Friday, 26 September 2008

James Bissett on 'Truth and Immigration'.

In case you didn't catch this at Immigration Watch Canada here it is care of Ottawa Citizen.

Truth and immigration

Rather than climbing over each other promising to increase the number of immigrants to Canada, party leaders should acknowledge that levels are already too high
James Bissett, Citizen Special
Published: Thursday, September 18, 2008

There are already close to a million immigrants waiting in the backlog to come here. They have all met the requirements and by law must be admitted. There is also a backlog of 62,000 asylum seekers before the refugee board and even if these are not found to be genuine refugees most will be allowed to stay. In addition, there are between 150,000 and 200,000 temporary workers now in the country and here again it is unlikely many of them will ever go home.

Despite these extraordinary numbers, the Harper government wants to raise the immigration intake next year to 265,000. The Liberals and the New Democrats have said they want even more, as much as one per cent of our population, or 333,000 each year.


Let's face the facts -- when there is a turndown in the world economy and dire predictions of serious recession or worse this is not the time to be bringing thousands of newcomers to Canada. In July of this year Ontario alone lost 55,000 jobs -- so what is the rationale for more immigration? The fact is there is no valid rationale. There is only one reason why our political parties push for high immigration intake and that is they see every new immigrant as a potential vote for their party. This is not only irresponsible; it borders on culpable negligence.


Moreover, there is no evidence that a larger labour force necessarily leads to economic progress. Many countries whose labour forces are shrinking are still enjoying economic buoyancy. Finland, Switzerland and Japan are only a few examples of countries that do not rely on massive immigration to succeed.

Productivity is the answer to economic success, not a larger population.


It also explains why a study published this year by professor Herbert Grubel of Simon Fraser University revealed that the 2.5 million immigrants who came to Canada between 1990 and 2002 received $18.3 billion more in government services and benefits in 2002 than they paid in taxes. As Prof. Grubel points out, this amount is more than the federal government spent on health care and twice what was spent on defence in the fiscal year of 2000/2001. Isn't it time our party leaders were made aware of this study?

Surprisingly The Globe and Mail turned the spotlight onto James Bissett and not negatively either. Read the Globe piece here.

Why is no one talking about immigration?

From Monday's Globe and Mail
September 22, 2008 at 12:32 AM EDT

While most politicians won't touch this stuff with a barge poll, one man daring to do so is James Bissett, a former bureaucrat and diplomat (he was Canada's ambassador to Yugoslavia in the early 1990s). Mr. Bissett was a member of a four-member task force in the 1960s that developed Canada's immigration points system. He later became executive director of the Canadian Immigration Service. He has a son married to a black woman and a daughter married to a Cuban.


Mr. Bissett was in a recent TV debate with NDP immigration critic Olivia Chow. Things got heated. “Look, you're supposed to be a socialist,” Mr. Bissett told her as they exited the set, “and you want to bring in 330,000 to undercut Canadian unions and workers' wages?” She wasn't amused.

I suspect Olivia Chow is allowing political necessity influence her stance on immigration. Same can be said with her husband NDP leader Jack Layton. Both of them are running in urban Toronto ridings that are home to a large number of immigrants particularly Asian immigrants. It surely cannot be ideology. Immigration has been, and continues to be, a key weapon in undermining union strength and attacking wage gains and incomes of working Canadians thus redirecting wealth into fewer and richer hands. I do not not know when and how the NDP had lost sight of this as I too have wondered why the NDP is not only pro mass-immigration but is also advocating increased numbers.

Mr. Bissett has, you might say, a rather cynical view of multiculturalism. In the old days, he explained, politicians used party funds to buy ethnic votes. But, in the 1970s, he said, they decided the taxpayers should pay. “They institutionalized multiculturalism. They set up a multiculturalism department with a big budget, and the big budget was used to bribe ethnic voters. On their annual national days, they get subsidies for their ethnic newspapers and so on.”


You hear a lot of grumbling at cocktail parties, but, he noted, people don't speak out openly about the social and economic costs for fear of being labelled racist. Toronto and Vancouver are on their way to becoming Asian cities, Mr. Bissett said. That may be fine, but let's talk about it. “Or are we just going to kind of go sleepwalking into the 21st century?”

