Sunday, 28 September 2008

Website promoting 'asylum shopping' by informing failed U.K. asylum bids to try Canada.

Can you blame them? Can has the most easily exploitable and trusting refugee system in the world. This was brought to my attention by those at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Refused asylum - other routes to safety: Canada
September 23, 2008
NCADC News Service
Refused asylum in the UK - other routes to safety - Canada

If you are in the process of seeking asylum or been refused asylum in the UK, you will not be able to apply for asylum in another member country of the European Union.

I believe this is to discourage, if not stop, what is known as asylum shopping.

However, if your asylum claim has been refused and the Home Office do not intend to remove you by force or cannot obtain travel documents to facilitate your removal, continuing to live in the UK with out the right to work or access to the normal benefits UK citizens are entitled to, life for you in the UK will be very harsh.

Likewise you may have made a claim years ago but Home Office has failed to make a final decision.

You may wish to find another country that will accept you as an economic migrant or refugee. Many refugees in the UK with out status are highly skilled.

Refugee/Economic Admission Programmes
Many countries have ‘Refugee’ or ‘Economic’ programmes, which allow refugees or people seeking work to apply for entry into their country from another country, which is not the country of residence of the applicant.

Notably Canada, who have various schemes to facilitate entry for refugees and economic migrants.

Groups and individuals in Canada can sponsor refugees from abroad who qualify to come to Canada. They can also sponsor people seeking work. Settled refugees in Canada can sponsor family members outside Canada to join them.

If you are removed from the UK back to: Colombia - Sierra Leone - DR Congo - Sudan - El Salvador - Guatemala, you may be able to apply to enter Canada direct as a refugee.

If you are removed from the UK back to any other countries if you can find a sponsor/s in Canada, you may be able to migrate to Canada.

The question I ask is if a country like the United Kingdom, or any European country for that matter and the United States as well, rejected an individual's asylum claim then why shouldn't Canada? Is it because we are more morally superior than these other countries; that we are right and they are wrong? Or are we the most naive?

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