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Immigration is about politics and not what is best for Canada.

Here is an old piece from the National Post but it is relevant considering the election environment Canadians find themselves in yet again. Some of the figures given in the piece are a little dated but the point being made is not.

Liberals playing Immigration Card

File is a matter of politics, not policy, for both parties
John Ivison in Ottawa, National Post Published: Friday, February 23, 2007

There is clearly no room for sentiment in this process of natural selection, but for the Liberals to pin the blame for the ills of the immigration system on the Conservatives is cynical in the extreme. The system is indeed sick: The backlog of applications from potential immigrants now totals 800,000, up from 50,000 when the Liberals took office in 1993; only a quarter of all immigrants are net fiscal contributors to Canada, at an estimated cost to the taxpayer every year of more than $18-billion; the refugee process is more sympathetic to Mexicans than displaced Africans fleeing rape and torture in Darfur and so on.

The backlog is now in excess of 900,000 and chasing 1 million. Studies state that somewhere between 17-25% of all applicants are selected for economic reasons. Knowing this we can assume that the vast majority of those in the backlog are immigrants whose contribution will be negligible at best being granted entry to Canada because they have a relative here. To be blunt, Canada is being swamped with immigrants it does not need and will most likely be a fiscal burden to Canadian tax payers then a net contributor.

The truth is that the two parties have broadly similar platforms when it comes to this file: Both would invest similar sums of money (the Conservatives promise more in the estimates for the current year compared with Liberal forecasts from the 2005 estimates, but the Liberals pledged new spending in their pre-election economic update) and both would allow about a quarter of a million new immigrants every year.

Neither has offered up a convincing vision of how to stop the rot in a system that has gained international notoriety for its inefficiency. A recent study by the Fraser Institute quoted an Australian academic as saying: "We are in awe at the ineptitude of the Canadian immigration selection process."

Certainly neither will make the same mistake as the Reform party when it suggested cutting back on immigration, which earned it the "racist" tag that persists to this day.

Sadly this is true since all political parties are vying for the so-called "ethnic vote". It is sad because Canada accepts too many immigrants in the first place, a situation the inept rule of the Mulroney government burdened this country with when it arbitrarily raised immigration numbers by a whole 100,000. Interestingly enough, the last government that reduced immigration levels as a response to lower economic forecasts was the Trudeau Liberals. To do so now would be considered "racist". Welcome to the topsy-turvey land called Canada.

And there's the rub. For both parties, immigration is more a matter of politics than policy. Both are in a bidding war for the new Canadian vote, as the Conservatives try to break into urban areas in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Neither has any real interest in fixing systemic problems, since doing so could alarm communities they are seeking to charm. Unsurprisingly, immigrant voters are in favour of more immigration, not necessarily smarter immigration.

This is also true. Immigrant communities are interested in more immigration and not less or smarter immigration putting them at odds with the real needs of the country and Canadians. I suspect there is a racist motive behind this because immigration to Canada today is mostly third world immigration with India and China leading the charge. This is offsetting, or displacing, the European character of the host population. In other words, it is preferable that Canada becomes less white.

To test my suspicions imagine if Canada increased immigration levels but announced that half of all immigrants will be from traditional sources (Europe, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand). I'm sure you can imagine the protestations at such an announcement and from where. It is not necessarily about numbers but just as importantly it is about the character of Canada's immigration policy. You see immigration is about race though we are expected to be colour blind. That is the host majority is supposed to be colour blind. Racial minority groups in Canada are not and are very race conscious. Canada is, for now, white majority, and minority groups are uncomfortable with this while the white majority of Canada is steadily being reduced to minority status and they are increasing becoming uncomfortable with this as well.

I say immigration is about race, or even ethnicity, because I cannot fully understand why an immigrant or an immigrant community would care so much as to how many immigrants Canada accepts each year and from where because, after all, they are already in the country. That is, unless, they are concerned about bringing in more of their own people to counter the overwhelming influence of Canada' European/North American culture and make Canada more Asian, or Indian, or African, or Hispanic. This doesn't serve the real needs of the host majority but it does serve the needs of the immigrant and immigrant community and thus immigration is more akin to colonialism. Anyhow I am digressing.

What is so frustrating is that no political party is offering real leadership in fixing Canada's immigration system. The issue doesn't even seem to be up for debate or discussion for the sake of the "ethnic vote" which is why we as individuals need to challenge it and press the issue whenever and wherever we can.


The Way Beyond Gonzaga said...

"Immigration" is about politics south of Canada's border as well.
But failure to distinguish between "immigration" and "illegal immigration" compounds the problem.