I'm sure we are all nodding our heads in agreement. I used to think that only I harboured concerns about immigration and what it is doing and will do to Canada. And I thought I was alone in having reservations about multiculturalism as social policy. So I kept quite partly out of fear of being called a racist. That is until I started talking to people and became more vocal about my opposition. Aside from a few who spewed the usual rhetoric I discovered that many Canadians feel the same way I do. In fact I'd say most. This is what prompted me to start this blog.

Many have an old-fashioned romantic idea of immigration, he said, but this is a different world. “You don't go out to the Prairies and make sod huts for the winter and plant seeds for the summer.” He agrees Canada has a humanitarian role to play, but his view is that it is better done through greatly increased foreign aid than adding 300,000 job seekers annually in difficult times.

Be sure to read the comments to the article.


Anonymous said...

Some good commentary was expressed in the Globe & Mail comments section and it almost gives me some hope that our country can be saved from the deluge of a "Camps of the Saints" scenario.

Incidentally, I consciously use the important pronoun "our" ....and NOT the expression "this country", as often as possible. To my recollection, I've never heard those talking heads on C.B.C. Television News use the possessive term "our country", probably in fear of offending new immigrants, much like we often do at Christmas.

I believe recent immigrants, from the past twenty years, use the possessive pronoun more often than most Canadians when describing Canada in conversation. Although, at times, it does tend to give it an all-new meaning, when a recent newcomer says "our country" which forces me to ponder as just what part of "our" do they mean(??)

Anyhow, one leftist commentator felt it necessary to invoke that worn-out rhetoric of "we're all immigrants" mantra, probably just to keep those real Canadians in line and lump them in with the Chinese/Pakistani/Caribbean immigrant family that just arrived yesterday!

I now feel that I should sign off as Reduced Canadian after that attempt of guilt-mongering, eh?

Anyhow, for your readers who haven't seen the short video by Roy Beck describing the consequences of huge influxes of immigrants to the United States, check it out. Canada is not immune from similar events, but you be the judge for yourself, see HERE

Anonymous said...

"There are already close to a million immigrants waiting in the backlog to come here. They have all met the requirements and by law must be admitted."

That law should be thrown on the scrap heap and burned without further delay. How such a law received parliamentary approval is beyond me!

How can a million potential immigrants, living in faraway countries have any say (by way of this self-defeating law) in how decisions having an impact of this magnitude, be decided by them??

PaxCanadiana said...

Some good commentary was expressed in the Globe & Mail comments section and it almost gives me some hope that our country can be saved from the deluge of a "Camps of the Saints" scenario.

That's why I suggested reading them. It's what James Bissett said when he remarked that there are grumblings at cocktail parties but overall we are pretty quite about the subject not because we approve but fear of being called racist. Given an anonymous venue like the internet and Canadians speak out leaving me to suggest most Canadians are truly dissatisfied with the immigration system and what it is doing to our cities and country.

And thanks for the video link. The man is right. It is not immigration it is the numbers. Canada and the United States take in too many immigrants be it legal, illegal, or temporary. How is it racist to say that? Even if all our immigration came from Europe too many is too many.

Also, notice how it is more acceptable to talk about immigration in the United States or even the U.K. In Canada we a silenced into capitulation with Human Rights Commissions and accusations of racism or neo-nazism. True north strong and FREE, eh?

PaxCanadiana said...

That law should be thrown on the scrap heap and burned without further delay. How such a law received parliamentary approval is beyond me!

You may find hope with the Conservatives and with Diane Finely. She seeks to place limits on what jobs immigrants are brought into Canada to perform allowing her reject those where there are gluts or downturns in the labour market.

She can also reject immigrants on immediate economic grounds even if they have already been accepted. This will help tackle the backlog because there are immigrants waiting to come here who skills are outdated or simply superfluous.

I expect lawsuits when she starts to implement these initiatives. Canada belongs to the world after all, not us.

Anonymous said...

James Bissett is refreshingly candid and revealing. In Australia too we are having a massive immigration explosion, all in the name of economic growth! However, our land is becoming degraded, arable land is being swallowed up by housing estates, wildlife are being exterminated, CO2 levels rising and internationally recognised wetlands are being poisoned and lost due to lack of water. It is totally unsustainable. People are blind and are on an evolutionary course towards their own species annihilation?

Anonymous said...

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