Canada is a possibility, but I think there are easier targets in Latin America."

I repeat I do not know who truthful this story is. It might be part of some propaganda war aimed to discredit Hezbollah. And even if it is false there is some truth to what the story tells.

Canada is an easy country to get into. And some groups are fighting their wars here in Canada in some capacity or another. Most of it is in the guise of fund raising be it through front groups or crime. Some of it is a propaganda war seeking to court Canadian attitudes to favour one side or another. But others have actually killed people. The Air India bombing was an act of terrorism plotted and executed on Canadian soil (not to mention the largest mass murder in Canadian history).

This is an unintended consequence of mass immigration and the failure of recent immigrant groups to fully assimilate and identify with Canadian culture. Whatever happens overseas will make here eventually. Because of the relative ease one can enter the country James Bissett points out that Canada's immigration system is a security threat to the United States thus potential harming our relations with that country. Some may just attack American (or Israeli or what have you) sites within Canada bringing death and destruction to Canadian citizens.

Greater screening is needed but more so Canada needs to seriously reduce its immigration intake. Indeed we may need to stop outright the importation of people from countries with high terrorist activity.

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