Thursday, 13 November 2008

Canada Needs To Reduce Immigration Targets To Protect Canadian Families and Recent Immigrants As Global Recession Hits.

The OECD just said what every western politician knows but is afraid to say: the world has entered a global recession. You can read about it here at the Calgary Sun.

Thu, November 13, 2008

Global recession declared

UPDATED: 2008-11-13 09:47:03 MST

LONDON — The world’s developed economies, hard hit by the financial crisis, have slid into recession and will shrink further in 2009, a top international organization said Thursday.

In its latest economic forecasts, the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said gross domestic product was likely to fall by 0.3 percent in 2009 for its 30 member countries, representing democracies with market economies.

It said the U.S. economy would contract next year by 0.9 percent, Japan’s by 0.1 percent and the euro area by 0.5 percent.

Additionally, it was the first time since 1974-5, when they were suffering from the Arab oil embargo and a severe bear market for stocks, that the U.S., Europe and Japan have fallen into recession.

This time, all three are shrinking in the same year;
in the wake of the first oil price shock in 1973, Japan saw negative growth in 1974 followed a year later by the U.S. and Europe.

I don't think I need to remind anyone about the job losses the Canadian economy is currently experiencing and these are not just any jobs but jobs that one can raise a family on. Just recently Nortel Networks anounced job cuts and may go into bankruptcy. CanWest Global Communications will cut 560 jobs from its workforce. Ford Motor Co. plants in Oakville and St. Thomas, Ontario, among others, will be idled for three weeks in December. Even Bay Street jobs are being axed. This is to say nothing of the jobs that have been lost.

Of course, we are told, that other parts of Canada are doing fine. Perhaps, but to what extent? What jobs are available there and are there enough for those who are out of work in hard hit central Canada?

What is clear is that this is no time to be bringing in over 250,000 immigrants and an equal amount of temp workers. Canadian families and recent immigrants need to be protected to help weather the storm and cutting immigration targets is one way to do it.


Anonymous said...

This global recession could easily result in an economic depression of the magnitude of the early 1930s. But that wouldn't matter to some immigration enthusiasts who'll hang out their shingle until the last possible moment to milk this game for all its' worth.

I'll make a probable prediction here. As an analogy to slowing and stopping an ocean liner in calm waters, it will be two years (2010) before the government finally begins to reduce the immigration intake. In that time, we'll have allowed another 500,000 new foreigners into the country during a slumping economy.

newwhitetrash said...

I'm currently living in Burnaby B.C and I am a white male who makes 40000 dollars a year, approximately. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to be putting in this post but I must find somewhere to express my frustration. Some things I may say may come off as racist but it is a direct result of the racism that I am facing by immigrants here that treat me as if I don't belong here. I came here from Montreal, a very multicultural city. In Montreal, I have never faced the ignorance and outright hate that I've faced in the last two years living here. I can't walk into any corner store, grocery or gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes without the clerk displaying their disgust with me walking into their store. For example, I walked into the Oases Grocery on 16th avenue and 2nd street in Burnaby just this evening. I made my purchase, with a please and thank you, as always and had my change strewn across the counter, practically thrown down, in front of me and the clerk, an Asian lady with a baby in her arms spin around with her nose in the air and disappear into the back of the store while I was still standing there collecting my change. This is not an isolated incident, nor is it limited to one store. All down Edmonds street, in every store I walk into I face either an Indian or an Asian who looks and treats me as if I don't belong there. 139 years ago the British and French people who settled this country fought hard to keep it. We remained loyal to Britain, earned our independance, fought the Germans so that we didn't lose our identities, fought the Americans so that we didn't lose our identities and now we give the country away without any fight at all. The Indians and the Asians are taking the world by breeding. I strongly disagree with the census saying that there's 37 million people here. It's more like 60 and growing. For every 1 that's here legally there's probably 3 more that are here illegally. And when they get here they start the breeding. I don't believe that immigration needs to be reduced, I think it needs to be stopped. It's not our fault that they've filled up their own countries and need to spread over to ours. They did that on their own and they did it on purpose. I'm going to post this everywhere that I can, in the hopes that I can get more support or at least find more like-minded individuals willing to speak up against this aggressive attack on our country. End the immigration now, or risk the loss of the true North, Strong and Free, the extinction and usurpation of Canada. Soon it will be the Chinese and the Indians fighting over our country instead of the British descendants who fought and earned it.

newwhitetrash said...
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Anonymous said...