A tale of two cities: East meets west
by Special K
Disassociated Press
Sunday, September 14, 2008
I. California/Local
Latinos now outnumber blacks 2 to 1 in South Los Angeles
By John L. Mitchell

A UCLA report finds sweeping demographic changes since the 1992 riots. But one constant remains: poverty.
In 1990, 47% of South L.A. residents were Latino and another 47% were African American. By 2006, the mix had changed to 62% Latino and 31% black, 3% white, 2% Asian/ Pacific Islander and 2% other. About 40% of the people living in South L.A. are foreign-born.
Over the years, a negative perception of the area has been fueled by its reputation for occasional unrest, urban decline, crime, unemployment and welfare dependency. . .
In 2003, city officials sought to lesson the negative impact by changing the name of South-Central Los Angeles, but that alteration may have contributed to a loss of a historical identity, the 2008 report suggests . . .
Arturo Ybarra, executive director of the Watts/Century Latino Organization, one of the few Latino-run social service organizations in South L.A.,
is concerned about the lack of resources available for Latinos in his area . . .."We need more services for Latinos," he said. "We have families who go to African American community-based organizations for help and they do their best, but we need to create greater infrastructure for services for the Latino community," especially in terms of immigration issues . . ..".

II. Parade aims to unite all Hispanics in area
Sunday, September 14, 2008

TRENTON -- When Trenton's Latinos gather for the city's first Hispanic Parade today, the event may signal more than an opportunity to enjoy music and floats. It also reflects the arrival of a demographic that will shape the culture and politics of the city for decades to come.

While Hispanics comprised 21.5 percent of Trenton residents in the 2000 census, a 2006 census report estimated that they now equal 31.8 percent of city residents. Their total numbers have grown from 18,391 in 2000 to an estimated 26,600 in 2006, a 45 percent increase.
The parade, which was founded by Councilman-at-large Manuel Segura, is sponsored by seven Mercer County civic associations,
representing area Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Colombians, Ecuadoreans, Costa Ricans and Guatemalans, as well as Latino merchants . . .
Xinia, who spends a lot of
time in the city, thinks Segura, the Hispanic parade's founder, should run for mayor. She likes that Segura proposes Hispanics become small business owners, and that he is sympathetic to immigrants.
"The more Hispanic people in important positions the better," Xinia said, adding that Latino elected officials better understand the needs of immigrants who are in the country illegally. "They can give us papers." (emphases added).


With the exception of Xinia’s comment in passing (q.v., II, above)
No formal mention is made in either description,
Of the legality or illegality of "immigrants’" residency status--
And in official effort to ascertain, and act on[1], the “trivial” difference involved
There’s been a two-decade national-level hiatus.

Consistent (almost universal) conflation of legal with illegal immigration
Has contributed to continuing “issue pollution”
That militates against informed resolution
Of myriad problems that primarily illegal residents pose for our nation.

Activists in both “cities” (geopolitical entities, east and west),
In naming issues critical to Hispanics/Latinos, mention “immigration”
Without a hint that any of the problems involved exist solely or primarily
Because many of them are illegally here (possibly pursuing an otherwise legal vocation).

Other countries are not so obliging
To folks who come in without formal permission--
Mexico, for example, seems to believe in “apprehend and deport illegal immigrants”
Without an extended official, between acts intermission![2]

Generally speaking, by and large, overall, on the whole,
When “illegality” in some members, takes on ethnic or other group identity,
Members of the group(s) involved, generally, without behavioral distinction,
May come to be thought of as tending to have an “illegal behavior” affinity.

So the events in Trenton, NJ, and South Los Angeles, CA,
Two cities on opposite sides of the U. S. of A.,
Suggest a common need,
To differences in legal status, to pay heed
When reporting on or
discussing “ ‘immigration’ issues” today.

[1] By expediting the return of those here illegally
To their respective countries of origin--
Not, as Xinia suggests, to abet their illegal entry and presence
By giving them “papers”--out by the same door through which they came in.

[2] The Sage from South Central How does Mexico treat its illegals?
Posted: April 06, 2006 1:00 am Eastern By Larry Elder © 2008 Laurence A. Elder

“ . . . Typically, when Mexican authorities catch illegal aliens, they place them overnight in a detention center, then bus or fly them back to their country of origin. Despite the fact that Mexico militarized its border and deported 203,128 illegal immigrants in 2004, many illegals get through by bribing corrupt military and police . . . .” (emphasis added).
downloaded c 12:00 PM EDT, Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nothing of an “official” nature (written in Ingles) could be located
In a relatively diligent Google-aided exploration,
But the foregoing suggests, at least, that Mexico's policy tends to emphasize
Minimizing the time between apprehension and deportation.

Anonymous said...

Three fraudsters jailed for elaborate petrol station credit card scam

A gang of fraudsters bought their own petrol stations and stole thousands of customers' credit card details in a £254,000 scam.

