Friday, 26 September 2008

Job limits for immigrants may be what Canada needs.

Read the story here at the Toronto Star.

Immigrant job limit proposal worries province

Minister says Tory plan will hurt labour needs
Sep 24, 2008 04:30 AM
Nicholas Keung
Immigration/Diversity Reporter

The federal Conservatives want to limit acceptance of skilled workers into Canada to 38 occupations, a move that will not serve regional labour needs, says Ontario immigration minister Michael Chan.

The proposed changes, Chan said, were described by Immigration Minister Diane Finley to her provincial counterparts in Ottawa this month. Provinces now worry they will have to expand their own immigration programs and compete to fill labour shortages, Chan said.


The new limits on occupations would give Ottawa leeway to reject most applicants, Chan said.

Finley said yesterday the specific list of desired occupations won't be made public until later this fall.

I don't know how this will play out but so far it appears to be a good idea. Not only does Canada accept too many immigrants we also accept too many immigrants who presence here floods the labour market with superfluous skills. For instance, Canada imports just as many engineers into the country as it produces in the nation's engineering schools effectively doubling the number of engineers looking for work in the Canadian labour market. This partly explains why some immigrant engineers are driving taxi cabs.

Also, Canada boasts the highest proportion of citizens who posses a university or college degrees than any other G8 nation, more so than the United States, Germany, or Japan. Canada does not need more University educated immigrants. We have enough already.

True, shortages can and do exist from time to time but it is being overstated. Much of those crying for workers are employers in low waged sectors of the economy such as domestics, retail sales, and fast food restaurants.

There are those who have made careers out of Canada's mass immigration system and their cries of opposition are to be expected:

Yesterday's revelation of the latest federal immigration wrinkle shocked advocacy groups and service agencies in Greater Toronto, catch basin for thousands of Canada's newcomers and a key battleground in the current federal election campaign.

The policy changes "make you wonder what's behind the agenda ... political ploy or not, we are playing with real people's lives," said Debbie Douglas of Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.

Makes you wonder what's behind these advocacy groups and service agencies agenda. Do they really care about immigrant's lives? Or are they trying to protect their jobs? Has it occurred to them that It might actually be in the immigrant's best interest to be denied entry to Canada in the first place? Unless, of course, it was their life long dream to drive a taxi cab on Toronto's streets, to chauffeur around Canada's "progressive" elites whose jobs are not threatened by mass immigration. In that case being denied entry to Canada would be a major disappointment.


Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy runs amuck and political-correct ideology reigns supreme, so your suspicions on self-serving motivations are probably correct.

....and also, if only Canada would take this pre-emptive strike at thwarting illegal aliens, I'd be more than happy with the attempt.

PaxCanadiana said...

Thanks for the link and btw keep sending them my way. I may very well use them.

Anonymous said...

Immigrants are ruining this country. Go back 45 yr and use the point systems my uncle had to do to get in . Stop pregnant women from entering because its not one its two getting in. I know a girl who married a jamaican then found out he was told to look for an over weight white girl because they want to get married and know else will marry them, then they leave her she said they are schooled before they get here fact! School teacher deserve illnes days they are in the front line for all illnesses , what about the chch lady how much do yiu get in your buy out when you leave yes everyone has something in place for sick days leave the teachers alone and look at pharmacist, engineers, lawyers, judges MPs and so pn what do they get for sick days stick to things like seniors starving and such