Thursday, 18 December 2008

Opportunism Or Conviction, Iranian Immigrant Actively Seeks Dissolution Of Canada.

Remember when erstwhile Parti Québécois Leader Jacques Parizeau blamed the "ethnic vote", along with money, for defeating Quebec's chance at separating from Canada in the last sovereignty referendum? Well, it looks like he can count of them after all.

Amir Khadir was elected to Quebec's national assembly in the recent provincial elections and he is the only elected official to represent the leftist and soverigntist party Quebec Solidaire in the provincial legislature. Also, he ran federally for the seperatist Bloc Québécois party in the 2000 federal election. Did I mention he is an immigrant from Iran?

This just may be political opportunism. He may be satisfying his personal ambitions by abusing the prevailing political mood in the province. Or it actually may be conviction to the cause. Whatever the case is, with immigrants like Amir Khadir who needs sovereigntists?

One thing I would like to ask Mr. Khadir? Would he have a problem with someone like myself promoting the dissolution of Iran? Didn't think so!

It's nice to see Canada can count on its immigrant population to "stand on guard for thee". As for the citizenship ceremony, we can all understand it is just some perfunctory step between an immigrant and his or her Canadian passport and full entitlement to all Canada has to offer. How seriously they take the citizenship oath is anyone's guess.


Anonymous said...

...and to add salt to Canada's immigration wound, I just discovered this story while web surfing.

Anonymous said...

You should also read this star article on immigration

PaxCanadiana said...


Ain't that Canada! I read it and laughed but shook my head in disgust at the same time. What a country we live in. With "progressive" elites like that sitting on the bench I'm surprised Canadian society isn't screwed up more so.


I read that article in the day's paper. I had it sitting on the back burner (like many other stories) but I blogged on it today. Thanks for the heads up though.