Saturday, 11 October 2008

The truth to September's 'record job growth' is that most of those jobs are part-time.

While the headline "Record number of jobs created in September" may reassure mass immigration advocates that Canada's unacceptably high immigrant numbers are needed to fill job vacancies they should temper their enthusiasm with a dose of reality, an act I know is strange to them. Here is the Toronto Star article. While reading it keep in mind that 1/3 of all jobs are temp jobs.

Record number of jobs created in September

'Seems like everyone has a paper route these days,' economist says
Oct 11, 2008 04:30 AM
The Canadian Press

OTTAWA–Prime Minister Stephen Harper leapt on the news that Canada created a record 107,000 new jobs last month as evidence his government has the right policies for the economy.

The massive number – the largest since Statistics Canada began tabulating labour statistics in this manner in 1976 – shocked economists who had been forecasting a modest pick-up in the 12,500 range.


However 90 per cent of last month's new jobs – 97,000 – were part-time, and the official unemployment rate remained at 6.1 per cent because more Canadians were looking for work.

"It seems like everyone has a paper route these days," commented CIBC World Markets economist Avery Shenfeld. "How else to explain how Canada created 97,000 part-time jobs in a single month, during a period of severe economic strain across the country?"

The Canadian Labour Congress said the "low-quality" new jobs offer "an omen of tough economic times."


Statistics Canada concedes the survey of 53,000 households has an error factor of plus or minus 43,500 jobs from the 107,000 number, 90 per cent of the time.

Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of franchises going up all over the place. Is this the future job growth Canada is producing and needs immigrants for?


Anonymous said...

I don't care how they try to gloss over the permanent loss of good working-class jobs, the fact remains, Canada will never regain the job traction we once had while outsourcing, insourcing and off-shoring our jobs to 3rd world countries.

How can we ever expect to maintain a decent standard of living by adding, perhaps as many as 400,000 permanent and semi-permanent arrivals every year?

About 2 or 3 times a year, we have door-to-door people (usually recent Chinese immigrants) trying to induce us into revealing our Union Gas bill, so they can persuade us to sign with their company. My answer is always "no thanks", and then I try to sell them on a couple of immigration websites, this site, being one of them, and the other is, with the hope they'll reconsider their stay in Canada.

Obviously, many of them feel they're destined to up-grade to better jobs and streamline into a Canadian middle-class lifestyle in a couple of years. So, my purpose is to try setting them straight and point them in the right direction for a reality check.

PaxCanadiana said...
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PaxCanadiana said...

...with the hope they'll reconsider their stay in Canada.

Don't hold your breath. Much of Chinese immigration to Canada is driven by many factors and at the bottom of the list is the desire to be Canadian. There are benefits to holding a Canadian passport and using Canada as a health insurance plan, nursing home for their parents, and subsidized education for their children all the while living and working abroad AND PAYING A MODICUM OF TAXES to Canada is at the top.

There might not be decent jobs for them here but they don't care. Once they get their citizenship it is back to the old country only to return when it suits them. There are an estimated 250,000 "Canadians" living permanently in Hong Kong alone.