By Tom Peterkin
Last Updated: 3:37PM BST 15 Sep 2008

The three Sri Lankans were involved in taking over petrol stations or bribing staff at others to fit cameras in the ceilings above the shop counters to film motorists typing in their pin numbers.

They used sophisticated electronic devices to intercept account information and clone credit cards which were then used around the world.

Somabalu Jeyaganesh, a 34-year-old asylum seeker, his cousin Ariyakunathasa Pirathesan, 28, and Sivanesan Mayilvaganam, 27, had converted a semi-detached house in Coventry into a "fraud factory" that affected 4,500 customers.

Judge Martin Beddoe jailed Pirathesan, a British passport holder from Coventry, for four and a half years commenting that he was a "significant player" in the fraud who distributed equipment and oversaw the work of his criminal associates. Jeyaganesh of Liverpool and Mayilvaganam, an illegal immigrant based in Mitchum, were both jailed for three years each and recommended for deportation.

The trio had all admitted conspiracy to defraud between January 1 last year until March 13 this year.

The judge said although the fraud was estimated at £254,000 the potential loss could have been as much as £3.5million.

"This was a worldwide fraud to leach money from the genuine card holders' accounts," Judge Beddoe told Southwark Crown Court.

"This was a determined, sophisticated and well-organised operation and this particular form of credit card fraud is becoming widespread."

The men were arrested during a police raid at the "factory" in Winsford Avenue, Allesley, Coventry on March 12 this year.

Prosecutor Chris Coltart said: "Officers found a wealth of electronic equipment used in the cloning of debit and credit cards."

Items seized from the house plus those from a storage facility in Leicester included digital cameras, an ISDN device and laptop computers.

The fraud began at the "point of purchase", where sophisticated technology was used to capture the card details.

The information was downloaded onto a computer, imposed onto blank plastic cards and the pin number was then written onto the cards.

Mr Coltart said the fraud centred around petrol stations in the West Midlands and London.

"This was done by fraudsters acquiring petrol stations and running them as legitimate businesses or by bribing staff that worked there already."

When officers arrived at the credit card cloning factory, Jeyaganesh was found sleeping in one of the back bedrooms.

A search of his room revealed a large quantity of white plastic cards fitted with magnetic strips, memory sticks which contained hundreds of compromised card details, a laptop, a digital recorder, a card reader and disks.

Officers also found a BP staff name badge.

Stashed around the house cops found documents containing card details which contained Jeyaganesh's and Mayilvaganam's fingerprints.

A storage facility in Leicester, registered in the name of Pirathesan, was also raided and contained a hoard of similar items.

Pirathesan was found to have made 29 foreign trips to the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka between January 2006 and December 2007 to pick up payments from criminals using the cards abroad.

Mr Coltart said: "The international dimension of the fraud was encapsulated by the stamps in Mr Pirathesan's passport."

A "commercial valuation" of a petrol station in Bootle, Liverpool, was also found amongst Jeyaganesh's papers as well as travel cards showing he had been travelling between London, Liverpool and Coventry.

Mayilvaganam admitted being responsible for embossing the blank cards.

Also see:

Rick said...

There isn't a politician in the country who will bring up immigration as anything other than a great thing, in need of no reform. Let's face it, what does Ottawa do completely correct other than immigration? Nothing. Yet for a politician to suggest the system needs reform is a death knell for same. Thank the main stream media for that and its 20yrs of propaganda on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Rick, you're quite correct in your assertion that no politician will broach the immigration question, especially not in a negative connotation that might upset visible-minorities.

The Toronto Star, The CBC and a whole host of other MSM outlets are nothing more than propaganda machines whose sole intent is keeping gullible citizens fixated on inconsequential "news" stories that don't address the major issues, such as immigration.

Take for example, that odious C.B.C. program called "Little House on the Prairie" that serves as a "softening up exercise" to induce Canadians into accepting Muslim immigrants as equal partners in our country. Of course, they apply a comedy spin on it, to make it more palatable for Canadians who dutiful accept indoctrination as if it was a normal course of events.

As another example in how all this brainwashing plays out on MSM; how often do you see an exclusive group of White Canadians displayed on television commercials or the print media? Hardly none, because the media promotes the "joys of diversity" and multiculturalism by always inserting a minority face, usually black, next to white people as if every white family had a black neighbour, a black fishing buddy, a black co-worker or a black friend, etc. Those silly scenarios do not reflect Canadian reality, but "they" are determined to make you believe in their false premises with disguised brainwashing techniques. Is there anywhere in the media world where white Canadians don't have to pander to foreign minorities at almost every turn??

If our "controllers" are always intent in placing minority faces in front of the boob tube, why don't we see some indigenous Indians instead of blacks, or other minorities? Frankly, I'd rather watch a CBC series that promoted more of our own history, other than a foreign culture that does nothing for Canada.