To "newwhitetrash"

First, I'd change my handle to "proudwhiteman" or such other self-enhancing name, and furthermore, not fall into the trap of almost apologizing for "com[ing] off as racist".

That smear term is so embedded into our white thought processes, that whenever I hear "I'm not racist, but......", I immediately hold up my hand and say to that person, "Please don't wallow in that Marxist indoctrinated guilt-fest and just say what you mean and mean what you say. Period!

Secondly, when treated in such a discourteous manner as you were, I'd simply toss the item back on the counter and demand my money to be handed back immediately and never return to that store again.

White Canadians are so blissfully unaware and very naive as to the way "others" think of them that we're willing to relinquish Canada to the hordes of "visible-minorities" who're literally colonizing us out of our own country without a shot being fired.

Through self-defeating employment-equity programs, white Canadians are relegated to the back of our own bus while foreign minorities are placed near the front along with the Haitian-born Black Governor-General in the driver's seat. If Whites were emigrating en masse to their respective countries, would they accord us these special privileges at their expense?? Obviously not, so why do we tolerate this racist nonsense to be inflicted upon us?

The real racial minorities on this planet are Euro-Whites who comprise about 8% per cent of the world's population with a mere 2% of white women of child-bearing age. So, it's not difficult to see where this scenario is headed in the next hundred years or less, and Canada is in the forefront with our foolish immigration policies that invite 80% of new immigrants from 3rd world countries year after year.

I read the American Renaissance webpage every day because they often have Canadian-related stories such as this recent "Chinese" article. Be sure to read the commentaries.

Here's another recent story about Carleton University's flap over "only just a White man's disease".

Vanishing American is another website worth looking into.

PaxCanadiana said...


I wouldn't take it too personal. Your (mis)treatment may be misperceived. And even if it isn't the same thing would have happened to you if you were a black man entering a Chinese owned store, Chinese entering a South Asian owned store, and so on. Talk of Canada as a multi racial utopia is not wholly true. Canada's racial minorities tolerate each other up to a point and that's where we have fooled ourselves into believing that the multi racial model is working. The Chinese community is very insular and racist towards everyone (that's why they form Chinatowns and have never fully integrated into any country they immigrate to). The Toronto Star reported on racial tensions between blacks and South Asians in Brampton. There is an uneasy calm between the Italian community in Woodbridge On, and the South Asian community in Toronto's Rexdale neighbourhood just south of it. There are elements within the Muslim community who want little to do with the people they choose to live with and whose country they choose to immigrate to. In Toronto it's like "Hi, how are you? Don't date my daughter." You see little mixed race social groupings where even Canadian born children of visible minorities associate with their own. If you need proof then visit the U of T campus or York University. Of course this isn't always the case but it is frequent enough to cause one to pause and think.

I cannot say I have experienced the kind of discrimination here in Toronto as you have in B.C. What I have observed, unfortunately, is an absence of reverence for those of the host population. It's as if they don't exist and that Canada belongs to everyone and no one at the same time. I may be wrong about this but not in my experience. I don't know why that is but I think the culture of entitlement that has taken root in Canada has something to do with it.

Whatever the case may be racism is alive and well in Canada and if you are looking for it the best place to start is in Canada racial minority communities. Race matters. It's the human condition and moving to and living in Canada does not change that.

P.K.U. said...

It is true that the Chinese communities are very insular and quite racist.

I am a South Asian, and even though most of my close friends are Chinese, it is obvious to me that many of their parents would prefer that they socialize with other Chinese students. One of them even told me outright that his parents raised their eyebrows at the presence of non-Chinese people in his graduation group photo.

Of course, this isn't limited to the Chinese community, but I think it is strongest there.

I don't wish to seem like an apologist. The South Asian community is also highly flawed in this regard. However, I don't think I've ever seen a South Asian store where a white customer is greeted coldly. Sometimes it may seem that way because recent immigrants running these shops don't know English very well (this goes back to problems with the immigration system).

However, going to Pacific Mall and areas of Markham, it is much stronger. There are many shops in Pacific Mall which are outright unwelcoming to any non-Chinese customers.

What I don't understand is why this is tolerated by white Canadians. This country became as prosperous as it is now based on Western, mostly British culture and society. The people who were born here and the sons and daughters of people who built this country.....why is it that a native Canadian whose parents died for the freedom of modern Canadians now is reduced to walking through Brampton or Markham and being unable to read half of the signs in his neighborhood?

P.K.U. said...

Correction: meant to say, "ancestors died for their freedom"