Friday, 26 September 2008

Good news for Canada as fertility rate reached a ten year high in 2006.

Here's the story.

Fertility rate at 10-year high in 2006

September 26, 2008

OTTAWA – Statistics Canada says the country's fertility rate hit a 10-year high in 2006, but that women are waiting longer to have children.

The agency reports that average number of children per woman rose to 1.59 in 2006 from 1.54 in 2005.

Statscan says there were 354,617 births in Canada two years ago, an increase of 3.6 per cent – or 12,441 births – from the year before.

The agency says it was the largest annual increase since 1989 and that the figure marked the fourth consecutive year of growth.


Quebec and Alberta were the largest contributors to the national increase in births, accounting for 70 per cent of the total increase.

This is good news for a nation concerned about an aging demographic. This is also the ideal route for nation building because the natural growth rate is the most effective way to combat a potentially declining population. Relying solely on immigration is too costly for it to be a solution. Immigration also creates problems regarding integration, social cohesion and colonialism, language problems, racism and fear of the "other" (Canadians are the "other" to immigrants in case you "progressives" fail to see that). Let's hope the trend continues.

The government should seize on this trend and encourage its growth by rewarding those Canadians who choose to have children. The government should also make it possible for those who want kids to have them. This is responsible governance and an investment in the health and future of this great nation.

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Anonymous said...

What most Caucasian Canadians simply don't comprehend is the very real fact that we have been under attack for over a hundred years from very hostile internal and external cultural forces. There is one hostile force that has been trying to destroy the Western Caucasian Man for a long time.
Now, the main means of this program has been to try and manipulate our countries to take in unlimited immigration so that we would simply become overwhelmed and thus racially diminuted as it were. Secondly, our people have been propogandized that this would make us somehow a stronger people and produce great benefits economically for our various countries, and thirdly, to prevent any widescale opposition to this nasty immigration trend, our people again have been propogandized and intimidated to believe that any opposition is RACIST and thus unjust.
Now, this whole edifice would break down if we as a people stopped caring whether or not we were considered racist. All people in fact are racist and have always been, and always will be. It is an appropriate response which all people have so that they can maintain their own populations.
To break the immigration movement you are all going to have to stop caring whether or not others see you as racist first, secondly, you are going to have to get very very politically involved. You have to get involved in your political parties and pursure a O% immigration policy. Also, demand that you be given compensation for all of the preferencial hiring practices that have been perpetrated upon our people. Always make accusations upon the immigration and preferential hiring movements. They are indeed trying to kill you, so anything that you claim about them is quite just.